Karina Lombard to Guest Star on NCIS

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Karina Lombard has been cast on NCIS - as Ziva's longtime friend and mentor!

Lombard’s character, named Monique Lisson, was first alluded to in September's Season 9 premiere, "Nature of the Beast," during which Ziva made mention of a female friend she had in Central America.

EP Gary Glasberg told TV Line that he planned to “introduce Ziva’s [version of Mike] Franks - someone who’s going to sort of guide her a little bit in figuring out what she wants from life, professionally.”

Monique, typically for NCIS, has a secretive past of her own, of course.

NCIS returns with new episodes March 20, but Lombard will appear sometime in April. Her TV and film resume includes The L Word, Rescue Me, CSI, CSI: NY, Legends of the Fall and other projects.

K. Lombard

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I agree AJA sad has far the number one show has fallen


I'm with AJA!


We know more about Ziva's past than anyone. If we have to go down this road again I just hope it's not another - poor Ziva reveals another personal tragedy - story. I'm tired of sad sack Ziva stories. I hope that the writers don't feel compelled to give us idiot Tony with Ziva's friend, but I fear that's probably too much to ask. At the beginning of the season it seemed like they were toning down using Tony as the butt of every joke, but lately the writers seem to be back to that old formula. As a Tony fan, I'm just so tired of the way Tony is never the hero anymore and has to be made to look clueless or unprofessional which is inevitably pointed out by Gibbs or Ziva. Wish the writing was not so predictable and the humor and hero moments were spread around.


Pay back a bitch Ziva remember that


Not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing
it could be bad because it seems that their raping up everything and all the questions that any fan would have which is really really bad id hate to see this show end :( It also could be bad because what if she try's talking Ziva in a different direction than NCIS I defiantly dont want Ziva to leave :(


this should be a good one we didnt see much of ziva this season.


If 'Monique' is half as good as Franks was in interacting & making storyline with Gibbs, then she should add another excellent dimension to Ziva and NCIS....and probably play right into the hands of Tony who surely will be throwing out quips about Ziva's potential change of 'sexual preference'!!?

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