The Secret Circle Review: Secrets and Lies

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There were a lot of twists and turns in "Curse" and it left the future a blank slate. John? A liar. Lee? Dead. Eva? Powers gone. Adam and Cassie? Their love vanished. Let's analyze how it went down.

What did I miss with Jane? I knew she was away, but not in a nuthouse. I was very confused. It was helpful that she was out of her mind, because her thinking Cassie was Amelia made her spill her guts about the curse with very little motivation. It was as if that's all she was thinking about and the entire reason she was in her predicament in the first place. 

Of course, at that point I didn't know John was magically moving Jane. John the liar, that is, with the magic he said he didn't have.

Adam and Cassie Pic

Was it any surprise that the curse would kill the only other male in the circle?

I noted in the Secret Circle Round Table this week that there was an overabundance of teen girls and older guys in Chance Harbor, and this might be a clue as to why! Maybe the sexes skipped a generation. Most of the current circle lost their moms and the current circle was made up of girls... I had no idea what the formula was, but it's definitely not balanced to give everyone a fighting chance at love. Once again, I didn't know as I was watching that John chose Jake specifically to feel the "curse."

The curse? Fake. There was never a curse. John made it up to keep Adam and Cassie apart. But everyone still thought there was a curse. That said, I had to give to thumbs up to Adam. When Cassie was hell bent on using her magic to help him during a fight with Jake, he screamed not to dark magic and to focus on him. Maybe he could help her through her issues with her magic and they could overcome things together. That was a pretty strong moment; when a hallucinating bigger, stronger witch was on top of him, Adam was thinking of Cassie. Impressive.

The question then became whether their love would live through the spell that John forced upon them in an effort to keep them apart. But John was a little rusty, and he screwed up. The potion he made erased Adam's love for Cassie, but she's still deeply in love with Adam. Way to go, dad! What was funny was that until this episode, I never bought that Adam and Cassie were in love. I was not on board. It seemed there were generational forces in action that made it unreal.

In the end, that is exactly what John did. The Secret Circle quotes had some heart crunchers this week, too.

I just didn't expect Cassie to end up alone. Whereas I earlier thought that maybe their love would work together to control her dark magic, I'm even more concerned about Cassie's dark magic being alone. John didn't think it through. He told Dawn his magic was weak. He better keep his act up as loving father or he may find himself fighting Cassie, who was in great pain and possessed with strong magic. Actually, I'd like to see that happen.

Additionally, I would like to withdraw my invitation for Faye to find John interesting upon her 18th birthday. She could do much better than him. I knew Faye wouldn't just let Eva get away with ripping Lee out of her hands, but the look on Faye's face when she saw the state he was in pained me.

She was hurt that he was dead and genuinely freaked that Eva was using her own magic against her, demanding she bring Lee back to life. I don't think Faye could have imagined her own powers were that strong if she hadn't seen them in action through Eva. So while we didn't lose Jake, it was confirmed that Lee was a permanent Raisinette and gone for good.

The playing board for the end of the season is wide open. I have no idea what to expect. I hope the circle grows closer, that someone in the circle figures what John is up to and that the kids get some payback for being strung along all their lives. Their parents didn't much enjoy being puppets of when they were younger, but they don't seem to have a problem dropping that same crap onto their own children.

It would be kind of awesome to see season two be the younger versus the older generations in a quest for freedom to live as they please. What do you think?


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I dnt lyk adam nd cassie together. I kinda hate her for destroyn adam nd diana relationship......lolz. But d story is pretty wesum. Luv it


gosh!! im so in love with cadam! jus as im in love with stelena n john thats one heck of a dad.....that point when cassie breaks down afta realizin she luv'd adam and yet the feeling is nt mutual!! it med mi wana cry!!


I am all for Adam!!!I don’t understand this great fascination with Jake!! And Jake and Cassie….are the people of today filled with more darkness than light?? Broke my heart to see Adam and Cassie apart, I feel that Adam will always be the choice for Cassie, and loved them together. The show has become more addictive now, as I am curious as to how Adam and Cassie will find their back to each other.. I think it’s about time the current circle find out more about their parents circle.. (and what really went on between Amelia, Ethan and Mr Blackwell)as John blames them for what happened on the boat !!


Let's bring Grey Damon back please !!!!! I didn't like the way Faye found out that Lee was dead, it looked like she didn't that much.


So sad that Lee is truly dead. I really liked him and him and Faye together. I agree that Eva should have remained evil for a little longer. John still has magic and the curse was fake. Wow, didn't see that one coming. I couldn't help cheering up (and my boyfriend too) when Cassie and Adam were done. Yes, I know they're destined and they'll get back together at some point... but they're relationship is bringing this show down. They bore the hell out of me. Cassie with dark magic is far more interesting. I hope they'll focus more on magic, and some children/parent confrontations in the next episodes. Please no "written in the stars" lame love story for a little while.


I didn't realize they were quite so deeply in "love" either, but my heart wrenched for Cassie nonetheless...
I am a bit bewildered on why the writers chose to give up on the Eva storyline so quickly and I think they should have allowed Faye more time to develop her feelings for Lee so she could get proper revenge on Eva.
John is evil, line with the books. But what happened to reminding the viewers that Cassie isn't the only child of Blackwell? They should bring that up again, as I'm sure it will be a plot point somewhere down the line. For the record, I believe Faye is his daughter, based entirely on having read the books years ago. In the books, Faye becomes a "right hand man" for John Blackwell.
I am not certain I understand why John Blackwell is trying to keep Cassie and Adam apart. He eluded to Amelia and Ethan's love affecting the parent circle, but that went unexplained.
It was a pretty decent episode but I am starting to find myself confused and in need of deeper explanations. The writers need to take more time to explore storylines and characters before jumping to something new. Otherwise, the show will "jump the shark" before Season 2.


I may be wrong but I kinda got the impression that Melissa was developing a crush for John. If I'm right, Melissa really needs to stop falling for the bad boy type.


Oh. My. Gosh.
I literally cried during this episode 17.
Adam and Cassie might not be perfect for people, and for others Jake and Cassie might not be perfect either. I'm all for Adam and Cassie. They were truely in love, and Cassie still is. And how did all this happen? Um, hello?! Have you been watching the episodes? They've loved each other ever since the start--ever since they laid eyes upon each other. But at the time, Adam was also in love with Diana. But she's the past, forget that. I really think Jake is cool, but not for Cassie. He kept interrupting what Cassie felt for Adam, that wasn't right. He seems selfish to me, I mean I love him too. Not for Cassie though. Adam and Cassie are destined to be together, written in the stars. Can't the directors let them be happy together? But I don't disagree with anything, though. It's just I loved them together, but Cassie being hurt and still in love with Adam tore me up. Please do a miracle, please! Cassie and Adam are meant to be. & Jake should probably fall for Diana, so everyone can be happy.


Sooo happy Cassie & Adam aren't together! Go Cassie & Jake!!!


Well, for what its worth. Adam and cassie broke up,yipeeeeeee. She shared her heart with jake few seasons back and suddenly she is in love with Adam...very annoying.Love blackwell

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