NCIS Sneak Preview Clip: A Lone Wolf?

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There's a bounce in Gibbs' step these days ... but is he a lone wolf at heart?

The team debates this fact in a clip from tonight's episode, in which Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Dr. Samantha Ryan and clearly shakes things up at the office thanks to her obvious chemistry with Gibbs.

Of course, once our fearless leader walks in, it's all business as usual.

Luckily for NCIS, Ryan is firmly on the side of the good guys this time. When McGee encounters some major cyber-roadblocks, it looks like it may be up to the brain gamer to crack this week's complicated case.

Enjoy the minute-and-a-half sneak preview of "The Tell" below:

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i really didn't like that they made Jamie Lee's character such a cougar!


Hey reviewer, where you at with your review of this one???


Yup, they've either done the deed at the time of this scene or they're about to. They're clearing flirting here, as much as Gibb's blank stare can be interpreted as "flirting." However, Ryan is definitely playing the "come hither" card. The question is, will it be a one-off or an on-going thing? I'm hoping for the latter!


seeing secnav get shot at will be different have yet to see that


After all these years they are gonna put Gibbs with her??? lame!!!! SECNAV gets shot at again how different!!! Hate this story line but interested to see Ziva past

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