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Castle Clips: He's Waiting for You!

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You tell her, Lanie!

In one of the following sneak peeks from this Monday's Castle, our favorite medical examiner tries to talk some sense into her pal Kate Beckett. Hint: it has something to do with the feelings of a certain author and why he's acting strangely following the events of "47 Seconds."

Elsewhere: Brett Tucker guest stars on "The Limey" as a detective from Scotland Yard, someone who Castle and Beckett are introduced to in a VERY personal manner, and someone who then goes undercover with the latter on assignment.

Check out the quarter of clips now and then view the official Castle trailer for this episode.

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Beckett's wearing on my patience. She's furious whenever she sees Castle even flirting with another woman, but she has long term sexual relationships with two other guys. If it weren't for Marlowe coming out and saying that they'd be together, I'd say this: I don't think she really loves him. She likes that he pursues her, and she loves that he's in love with her. But she doesn't want a romantic relationship, she wants a friendship. She likes having all the cards. When does she ever come close to confessing her feelings? When he's about to give up! And how does she show it? They show her staring at an empty chair, imagining him gone altogether. Just worried about what she'll lose. Once she has him back, gives him a little hope? She's back to playfully shooting him down. Eventually she turns out to be seeing a guy on the side. Because, you know, they're just friends. I'm sorry, I've met this girl before. (And to be fair, there are plenty of guys like this, too.) She wants a friendship. She'll settle for a romance, if that's the only way to have her man, but she'd rather just be courted. Most guys learn fairly early to sense these kinds of girls and walk away, but a few just can't help themselves. What would be interesting, not in a light, fun show like Castle, but in another kind of show, is if you have these two finally get together, but really Beckett's heart isn't in it. They get together and start realizing that while he's in love and is desperate to make it work, she's unhappy and just wants to be friends.


kk, so here's what I think should happen:
Lanie and Beckett will be talking in Lanie's Medical Examiner room unaware of Alexis right outside of the door. Alexis will hear and understand what is being said and about who. Then Alexis will confront Lanie about it and HOPEFULLY they'll make it certain that Beckett and Castle man-up and tell each other how they feel about the other and then all Caskett fans will be happy! :) -But seeing as this has never even come close to happening before and the writers LOVE to torture us with itty-bitty Caskett moments, I doubt that it'll ever happen. :(


Okay, I've been watching this show from the very first episode, when it first aired and I'm an extreme Caskett fan here! BUT, if SOMETHING else (that's big!) doesn't happen between Castle and Beckett I'll be SO Flippin' pissed! I wish that the writers would just give us Caskett fans SOMETHING to hold onto for these two besides one talking about how much they really like/love the other! Seriously!?!?!?!? It's Killing ME! UGH!!!!! >_< But I'll NEVER abandon CASTLE, best tv show out there! ^_^


Stanatic78. All we want is something believable, like Gates' one on one with Castle & unlike castle's reaction after finding out such a huge secret (not talking to Beckett about it, even after the case was resolved). We know this is going to be stretched till the season finale, where it will culminate somehow with J Beckett's murder case, Castle's secret etc etc. I think Elliot was very specific in mentioning "if they cheat", that would be just stupid. And for your comment, overthought overreaction are the words that come to mind. Not everyone is going to like how a show or a particular episode progresses, that doesnt mean he/she has to leave this forum.


stanatic78 loved your comments couldnt of said it better


UGH. I can't watch these. Stop using this shady video uploader and use something universal like, oh, I don't know, YOUTUBE!!! Grrr


Con't And anyone who chooses to stop watching the show right as it's about to get really, really good (and it is gonna get good) is a fool. Plain and simple. But maybe if all these fair weather Castle fans would leave we wouldn't have to hear their constant whining/gripping/& complaining. And the only thing childish is the way you two are acting.


Elliot and Ranjeet, A little bit of 'looking around' would go along way with the both of you.
1. Paley - we were told OUTRIGHT what was gonna happen, "secrets will come out, there will be tension, but we will be happen by the finale" - what does that tell us? A) there will be tension B) there won't be others coming between the two C) a little patience goes a long ways.
2. Interviews w/ cast, spoilers, episode synopsis do wonders to illeviate UNNECESSARY worry about what you think might happen. They've already made it clear that Castle and Beckett do NOT hook up with anyone else.
3. A little faith in the writers/creators isn't that far of a stretch. If you didn't like the writing, you would have stopped watching a long time ago, so obviously they are doing a fantastic job. They've told us MANY times they are telling a love story. Let them get there. And anyone who chooses to stop watching the show right as it's about to get really, really good (and it is gonna get good) is a fool. Plain and simple. But maybe if all these fair weather Castle fans would leave we wouldn't have to hear their constant whining/gripping/& complaining. And the only thing childish is the way you two are acting.


Completely agree with Elliot. "Marlowe said they weren't going to put any more people between our two this year, didn't he? I'll be watching this episode with something else on standby, I am *not* interested in watching either of them flirt with other people. BTDT. And if they cheat--which is what it would be-- then I'll have a hard time ever watching the show again. I'm also annoyed that Kate can lie, Rick can be hurt, and the next thing the show gives us is her with other men. Like she gets to have her cake and eat it too, but Rick needs to be punished. Childish writing."


Oh Charles, I had such a crush on him in the 90s. That grey streak...