Castle Round Table: "The Limey"

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Castle let a hot blonde drive his Ferrari on Monday night, while Beckett danced with a gorgeous British detective in "The Limey." Will Lanie's girl talk prompt Beckett to see the light and finally tell Castle how she feels... before it's too late?

Our Castle Round Table Team of Courtney Morrison, Jim Garner, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando debate what's next for our favorite duo.


What was your favorite scene?
Courtney: Gotta go with the girl time scene between Kate and Lanie. It was good to see these two outside of work and have real life conversations. Plus, Lanie pushed the Castle issue and I loved it.

Jim: Has to be Castle covering his and Beckett's eyes and her leaning out to look anyway. Such great silliness.

Chandel: Kate and Lanie having a heart to heart. I loved seeing those two having some quality girl time. It's very easy to forget how close they are sometimes without it!

Christine: Finally some girl talk! I've been waiting for that all season. As much as I loved the earlier scene, I adored their scene in the morgue more  Lanie points out that every person lying in those drawers had plans and no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. Speaking of which, why hasn't ABC renewed this show yet for season five yet?!?

Castle RT - depreciated -

Did you miss Alexis or Martha?

Courtney: Can't say I did. I honestly didn't realize they weren't in the episode until this question. I wonder what that means. Okay, no I don't: they need better storylines!

Jim: Who? Just kidding. This episode followed Beckett, we watched Castle come and go from her point of view, so I didn't miss Martha or Alexis any more than I missed Castle when he was off camera.

Chandel: I always love seeing Alexis and Martha on the show, but I think this episode would have had too much going on to add them in. I know they'll be back, so I'm won't have to miss them too much!

Christine: Yes, especially Martha because she is Castle's sounding board. She's the main way we get into his head. But this episode was all about Kate's point of view so we had Kate and Lanie instead and that was far overdue.

Do you want to see more of Detective Inspector Colin Hunt?
Courtney: Absolutely! The man was hot, had an accent, and could wear a tux. It also didn't hurt that he was an impressive detective.

Jim: How much more of him can we see on network TV? Seriously, I really liked the character. Would be fun to see Beckett/Castle take a trip across the pond to his turf.

Chandel: I think he's hot and I love his accent. If Andrew Marlowe and friends can make it realistic, I would welcome him back!

Christine: Well, if we see any more of him they might have to move us to cable. Seriously though, he was handsome, gorgeous, nice and good at his job. As long as he's not a real wedge between Castle and Beckett it would be fun to see more.

Will Castle's blonde bombshell, Jacinda, be back?
Courtney: I think she will, but it doesn't really matter. We don't know Jacinda at all and it will only be another episode or two before she is forgotten about.

Jim: Sadly, Rick is doing the playboy version of drinking away his pain. He's hooking up with someone he can't make a real connection with so she can't lie to him and hurt him. Jacinda is a band-aid on a bullet wound and won't last. Castle will have to deal with his feelings of hurt/betrayal

Chandel: Over my dead body. Really, so sick of this stereotypical fallback girl always being a random blonde. Let's not do that anymore, okay?

Christine: I doubt it. Being a flight attendant makes her easy to write off but watching Castle fall back into his playboy ways to dull the pain has gotten old, fast.

Were you frustrated with Castle and Beckett or satisfied with their progress?
Courtney: In the larger sense of things, a little frustrated, although I understand that the two main characters cannot rush into a relationship too quickly. But it's not the first season anymore! I'm satisfied with the fact that the feelings have now been acknowledged and the two are acting as if it is real. I've said before, I'd be happy with just a hook up to hold us over until they get into a real relationship.

Jim: For the love of Christmas! Get the $&@&!?!$& on with it!! Last season ended with "I love you Kate" and at this rate this season's going to end with "me too? Maybe?" GAH!!!!

Chandel: I am frustrated at the pace and really wish they would engage each other on the issues that are clearly there. I continue to hold out hope that we're going to get closer and closer to some truth between these two by the end of the season.

Christine: I'm frustrated, but I've thought the pace has been unbelievably slow all season. That said, I can see the story arc playing out over these last three episodes and I am looking forward to seeing Adam Baldwin's guest appearance in "Headhunters."  All I can say is that the season finale better be one Hell of a payoff.

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Something else from this episode. Gates for the first time made it crystal clear that she hates Castle personally, not just because he's an outsider. What if she knows all about Mr. Smith and is trying to get Beckett to investigate her mother's murder. Put aside that at least at first she closed that investigation down herself. Look at how she behaved in Dial M for Mayor. At the time, I suspected that she might be affiliated with the Big Bad Guy and be trying to hurt the Mayor on purpose. Now I wonder if it's really the reverse. She's trying to get the Big Bad, and knows Castle's in the way.


Yes, the girltalk was great, didn't miss Martha or Alexis in this one, no need or room for them. The Guy was cute, the accent off. My frustration level...yeah, the pacing has been off since Cops & Robbers. Inconsistent really. Like the tension of what they were NOT dealing with wasn't consistent. If they weren't going to deal with it, fine, but there were so many episodes where it was like there wasn't really an issue. Season 3 kept the issue burning, even when it wasn't directly dealt with. Like Castle ignoring SO many instances of what Beckett's been feeling? Like not even wondering to himself? All so that he gets to have this big overblown pouting moment with a blond stewardess, because no way he hits that conclusion if he's had his eyes open all season. ANYWAY, at least we know why THAT was done. Plot point. I'm hoping this ending arc goes back on track, because it'd be REALLY disappointing if such a well-written show went and created a trainwreck like Bones.


When Beckett asked Castle if he could talk at the end, and he said no, and she got coffee... etc. Is it just me or was the music playing the same as the slow music that played on Firefly (also a Nathan Fillion vehicle) when he and Morena Baccarin's character were doing their UST will-they/won't-they? The two loved each other but kept pushing each other away and then the show was cancelled. It would be like if Castle and Beckett went their separate ways in anger and then the show ended.


I'm starting to hate both of them (Castle and Beckett) at times.
They need to talk to eachother about how they feel, not act like 16 year old girls and run away and act like idiots (Castle - really, a "stewardess" ...eck). It pisses me off, because I just do not see them (well, at least Castle) acting like such a little baby, she'd grab him and tell him how she feels once and for all, and STOP trying to tell him at work for crying out loud, OBVIOUSLY you are going to be interrupted.


I am starting to hate Castle at times... in the firsts series if he went out with a girl he did it with style and flair, now he is just an idiot. The writers are going down a terrible path.


1. Hands down the Castle plan to lift Wyndhelm's finger prints. That is the real Castle we all fell in love with. That is the show we all love. Goofy, fun, idiotic but different from anything else that is on TV. 2. Not really. I didn't remember they didn't show up until I read this. But they weren't necessary for this show and would've eaten up valuable screen time. 3. Yes. But then again, I am sure we will. He is exactly like Demming and Josh. Smart, Handsome, and a cop. And he's from the other side of the Atlantic as well. Hunt will lead us out to the end of Season IV like Demming and Josh before him. 4. Nope. I didn't really even notice her presence besides the fact that she was blonde and hot as hell. 5. Yes. As somebody else posted, they are not really leading Kate and Rick's characters in the best manner. On Rick, I can understand why he is acting up and wants to let out some steam after an eternity waiting. But Kate has no excuses. She heard everything. She knows Castle has always been there for her. She's admitted to her feelings and all that crap. But she still wants him to make the move. WTF? What more does she want Castle to do? So, yes, pissed off at the direction right now. BTW, what the hell is going on with Castle's mother's case and the whole shadow guy who keeps the Mayor and Castle in check earlier in the season? The next 4 episodes are probably going to be key for that with what might be closed out with the season finale. BUT I really would like them to close it out and get it over with once and for all.


-Kate and Lanie were wonderful. We've waited all season for that girl talk. -I did but I get it. This episode was Kate's part of view so no Alexis or Martha. I'm sure they'll be back next week. -He was gorgeous but I'd rather see more of Castle and Beckett...together! -I hope not. -=The interviews all make it sound like we'll have them together for the season finale. I can't wait! If it's anywhere near as good as last year's finale it should be great.


I'm amazed anyone could look past the horrible writing and completely predictable plot points to find nuance. Honestly this thing has been strung out way too long and now I just don't care, think I'll read the new Christopher Moore book. Good luck to any of you sticking with this dog.


I went back and re watched this ep and S1 and 2 and you can see how the writers are butchering this series.
Where are we? Reduced to watching lovesick looks and juvenile behavior for Caskett. I mean at least teenagers get to make out on the sofa every so often.
Moonlighting curse? Doesn't exist and besides it ended over years ago, March 3, 1985, to May 14, 1989. C'mon you can't even take that curse seriously?
I always said that Rick should move on and Kate get her head together and go find him, then the hook up, apparently the complication is NOT Ricks and it's more in Kate's head.
Can they save the series and viewer numbers?
We'll see, but keep going this way and I predict an early end for Castle.


The problem is the so called Moonlighting curse. Supposedly they got together and the show failed so Harm and Mac didn't get together on Jag and they're doing the same here. TPTB listen up! Dave and Maddie becoming lovers isn't what caused Moonlightings failure but the fact that the TPTB expected us to accept as lovers two people who obviously hated each others guts. It was no surprise when years later they mention Willis and Sheperd hated each other. Friends could see it when they watched the show. It was the slap in the face to viewers that made viewers turn the show off. FIlllion and Katic like each other and are a believable pairing because of it. Don't let the idiot idea of that so called curse screw it up.

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