NCIS Scoop: Cote de Pablo Teases Tiva Trip to Colombia

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What will happen between NCIS' Tony and Ziva when they go to South America together next month? Cote de Pablo (Ziva) shares some insight on that very subject in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Cote notes that on one of the last trips Tony and Ziva took - to Paris, in Season 7's "Jet Lag" - the pair gave conflicting reports about the nature of their interactions, keeping viewers guessing as to what took place.

That was exactly their intention, she says.

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“The France trip was really great, lots of fun. But Michael [Weatherly] and I had our own agenda. The way we played scenes was that something definitely happened, even though it was never addressed,” she recalls.

On the show's next new episode, airing April 10, the pair takes a trip to Colombia to work a case alongside a longtime friend and mentor of Ziva’s, played by guest star Karina Lombard of The L Word fame.

According to de Pablo, during the course of the episode, this character from her past, who viewers will meet for the first time, seeks to instill in Ziva the realization that life is a series of important choices.

“In this particular episode, I can’t say that much happens, but at the end, there’s definitely a moment where you may take a closer look at the way DiNozzo may feel for Ziva,” she teases.

With three episodes left for her to film this season, de Pablo says she’s not sure how the events from this episode will influence the end of the current season - or the 10th season starting next fall.

“That’s a really good question and I talked about it with [EP Gary Glasberg] and the writers. I think they have a little bit of information they’re not giving to me,” she says. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

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tease tease tease that's all they do when it comes to these 2


There also that Interview he gave last month


did anybody read on twitter dont belive anything someone called michael writes


did anyone read Michael(Tony) Twitter he has told his fanbase not to worry he hate Tiva and he will make sure that Tony and Ziva don't hook up


All this talk abut Tony and Ziva, what about Tim and Abby?


TIVA is my drug! Speaking of drugs, LOL Google search TIVA ENERGY SHOT for a few chuckles.


i heard jlc coming back i thought she was just doing two episodes lost my view i watch dancing with stars, no more jlc


oh and by the way ziva haters please dont watch you are not needed


at last the fans are getting what they want and its tiva all the way and i just know the ratings will go through the roof.


AJA hit it on the spot this is a dark day for NCIS fan across the world and prove that bully's always get what they want while us fans get NOTHING that we want because let be truthfully Shipper's are bully's they don't care about the show they don't care about the actors they don't care about the story lines all they care about is there small little character just like at CSI when did it die when Gil and Sara got together. When did Bones on Fox die and become a joke when their two main star fell in love For YEARS shipper have destroy Tv show and they will not rest until every show is off the air

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