The Secret Circle Review: That Old Black Magic

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Amazingly, "Sacrifice" didn't stop the momentum of Cassie's likeability. Having a father willing to hurt you that much deeply trumps some of your other, more irritating qualities, meaning my sympathy for the main heroine here only increased.

It was weird how that same breakup turned Adam into a cocky, gum-chewing creep. Sorry, but the dude doesn't have enough cred to be pulling that kind of crap. It was kind of embarrassing to watch. I didn't like him helping Faye and Melissa flirt magically. At least he finally told them what he was feeling. Oddly enough, it was... absolutely nothing, and it was that blank slate that was driving him mad. Doesn't it seem like the whole thing is on the tip of his tongue? Like a word he can't remember? Because Jake wasn't highlighted it was even stronger.

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Elsewhere, Grant was back and wooing Diana. They talked about hockey, so they went to the skating rink. Of course. Thanks to his buddy, the fake boat captain, Grant had to come clean with Diana. He was just a member of a boat's crew. Needless to say, Diana did not need a guy lying to her at this point in her life. After giving up Adam for Cassie, she just wanted a nice fella to hang with, but she got a liar. He appeared to be a sweet liar in the end, though. Do you think that will hold up?

After all we learned, the older generation's big plan 16 years ago was to summon demons and use their powers to have greater magic? No wonder their parents took their powers away! Shameful, bratty children. Geez, they already had kids in high school, then they were sacrificing living people to garnish the power of demons? That makes 16 and Pregnant look like a fun romp through the life of a teenager.

When Eben was slicing open his hand to get the demons into his body, and John was busy folding Samuel in half with hand gestures, it looked like John had a similar cut on his palm. Wasn't it was odd that he let Eben go without a chase? Did John once have the demon in him? I wonder if his own experiment 16 years ago was successful. When John dug up his sacrifice from the past, I thought yes. Could the demon still be with him? The circle knows John has magic, and it's powerful as Hell. They couldn't do anything to stop Eben or Samuel, but John was able to make Samuel explode. That's power.

We also learned about the crystals. They were once one giant crystal, but were split to keep the six members of a circle safe. Blackwell said they're the key to everything. But we still don't know why John is back. I wish I could trust him, but to date nothing he did panned out as whole truth. It became especially obvious when Adam told Cassie he had misjudged her father. Saying that is like cursing the damned.

There are only four episodes left, and we have to wait three weeks to get to them. Yes, I saw the upcoming Secret Circle preview, but I can't discuss it yet. For now, what did you think about this one? Are the other parents going come together and stop John, or help him? When they find out how much time he's spending with their kids, something will have to give. Chance Harbor seriously needs to start their child development classes in middle school. See you on April 19!


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So I loved the episode. I think they are a little harsh with Cassie, its not like she wants to be the center of attention, she didnt even want anything to do with being a witch. They wanted her they got her. All she wants to do is find out about all she missed when her mom moved her away, who can blame her for wanting to know. Now Ive read the books so the way the story line is playing out is pissing me off, because I liked the original, but I understand for tv they have to spice things up a lil. I was getting tired of Adam and the puppy dog looks too, he is so not how I pictured him from the books. But I do feel bad about how the potion has affected him, its not right to rip his emotions from him and leave him with a void he is all to aware of. I was wondering though if there was no real curse, then why was Jake so sick??? Did John give him something too? Oh Blackwell is bad no doubt about it, only question is if he goes thru with his plans or will his connection with his daughter change all of that? Melissa deserves more time she is just great! Its so good to see her having a backbone. Faye is the girl you love to hate! And man does she own her role. Diane is the sweet chick, props for trying to be snippy with Cassie but leave it be, it doesnt work for you. Jake mmm mmm mmm Cassie needs to give him a chance, yea he started out bad but with his history who could blame him, he loves her and he would do anything for her, now that is some crazy devotion.


Seriously I would watch this show even more if it was just about Faye, Melissa, and Diana. I loved Adam hanging with the two girls, Faye is such an awesome character. Diana went to the top of the list when she told Cassie off for being so dramatic. I cannot stand Cassie (or Jake). I feel like she is always on the hunt by herself in every episode while the rest of the circle has fun and is actually entertaining and intriguing. Can't wait for the parents to come back into play with JB. And more scenes with the entire circle, stop focusing so much on Cassie!


i don't think John had a similar cut on his hand to Eben...that mark was an imprint of John's medallion. As for the body John dug up, obviously he lied to Cassie (again) about not sacrificing someone in the attempt to raise demons. Bad John boy!


I knew SC would eventually deliver and I have to say that Sacrifice did just that. Aside from Blackwells somewhat corny "We can do it" speech, I didn't find much wrong. Melissa, Faye and Adam playing around with magic and forming the new broken hearts club was actually pretty nice to watch and Fayes one liner ("speak of the little devil girl) was hilarious! Diana and Grant .. I like these two but i like that Diana's being cautious - i just REALLY hope this guy isn't a traitor. Jake and his witch hunter life (to me) mirrors the past mistakes that Blackwell. I really think that long term Blackwell's intentions are good but when Cassy and Adam find out about the fake curse things won't be pretty .. maybe a Blackwell dark magic showdown between father and daughter? Andd finally, speaking of Cassy despite what Diana said about her being drama I think the characters really strengthened in this episode .. instead of picking a fight with Diana she got on with the matter at hand - well done!
Seriously if this is the direction of future SC episodes then I hope it'll be around much longer than I originally expected!

Strawberry fields

Yeah, this means war! You're right, Johnny B. Hiding doesn't work well for witches. You need to do something about those hunters, pronto. Btw, Blackwell is awesome. Shady badass awesome. Absolute favourite moment of the episode - John exploding Samuel. Eben is EVIL. It seems to me like the hunters are just as obsessed with power as some witches are. Seriously, that guy wants to use DEMON power to kill witches. What kind of a twisted logic is that? Adam and Cassie are both much more interesting separate. I know that Diana's problem with Grant was nothing compared with the Circle's demon-hunters problem, but still - Cassie should be more sensitive. She's not really trying to give others some attention. No wonder people are getting sick of everything always being about Cassie. Melissa is getting seriously cool. What I like about this show lately (apart from Cassie's dark magic moments, which are always awesome) is that I feel like the Circle is finally becoming unity.

Saad khan

Secret Circle becomes tedious when there is no realism to it.. i know its fantasy show but they kill so many people and their is no police or police investigation.. Jack killed that herbs guy and no one questions his morals.. there is so many things are Just wrong with the show starting from Adam to Jack.. I think it'll go On just like 90210, without any reason for CW.


@michelle Cassie doesn't know that it was her dad that made up the curse about the Conans and Blakes, so as far as shes concerned they had to drink that potion to save one of their circles life. Im tired at screaming at the screen everythime Cassie believes her father lol Can't wait till next episode!


Melissa is definitely the sister ... Faye is too easy ... the best twist would be to make Diana her sister. I would love the heck out of that! Now about this episode ... if you guys did not think John Blackwell was evil ... well you are nuts! What do all the adults want in the old circle??? The crystals reunited so they can have their power back. John may or may not give his circle back their power but he will definitely have the REST of his power back. He's only going on dark magic right now. LOVE THIS SHOW!


and oh, after Cassie witnessed the power her dad really has, why wasn't she up in his face demanding HE lift the stupid memory spell on Adam? What the ??? I know I would have been. I appreciate that the writers are amping things up, but that whole device is just lame now. Lame, flat and annoying. These two are focused on his "Saving" them??? Arrrg. Seriously, with how miserable Cassie is, it would be totally natural for her to go right to Blackwell and ask him to fix that elixir mess. Hrumph.

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Either Eben is grooming an army of idiots, or you're telling the truth about demons. And, honestly, I prefer the former.


I'm grateful. That I never have to see Adam bat his lashes at her undersized head again.


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