Army Wives Review: Stand By Your Man

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Claudia Joy found herself tested in "The Best of Friends" this week as a new commander, General Clark - who thought he was going to be named Corp Commander of Fort Marshall - and his wife, Jackie, arrived.

Although Denise had a past with Jackie that resonated with good memories, Claudia Joy felt an immediate threat and wasn't about to let anyone get in the way of her man earning his third star. As long as both gentlemen are posted at Fort Marshall, everyone will be eying them and their mutual quest for the star.

You have to hand it to Kelli Williams, she plays Jackie Clark as smooth as silk. She could talk the socks off of a freezing woman living in the streets, and only Claudia Joy sees it. Well, Claudia Joy and the viewers. I have no doubt of her insincerity, and desire to promote her husband and herself above the Holdens. I haven't heard whether she will be a more permanent addition to the cast, but with the loss of one of wives tonight, we definitely have room to grow.

Cheers to Army Wives!

Bless her heart that Roxy is a stubborn girl. From not wanting to move away from Fort Marshall to wanting to keep Pamela from doing the same, she is as headstrong as they come. Very rarely does she allow anything to stop her once she puts her mind to something, but it was hard to see her friend hurting and missing her husband. As close as Roxy and Pamela are, Pamela, Chase and their kids are a family and they belong together far more than she and Pamela.

It was the end of an era. Our original wives have finally lost a member. Not to death, or illness or a sad event, but to the beginning of a new life. She's standing by her man just as all of her friends stand by their husbands and wives. The montage scene was beautifully done, as they always are on Army Wives. I found myself at a loss for words. What do you say when someone so integral to show leaves, and you watch as characters you love say goodbye?

Fill in for me with your thoughts on what's to come. What will happen with Roxy? Who will be her next partner in crime? I'm wondering if she might befriend Tanya, since they are probably closest in age and Tanya should have something else to do on the show. Does this open the door for a closer relationship between Roxy and Roland? Even though our friends have always been close as a group, there have always been even closer bonds between certain characters. Help me figure this out and share your thoughts below. We'll miss you Pamela Moran!


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Wao incredible. The sovenier for Pamela got me so emotional. Who is going to get the promotion between Gen. Holden and Clark? Wish Jackie the nazi clark mises out with all her scheming. Can anyone be that objective as CJ and Mike?


I also miss Pam's character on the show. Why did she and why is CJ being written out? it was such a strong & interesting take on women in the armed forces. It seems that the network does not check with its viewers as to how they feel about the show! Any chance these decisions were made by men? If so, its a real shame.
Although all who watch the show realize it is just that, it does give somewhat a glimpse into what the spouses & children of our armed services gi ve up even though they did not sign on for it.


This plot line does nothing to encourage organ donations by living people.


Is this the last year for Army Wives? If is, I will be very disappointed! I really like the show.


Please do not let Claudia Joy die! She is so key to the show! If you have to have someone die or be sick, pick some relative or maybe the wife of the new couple on the post), but please don't let any more of the wives die or leave!


used to love the show, now its about a bunch of catty women. It is always doom when a show keeps writing out popular characters and bringing in new boring characters. I don't see it lasting long, people don't like change. I will be watching something else during that time slot, too boring now.


Please, please, please tell me Pamela and Chase are coming back. I feel like I have fought to keep this cast. No more deaths, please! Love Pamela and Chase. Please bring them back. PLEASE!


I cried during Pamela's last episode; I just hate goodbyes. However, it is very realistic that somebody moves on.
I've loved Kelli Williams since The Practice and would love to see her become a permanent character on the show.


what is the name of the song playing when they were remembering the good times they shared with Claudia and who is singing it? I want to look it up on youtube & share it.


I am really sad that my favorite is not on the show anymore. What show I she going to?

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Army Wives Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Roxy: Improvise, adapt, overcome. Isn't that the Army way?
Lestor: Actually, that's the Marines man.
Roxy: Close enough. Keep tapping away.

It's hard to believe. Two weeks ago we were all heading our separate ways, and now it's like nothing's changed at all.