NCIS Promo & Photo Gallery: "The Tell"

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NCIS returns with a new episode Tuesday. Cue applause from 19 million viewers!

In "The Tell," Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Dr. Samantha Ryan, while Sean Astin also guest stars as a fellow PsyOps investigator. It looks like this time, she'll be working squarely on the side of the good guys.

The Secretary of the Navy, Clay Jarvis (Matt Craven), partners Gibbs with Dr. Ryan after some top secret, sensitive information is leaked by someone on the inside. CBS' promo below begs two questions:

  1. Does the SecNav really get shot, and does he survive?
  2. Is Gibbs bitten by the love bug?

Looks like a fun episode and an intriguing one to boot. What do you think we can expect from JLC's return? Share your comments below, and click to enlarge photos from the episode, too:

Gibbs and Vance Image
Gibbs and Tony Image
The Tell Photo
Michael Weatherly and Sean Astin
Gibbs in a Suit
Gibbs and Ryan Photo

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@Earth Orbiter
These people want to chase away Dr.Ryan, like they did with Col.Mann. She is not good enough for them. But Gibbs is not perfect, and he doesn't want a perfect woman. I don't mind seeing JLC recurring.


What's wrong with you people? Why can't Gibbs get some? Its probably only going to be a one-night-stand anyway, as I assume JLC is too expensive to appear regularly. But even if it IS long-term, so what? He's not allowed to get laid from time to time? Besides, the end of the promo very definitely shows the two of them kissing, so I think its a done deal, like it or not!


no no i do not want gibbs bitten by the love bug, she is so wrong for him i hope he arrest her


Show is starting to get predictible here. Another shot at the SECNAV??? gosh thats a real shoker! NOT!!! thier are so many story lines they can do why repeat the old ones kinda boring. Looking forward to geting the back story of Ziva but i hope it dosent change anything.And Gibbs with the Ryan lady I really dont like that either...


I think Gibbs know that Dr. Samantha Ryan si behide whats going on and he getting close to her to find out what

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