NCIS Scoop: Cote de Pablo Teases Tiva Trip to Colombia

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What will happen between NCIS' Tony and Ziva when they go to South America together next month? Cote de Pablo (Ziva) shares some insight on that very subject in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Cote notes that on one of the last trips Tony and Ziva took - to Paris, in Season 7's "Jet Lag" - the pair gave conflicting reports about the nature of their interactions, keeping viewers guessing as to what took place.

That was exactly their intention, she says.

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“The France trip was really great, lots of fun. But Michael [Weatherly] and I had our own agenda. The way we played scenes was that something definitely happened, even though it was never addressed,” she recalls.

On the show's next new episode, airing April 10, the pair takes a trip to Colombia to work a case alongside a longtime friend and mentor of Ziva’s, played by guest star Karina Lombard of The L Word fame.

According to de Pablo, during the course of the episode, this character from her past, who viewers will meet for the first time, seeks to instill in Ziva the realization that life is a series of important choices.

“In this particular episode, I can’t say that much happens, but at the end, there’s definitely a moment where you may take a closer look at the way DiNozzo may feel for Ziva,” she teases.

With three episodes left for her to film this season, de Pablo says she’s not sure how the events from this episode will influence the end of the current season - or the 10th season starting next fall.

“That’s a really good question and I talked about it with [EP Gary Glasberg] and the writers. I think they have a little bit of information they’re not giving to me,” she says. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

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After watching and now rewatching the episode, it is clear that Tony loves Ziva, the question is, is he waiting for her to discover her feelings or, will, as I suspect he jump in and just 'do it', say it? The key to tonight, as Cote hinted, is the way he looked at her at the end --and respecting and acknowledging her mentor was the one that needed to give her the push 'on the plane'. While I am sure the writers will continue to tease us, we will get our Tiva in the end. If not, those same writers better start running now. Great episode, same line as Gibbs took with will probably be Gibbs that pushes them to get on with it, like he does now , they just don't see it.


You know this Show has one of the greatest actors and actresses of any Show around and the finest writer,producer,directors,cameramen,set-up crew on TV.and the teasing between Tony and Ziva is great it shows they like each other and remember when Ziva was talking to her father and he said about Tony coming over every thusday night and staying and she said why are you spying on mewhat I do is my business. soooooo there always something there and who was the one who wanted to go rescue her? I love the end of each show its almost gives me a laugh they always have something funny there.


@holycanolis12 great comment.@michael can you please tell me what a sinper bullet is im a bit confused.or maybe you mean sniper bullet please invest in a dicionary if you want people to understand what you write.


totally stoked for epi. this writer alison abner who wrote this epi is damn good. watched 4 'ol episodes of the west wing this week on itunes. she wrote, 'in this house', 'bartlet's third state of the union', 'war crimes', 'the indians in the lobby' + more. check her out on imdb. my gut says that she's gonna give us an awesome ziva tony episode. we need an awesome one. it's been too long. kick ass rock n' roll 30 second promo. pysched peeps pysched for ncis. 4 days and countin'.


I got a better idea They go to hook up Ziva has her gun ready to kill Tony and replace him like she always wanted too and all of a suddden Ziva get a sinper bullet in her head and Gibbs appear and said NEXT TIME FOLLOW RULE NUMBER 12 to Tony


Well personaly I think Tony and Ziva can get together and this can last and then finally when the authors get bored they can kill one off. The one they kill will have to be Ziva as the show can't funcition without Tony. This will make the Tiva shippers happy for a few episodes and then when it is all over the other fans can come back the only problem is how do you get tony a new love interest without it being repetative. Mabey he can fall for Mcgee but really the show is getting old so I think the bst idea would be to get Tony and Ziva together and leave it at that.
Another way of doing this is put Tiva together then kill of Ziva then Tony can jum of a bridge killing him self.


Man NCIS has become like Moonlighting One Tree Hill Save by the Bell and House all in one It sad what NCIS has become and I pray to God that the NEW CBS president put a stop to these madness


@Janet & Allie Hi, you two. I agree - that whole "Moonlighting" brouhaha is SOOOO Over & Done with - it's been a thing of the past for quite some time now, concerning NCIS. That is exactly why TPTB for this show have gone beyond the extra mile to establish a successful relationship foundation between these two individuals. Tony & Ziva do NOT have the type of snarkiness that David & Maddie had, nor that Tony & KATE had (and thank GOODNESS for THAT). Tony & Ziva still tease each and occasionally get on each other's nerves, but hey..ALL couples have that issue. If T&Z never had differences of opinion, never disagreed on anything, everything always came up Roses for them..THEN I'd worry (& probably turn the channel).


NCIS will never be like moonlighting why because the actors on moonlighting where always fighting there where no chemistry between them not like NCIS where they all get along and are good friends.


Well according to the pictures from the set and one of the directors on twitter, Tony and Ziva are going to Italy too in an episode later this season!
If they're going there now they better get in with both feet! Because the witers of NCIS are good enough to avoid the "moonlighting curse" which only exists because of bad writers. If done right, people with cemistry can be brought together on TV.

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