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I currently reside in Texas where everything really is bigger and love all the stereotypes mentioned on GCB. Then again, I'm not really a true Texan. Anyhow, if GCB keeps the hilarity coming, I'll definitely be there.


Well i think the show is funny, yes they have to work on the story line but i think is a lot of room to grow, i will be watching and i am excited to see where they take it at the very least is a funny show that wont make me want to crawl i at hole like make reality tv out there.


Cricket's bed is like my dream! Agree on the boob jobs- some people didn't grow theirs into later in life (cough cough). My mother's comment re: Carlene "Is she in heat or something?" Tis true, those two get it on more than teenagers.


I thought I would give this show a chance, but its a bit too dramatic in the exaggerated kind of way. As a side note, it is hard to believe that the actress that plays Amanda is old enough/looks old enough to be a mother of two teenagers and twenty years out of high school, let alone GiGi being 'grandmother age'. But really this show over-emphasizes hypocritical Christians, Texas stereotypes, and is pretty much trying to lure viewers in by over glamorizing wealth. That and Amanda was all in love with her rich life with her husband, now all of a sudden she's above her mother's help. There are just too many insecurities with this show...and it gets annoying to watch after awhile...

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