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NCIS Promo & Photo Gallery: "The Tell"

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NCIS returns with a new episode Tuesday. Cue applause from 19 million viewers!

In "The Tell," Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Dr. Samantha Ryan, while Sean Astin also guest stars as a fellow PsyOps investigator. It looks like this time, she'll be working squarely on the side of the good guys.

The Secretary of the Navy, Clay Jarvis (Matt Craven), partners Gibbs with Dr. Ryan after some top secret, sensitive information is leaked by someone on the inside. CBS' promo below begs two questions:

  1. Does the SecNav really get shot, and does he survive?
  2. Is Gibbs bitten by the love bug?

Looks like a fun episode and an intriguing one to boot. What do you think we can expect from JLC's return? Share your comments below, and click to enlarge photos from the episode, too:

  • Gibbs and Vance Image
  • Gibbs and Tony Image
  • The Tell Photo
  • Michael Weatherly and Sean Astin
  • Gibbs in a Suit
  • Gibbs and Ryan Photo

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Totally agree with Shannon


JLC looks like Gibb's older, matronly sister. Definitely not his "love interest" type. Their romantic scenes are difficult to watch.


Jlc is all wrong for gibbs. She is way too old for him. She is not sexy at all and not hot enough for Gibbs. His ex wife {the one him & Tobias married} she has the right look for gibbs. Jlc and Gibbs might be close in age but she is too butchy looking. Hey what happen to the woman that was a lawyer she is very beautiful dark hair and had connections with kernel bell? She is sexy for Gibbs.
JLC is ALL WRONG. Come to think about it holly snow
{the madam} she is cute for Gibbs.
JLC is NOT. He can have a one night stand with her {nothing wrong with Gibbs getting some}. That's all and that's it.


Sounds like you may be right Margaret, as I just read that JLC will be back in the finale. If memory serves, when they first spoiled her appearance, she was supposed to make her debut during November sweeps, but wound up unable to film at that time. She and Gibbs were supposed to work together on a navy ship. It sounds to me as if they have moved this story to the SF now. I like her with Gibbs, but don't want the romance to be too predominant, as the show has been edging toward being soapish already, what with the constant resurfacing of Gibbs wife and daughter stories, and Ziva's constant dramas and traumas for the last several years.


I think they will fall in love. She will most likely have a recurring role on the show from what I have seen in her interview. She seems to look forward to it.


I love the idea of Gibbs getting some. He's so sexy that would be a shame to make him a monk! All that season, we've seen him able to move past Shannon's death (His wet dream in Engaged, or what happened in Life Before His Life). He's ready to be in love again, problem in this show is: love never lasts for our heroes. I'd bet that during next season, she'll die or something will happen. But I'll take as many sexy moments as I can for now.


At Melissa these is the first time SECNAV has ever be shot at


Yes,go Gibbs! I mean Tony's been laying everything with an xx chromosome for the past 9 years. Why can't Gibbs get lucky? JLC's probably not the one I would pick for Gibbs for long-term, but a little romance once in awhile won't hurt anyone.


@K: So "Dads" aren't allowed to have a "bounce in their step" like other mortals? Oh, please. Obviously Gibbs prefers them with a little "butch vibe," but, hey, whatever floats his boat. I say, "Shiver her timbers, Gibbs!" Besides, based on the above promo, at this point I think the argument is moot. He already done got his torpedo polished. Avast!


I don't like them together, gibbs loves shannon that is the basis of the show his love for her, he is the father image of the team, JLC is all wrong