Supernatural Review: Intoxication Manifestation

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"Party On, Garth" was certainly what you could consider a filler episode, but don't mistake the definition of filler to mean a bad hour of television that you could simply throw away. While there are plenty of those out there, this particular outing tried a few new things, brought back a character I was hoping would make a return appearance and solidified a ghostly answer fans have been theorizing since Dean's beer bottle mysteriously emptied.

I'm truly pleased that DJ Qualls put back on his ghost hunting pants as the goofy but affable Garth. I had enjoyed his time when he first appeared in "Season Seven, Time For a Wedding" more than I enjoyed the episode itself and was hoping that we'd get another chance to see him in action whether it was interacting with the brothers or just being his amusing self.

Stabbed Shojo

Garth is such a drastically different character from the other hard core and solemn hunters that Sam and Dean have come across. I don't know if it's his sheepish grin, his cocky attitude that makes him more endearing that douchey, or the fantastic chemistry he creates with Sam and Dean - but Garth has been a welcome addition to the show. There's enough cheesiness without overdoing it and Qualls brings forth a confidence and swagger to the character, even if Garth doesn't get everything right.

Naturally having a theme song can make a character that much cooler, and watching Garth slow motion walk away from the flames to Bell Biv Davoe's Poison was the perfect combination. That and wearing his military uniform as Corporal James Brown. The guy simply cracked me up.

The idea of not being able to see the ghost unless you're inebriated could have been overly silly and at moments it felt like it was slowly teetering that way. However, seeing the extremely creepy girl with pale white skin, long black hair, and affinity for the plainest clothes ever, there was a certain balance.

It was definitely something the show has never done and I appreciate taking those steps out of the safe zone. Who knew there was such a thing as intoxicated ghost hunting?

It also reintroduced the idea of the international supernatural. Wouldn't it be interesting if Sam and Dean left the United States and went global? It could end up jumping the shark for the series, but the show has done a pretty good job of bringing in a little crazy and the right amount of heart, humor and drama to keep the show entertaining.

As for the sock puppet scene, I'm not too sure if it worked for me. I guess it enhanced Garth's quirk factor and ability to help the group out in an unusual way, but it was a little weird. Although, I did chuckle when Garth and the sock puppet turned their heads at the same time to look at Dean.

Yet, aside from a fun return from Garth, the answer to the Bobby question was finally answered. Yes. Bobby is a ghost.

It was easy to smile at his return and see the caring look in his eyes as he watched Dean. I was even hoping Dean would see them and had to laugh when Bobby called him an idgit because he couldn't.

But why hasn't Bobby been able to tell them that he's there aside from moving the sword, moving the pages, etc? Why can't Dean or Sam see him?

It certainly is interesting that the two brothers came to the conclusion that all of those coincidences were just because they wanted to see him. I wonder how they'll react when they finally do realize he's been there all along.

So, what does that mean that he really is there? Will Bobby play a bigger role or will he just be floating around hoping someone will notice him? And when will Garth come rolling back up in his stunner shades?


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I'm SOOO HAPPY that Bobby is back, but what i worry about him being back is that he'll turn crazy and evil. if anyone remembers back to when Dean was between life and death, the Reaper told him that if people stay too long they become the things that hunters kill. I hope Bobby won't become one of the things that Sam and Dean kill for a living. But otherwise, I was laughing and crying at the same time when Bobby said his signature lines like "Idjit" and "Balls". Garth just made my Friday night. "You've been Garthed" and him getting butt drunk on one bottle of beer just made me lmao. I loved this episode. It was definetly a great relief from all the sad ones the fandom has endured.


Funniest Scene when Garth said," And you have been Garth'ed..LMAROLF


Garth rocks hard! Finally, someone on this show has varied taste in music. Hip Hop and diversity is way too alien to this show, typical of TheCW. I would love to meet Garth's "special lady." DJ Qualls does a great job making Garth annoying and adorable at the same time. It was good to see Bobby again.


I thought it was a nice change that Garth liked R&B and hip hop music and not heavy metal like Sam and Dean. It hysterical fits with his character. I don't know why anyone would be annoyed by his character he's so silly it's adobrable. Even though he's a total bean pole he barrels right into the fight.
Finally!! They show Bobby!


I agree with everything Tanya wrote, but I did shed some tears seeing Bobby again. I was thinking Cass will fix it all, hopefully we'll have Bobby and Cass back soon and not in a ghost or crazy form. One of the best eps so far.


I loved this episode, it was awesome! I love Garth, he's funny and awesome. When we got to see Bobby again, I freaked out. I've missed Bobby, and was so happy to see him again! Can't wait till the April 20th episode because....we get to see Bobby again!!!!! :). Hope we get to see more of Garth.


Loved it so good to see Bobby......Sorry reviewer your wrong 5 star episode.....Can,t wait untill next week......Love Dean sooooo sexy....


Garth is funny. And he now has a tag line. "What did I miss?"


I jumped for joy when I saw Bobby. Woo-hoo! I pray that somehow Cas get's better and somehow returns Bobby to a corporeal state . If that happens, then all this suffering will losing them and the dumb leviathans will all be worth it! And yes, Garth is a hoot. DJ Qualls does a great job with him. Some good comic relief.


Awful episode that screamed 'audience manipulation', that showcased a stupid village idiot, and didn't do a thing for me.

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