CSI Review: Down The Rabbit Hole

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I enjoy CSI the most when it embraces and take advantage of the quirks and unique aspects of Las Vegas - and there isn’t any bigger stereotype for the former home of the Rat Pack than weddings. 

This week, "Malice in Wonderland" sets our case right in the middle of the marriage industry, which actually worked to tell us more about the team than about the two masked robbers. For example, we learned that Finn never got a chance to marry the love of her life, but did have two weddings of her own. 

D.B., Julie and Conrad

I really liked how we had to be paying attention to the conversations to find the little nuggets of information about Finn and her history. I’m guessing by the closing scene that the love of her life must have also died before she was able to walk down the aisle. 

We also got to welcome Jaclyn Smith to Sin City, as she played Hodge’s mother, Olivia. Smith looks wonderful; it was great seeing her back on TV, even for one night. When Hodges first said his mom was only there for a 10-minute visit, I was worried we were only going to get one scene with her. I should know to have more faith in my beloved CSI, though, that it wouldn’t have someone of Smith's quality only on the show for five minutes (I'm looking at you, Hawaii Five-0.)  

That said, there was something about Smith’s portrayal of Olivia (or her interaction with Hodges) that felt very forced and/or out of place. I will have to rewatch the episode this weekend to really nail down what it is that's setting off the tiny warning bells in my head. Did anyone else feel like Smith misused? 

On the flipside, I adore Morgan even more now for helping Hodges that I did before. Elisabeth Harnois has been such a great addition to the show. Watching how Ecklie has softened as he has worked to be closer to his estranged daughter has been "the little storyline that could,” often taking a backseat to the major acr. Seeing Morgan bring in takeout for the two of them to share was my favorite scene in this episode. 

It seemed like this hour filled in information on Sarah and Grissom, too. It has been more episodes than I care to count since Sarah has even mentioned Gil, so it was great to get several references to him tonight. DB is doing a great job, but we still miss ya Gil! 

Speaking of DB, I was shocked that the only CSI quote to feature an Alice in Wonderland reference came from him and had been shown in the preview. Don’t get me wrong, only having one quip isn’t a bad thing, but given the title of the episode, one might expect to at least be asked why a raven is like a writing desk.

Personal Note: This review is dedicated to Joyce G. (1940-2012). I love you mom, I will miss you and our talks about CSI.


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it was alright....liked jacyln smith...was disappointed in the lack of storyline for nadia bjorlin....thought it was nice of morgan to help hodges. some marriage sara and grissom have....why'd they bother getting married. alisa


I enjoyed the show. I hope that DB and Finn did not have an affair. Surely not as his son knows her and likes her. (last weeks show) J Smith looks terrible. Why do people do this to themselves. She always looked beautiful and aging is part of life.


I saw the lack of reaction as his not knowing what to say, not that he didn't know who she meant. He is happily married and must have chosen his wife years ago. I have the impression they came close to an affair but didn't actually have one. She may have been fired because it was getting too hard for them to keep working together. Just my take on it.


CSI must have new writers. All stories this season have been very entertaining. Las Vegas is totally a different city with all those wedding places. The drive-in was quite amusing. As far as Finn and DB, I feel like they may had been a couple before Db met her wife.


CSI is losing their BANG...... It once had... When that guy came on "FISHBURN" can't remember his name......


Thanks Sue Ann, I appreciate the kinds words. @Andrea, I nearly thought the same thing about DB but his total lack of reaction when she said "I didn't get a chance to marry the love of my life" made me second guess myself... I will grant that it's possible, but only time will tell us for sure.


I also stopped watching after W. Peterson left (Love Gil!), but started up again with Ted Danson.
I have not watched last nights episode yet, but also had the feeling that Finn was a "student" of DBs and she wanted more but he was happily married - again just my thoughts.


Loved the episode! I get this sneaking feeling that Finn and DB had something going a while back. Jacylyn Smith was great to watch, although I hated she's had work done. Too much juvederm in the lips and cheeks. The ending was awesome: Eckley and his daughter finally 'doing lunch' with her buying take-out. Great way to end an episode and am looking forward to the rest of the season. AND next year! And I still miss Gil!!


Ok I fell asleep right when they were out at dinner and J.Smith showed up. Who can tell me what happened exciting if anything or at least who was the killers and were they caught?


Andrea: I had the same impression you did - that D.B. was the love of Finn's life whom she never had a chancw to marry.

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CSI Season 12 Episode 18 Quotes

DB: Our victim had a button fired into his head at 400 meters per second.
Robbins: Pretty absurd, but that's the tale his body is telling.
DB: Curiouser and curiouser.

I like weddings, I had two of them. Marriages, they don't really agree with me.