New Girl Review: Schmidty Knows Best

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Just when Schmidt was on the verge of turning into a one-dimensional Twitter feed of elitist, douchey one-liners (granted, a hilarious and gorgeous man of a Twitter feed), "Control" brings the focus back to developing his character a little more and reveals a new, more maternal side of Schmidt.

We always knew Schmidt was a little crazy. I mean, come on, the man has an Irish walking cape and compares his sexual personas to cheeses. But in the New Girl loft, that’s just par for the course. Schmidt’s control issues, however, are of a more serious bent. While they haven’t been on full display the entire season, there have been hints:  his penchant for list making, how upset he gets when things go missing (like his driving loafers), his orderly display of hair products.

So what’s the antidote to Schmidt’s troubles? A little bit of Jess’ freewheeling personality!

New Girl Drum Circle

Unfortunately, the Zooey Deschanel indie day camp where you ride bikes and hang out with street performers isn’t really Schmidt’s cup of tea. Her world of glassy oceans and sandy beaches becomes a germ infested, hypodermic-needle-ridden, trash littered universe to Schmidt. The cutaways to Schmidt’s perspective as Jess is rattling off all the great things about the boardwalk felt appropriately hipster, but in less of a (500) Days of Summer way and more in a Wes Anderson vibe, which seems more fitting for Max Greenfield. This also resulted in some great lines. Check out our New Girl quotes page!

To Jess’ surprise, her tactic worked; Schmidt transforms into a street-meat-eating laid back kind of guy. The apartment rapidly falls to ruin, Nick and Winston can’t stop fighting and it quickly becomes apparent where this storyline is going.

The offbeat friends-as-a-family plotline has been done many times, but New Girl tackles it with, what else, quirky aplomb. It wasn't New Girl’s most original or well-written episode by far, but I thought the jokes landed well and the relationship dynamic was accurate. Of course Schmidt would think that he’s the cool rebel brother when he's actually the mom!

Jess’ comment that the division of apartment labor (i.e. Schmidt does all the cleaning and cooking) is sexist was an interesting dig at gender roles. At first, I thought she meant that they all viewed Schmidt as more feminine than masculine, but Winston and Nick’s double take at her remark suggests that’s probably not true. Or, Winston and Nick just don’t understand the concept of sexism, which is entirely possible considering the level of maturity they showed this week.

Without Mommy Schmidt around to cook and clean and tell them what clothes to wear, Nick and Winston regress back to about middle school, I would say. Their grocery store slap fest proved that the longer you do something doesn’t necessarily make it funny. This regression into bratty siblings connected nicely with the larger story, although I don’t think it naturally evolved from the original plotline of Nick owing Winston money as smoothly as the writers had hoped or intended. 

Finally, the group convenes a family meeting. They need Schmidt back. Nick needs Schmidt’s fashion advice, Winston misses Schidmt’s hair chutney (emphasis on the “t”), and Jess lures Schmidt in with a pair of fancy pants she bought for him. Just as quickly as he disappeared, the old Schmidt returns and ready to don some dress slacks. 

And sleep in them too, apparently, because when CeCe shows up later that night he’s wearing them in bed. Let’s not forget that CeCe was the one who caused Schmidt’s control issues to flare, but having been to the drum circle and back, Schmidt is now a different man. He accepts his lack of control in their relationship, only to suggest that he has the ultimate control over her – seduction. 

"Control" was a solid episode of New Girl with some hilarious lines and all the wacky details that we expect, but I’ve grown to expect a little more, especially after last week’s showing. New Girl has slowly been tackling tougher and more realistic topics, and while they have been couched in zany antics, there have been beautiful moments of clarity that shoot through the slapstick of the show and straight to its heart. 

Stray Observations

  • I laughed so hard after Nick wishes for a girl that was drunk all the time and then looks immediately horrified that he wished for such a thing.
  • How would you feel about a ban on high-waisted shorts?
  • There is no way Schmidt could buy enough groceries to feed this gang of four for $100. Not in California. 


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lol! I LOVE HOW THEY SAY CHUTNEY like chuthhhney ... it also annoys me .. ahhhhhhh.. just say the chut- part like you would say Mutt


"I laughed so hard after Nick wishes for a girl that was drunk all the time and then looks immediately horrified that he wished for such a thing." I think the joke was to do with the fact Nick wanted to get with a girl version of Winston v a girl who was drunk all the time...


Schmidt is the man. This needed to happen cause I believe that everyone on the house not only devalues him but no one realizes exactly how much he does. "want me to reinstate the ban on high waisted shorts?" "no that was the worst four weeks of my life!"was just genious! I loved the way she said it all scared and quiet..... And as for the groceries, schmidt is just that good.... Who knows he could be an extreme couponer, you never know


Gigi, I think that the writers are playing up the idea that women *always* try to "improve" the men in their lives but men *never* do the same to the women in theirs...JMO... I absolutely love Schmidt and all of his eccentricities!


i'm so over jess always trying to change the guys or be their life coach. last week it was nick, this week schmidt. it's getting old. especially since she's such a mess herself. and when she whines - like when she realized she had messed up the eco system - her voice grates on my nerves. for me, the guys are the best part of the show and they need to be left alone. i also say more cece and less jess!

Lindsey kempton

You bring up a really interesting point, GiGi. As I was watching the episode, I felt like Jess was holding Schmidt to a double standard (and Fani, to your point, she was being a bit of a jerk). I think the difference is New Girl presented Schmidt's control issues as a real legitimate problem whereas Jess just has personality quirks. Once her quirks start hurting other people or property (like Schmidt smashing the hutch was really out of control), then maybe it's time for an intervention. Love the Kramer comparison, Uncle Jackass. So true! Your suggestions for Schmidt's grocery magic really make me want to see an episode where they reveal how he does it. And the most important question of all - Was Jess wearing leggings as pants? It's a mystery. It sure looked like it, but with the invention of jeggings I'm not sure about anything anymore.


I find it interesting that no one is supposed to change Jess, but Jess gets to try and change others.

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