NCIS to Explore Ziva's Relationship With Mentor

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As we first talked about last week, a longtime friend and mentor of Ziva’s, played by Karina Lombard (Rescue Me, The L Word), becomes involved in a case being worked on by the team on NCIS.

What's the premise for her arrival next month?

“We established in the [Season 9] opener that she has this friend who she was going to talk to and see,” says executive producer and show-runner Gary Glasberg. “In this episode, we’re actually going to meet this woman, who is a friend of Ziva’s who shares a bit of big sister relationship with her.”

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The April episode sends the team to Colombia to investigate the case of a missing Navy chaplain.

“She participates with us and helps us figure it out. Along the way, you get an understanding of the relationship [between Ziva and her friend],” he said, teasing that it plays into a much bigger picture.

All this, Glasberg tells Entertainment Weekly, is just a piece of the character-centric puzzle they’re putting together that will come into play heavily in the ninth season finale this May.

“[Ziva] is realizing that she’s made decisions along the way. She has to decide how important a relationship is to her and what she really wants from her life too,” he says.

“It’s nice to be nine and a half seasons into a show and feel like the characters are still figuring out who they are. I feel like there’s a long way to go. It is realistic.”

NCIS was just renewed for Season 10 yesterday by CBS.

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and hear i go again not understanding a word @
michael writes.


These coming from people who throw a fit like a 5 year old girl when Tony was dating EJ just because you guys a sheep and Hate NCIS does not mean us NCIS fan do Hell I more of a NCIS fan then you three combine


Bob - Janet is 100% right. Some people have taken their obvious Anti-All-Things-Ziva obsession to a psychotic level of sheer paranoia. Why they even WATCH a show they actually HATE at this late point is beyond me. The people that created these characters are the ones responsible for why the characters are who they are, or do what they do - NOT the actors themselves!!! lol I think folks like Michael have a hard separating the two distinctions. Lol he would have been a perfect "extra" for the 3x15 episode!!


@bob hi bob you have got to realize michael watches a different NCIS than the rest of us and yes you are right why does he bother to watch at all if he dislikes NCIS so much.


I don't know what show you've been watching, buddy, but it sure isn't NCIS. Please post the episodes where Tony "difused" a bomb faster than any bomb "exspert"(BTW, you might want to invest in a dictionary) and the episode where Ziva can speak "100" languages. I'll be waiting for you to list them so I can go re-watch them and see if what you say is true or just a bunch of hot air.


Let me give a history lesson on Tony then bob Tony use to be able to break into car without the person knowing now he can't even open a door Tony use to be able to take down a bad guy no matter what the person was holding now he can't even do that. Tony could get a confesing out of anyone now he can barly get a bad guy to tell the truth Tony also use to know when someone was lying Now there are people lying to him all the time and he can't tell he could also difuse a bomb faster then any bomb exspert Ziva however get all new skill all the time from speaking several languages when back in season 3 she could only speak 10 now she can speak 100 she also became a bomb expert even though she had no knowledge before hand and NOW she stealing from MCGEE and stealing his Computer skills and stealing from Gibbs as well.


What "skills" exactly did they take away from Tony and give to Ziva?? When she came, she spoke several languages (Tony-NADA, other than a little grade school Spanish), she was trained in martial arts (Tony-NADA), she had been trained in both bomb building and disposal (Tony-NADA), she had been working worldwide in counter-terrorism (Tony-working homicide locally), she had sniper training (Tony could shoot a pistol at the range).
Since Day 1, Tony's mad skills have consisted of running fast, working a crime scene, chasing anything in a skirt, knowing old movies, and providing comic relief. And, lately, he's not even funny. He's NEVER been Jason Bourne.
I like Tony, and if you don't like Ziva, fine. But don't blame her for "stealing" all these skills Tony never had.


Thank you I Don't Get It. I don't get it either. For me, the way the write Ziva as such a soapish/Mary Sue type/wonder woman is ridiculous. And for me the character is also intolerably self righteous, smug, and self impressed. The writers rarely miss a chance to have the latest male guest star comment on her beauty and she must reign superior to Tony in nearly every way. There's rarely a showdown now that isn't handled by Gibbs with Ziva by his side showing her super skills. Tony used to get to be dangerous too, until they took his skills away and gave them all to Ziva. I however adore Tony, Ducky, Palmer, and usually Abby. So why shouldn't I watch the show and not express that I find Ziva's "perfection" out of place and adolescent? She's not a portrayal of a strong woman - she's a stereotype of a comic book hero/tragedy queen. And my watching the show, despite my disappointment and boredom at the focus on Ziva doesn't hurt anyone.


Why are people so rudely insistent that just because one doesn't care for a particular episode, or a particular character, that one should stop watching the show all together? Must we love every episode and every character equally, or we are somehow not worthy? I think your attitudes are a little over-the-top. When did it become a rare thing to show someone with a differing opinion a little respect for that opinion? Shame on you for your intolerance and your short-sightedness.


@ Michael Ummmmmmm.........I'll take a wild guess on the fact that you completely missed S8 then. There was an episode called SWAN SONG in which the very thing that was predicted in S7 for Gibbs - which you mentioned - came to pass. Frank's death DID change his life.

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