Psych Review: High Notes

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A ruptured appendix, the attempted murder of a beloved deacon and a Blackappella (or should we say Quarterblack?) reunion.

From guest stars to plot lines, you know Psych delivered another pitch-perfect episode tonight with "Let's Doo-Wop It Again."

Psych Goes A Cappella

First, we were treated to an abundance of guest stars: Cheech Merin, Mekhi Phifer, Jaleel White and Kristy Swanson each killed it in their respective roles, and I can't be alone when I say that we'd love to see them all again very soon!

Meanwhile... Shawn's appendix bursting? Definitely a semi-shout-out to James' real life struggle with his appendix not too long ago. We can be sure, however, that James didn't have to fight any would-be murders during his ordeal. However, Shawn really got his hero on attacking Jimmy like he did. Looks like he picked up some moves from Mario, formerly of Paths of Love, last week. Where else could he have gotten the shatter-vase-over-head move? Nice move, buddy.

Then there was the re-emerging debate over the group's name: Blackappella or Quarterblack. One is clearly more on point than the other, but Shawn insists Quaterblack is the most correct.  I am still torn on the issue regardless of its mathematical accuracy. Each rolls off the tongue fairly well. Try saying each aloud to yourself. You'll see what I mean.

I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to mention just how much I love Carlton and Marlowe together. Ever since "This Episode Sucks" I haven't stopped gushing over the chemistry these two have and what a joy it is to watch them be the unconventional couple that they are. Punching your boyfriend has never gone so well! Carlton was uncommonly gracious about the whole thing. You know that he wouldn't have allowed that of anyone else for the sake of a case!

Gus was right to enlist Marlowe in tracking down gang ties related to Deacon Jones' shooting, and it was particularly convenient that his suggestion not only created a more willing ally out of Carlton, but also gave Carlton some face time with his leading lady.

As of this moment I am officially campaigning for Carlowe to become a more permanent feature of season 7. We need Swanson as a series regular, don't we? Get petitioning, Tweeting, facebook-ing, etc., Psych-Os.

The songs from this epsiode was also an understated high point of this hour. The opening sequence featuring the real voices of James, Dule, Jaleel and Mekhi were music to everyone's ears. The same goes for the much missed musical Psych-out. They really should do those more often as opposed to bloopers, though both versions are more than welcome!

Other highlights:

  • Juliet's refusal to fluff Shawn's pillows
  • Shawn pulling off symptoms of IV overdose. He is hilarious high.
  • NO TOUCHING! Enough said.
  • Chief Vick making an appearance (however brief).
  • BoyzIIMen acappella theme song.

Which do you choose: Quarterblack or Blackappella? Let's settle this once and for all.


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I love Psych, but it's hard to enjoy the episode when the plot is all over the place, and feels like the actors are bored with the characters and generally burned out.So sad, but more episodes like this one and I think this might be the last season of Psych


Terrible!! Poor Gus carrying Sean around on his iPad that is. Like Dule Hill can't carry a scene on his own?? Or is this some sort of Apple product placement? Although at $606 a share I can't imagine why that would be necessary. What other reason to ruin an otherwise good show with such an incredibly bad prop?? Not once, but throughout the whole show. It was like getting a lemon squeeze in the eye every time it popped again. Someone behind the scenes at that show should be shot. Hard.


The actress who played Tina was also in NCIS for a short time. Her name is Liza Lapira.


Another hilarious episode. Last season and this season, both, have been a romp!


I was hoping that someone could tell me the name of the actress who played Tina in "Let's doo-wop it again". It would be very helpful :)


I always like this show. Shawn and Gus are a mess. His dad is his dad. Not paying for any drugs after the first day. haha.


A little too disorganized of an episode to be worth 3 stars, let alone 5. The storyline never had any firm ground to hold onto and ended up just being a string of loosely related scenes right after another. The guest stars pushed this episode from the bottom of the barrel and so did some of the funniest Shawn and Gus moments of the season. Didn't really like the hospital angle and the representation of Shawn as a boy in a man's boy needs to stop now. Whatever happened to the great character development over the last 5 seasons? Shawn is a mature man that hides his insecurities behind pop culture references and other immature behavior. That does not make him immature. Yikes! This season is one of highs and lows, and "Let's Doo-Wop It Again" is certainly a low.


Amazing episode, 5 stars! Shawn's singing voice is awesome!!! I forgot to breathe while he was singing :) Very funny! Love when Shawn is high.. and im glad Vick was back! Hand down best show ever!


Oh! And I totally forgot! I wish Keenan had been in this episode. :( I don't get why he wasn't! SNL is on NBC and Psych is on USA which is owned by NBC, so it wasn't because of network issues. Also, he's been on SNL since like 2003, so he was on it last time he was on Psych, so I just don't understand haha. Oh well.


There were some scenes in this episode that made me pretty much die laughing, but I feel like this episode was a little too unrealistic. Why the heck would that girl pull out her gun on Gus and his friends while Shawn was watching them from another place and could easily have recorded or taken picture of her with her?! Haha, ya know? I don't know, I just feel like this half of the season is lacking something that the other 5 1/2 seasons had...which makes me so sad since I've been a diehard fan since the beginning. (like seriously, a little obsessed) The "NO TOUCHING" reminded me so much of Arrested Development, which is never a bad thing. I feel like Gus is at his absolute best right now! Hahaha. Also, I love the sweet Shawn/Juliet moments we get in every episode. :) Sooo.. all in all I guess this episode was really good. :)

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