The Vampire Diaries "1912" Teaser: Injustice Served

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Aside from learning that the Original Witch will return later this season to The Vampire Diaries, and aside from watching Paul Wesley squirm over talk of Matt Davis kissing his wife on set, attendees at Saturday night's TVD PaleyFest panel were treated to a screening of this week's new episode, "1912."

Yes, it will take fans back to the early 20th century and introduce Cassidy Freeman as a blood sucker named Sage.

But - for the first of four upcoming teases that we'll post each day leading up to the actual airing of the installment - we're focusing on a development from the present day.

What can TVD lovers expect from a shocking episode that brings Damon and Stefan closer together, while advancing at least one major plot?

HINT #1: Someone will spend time in jail.

Deservedly so? For how long? For what reason? Take your best guess now and remember Julie Plec's request to not compromise the "circle of trust," those who were in the PaleyFest audience: please do not spoil the answer/episode for everyone else.

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David and sabrina 2014

This original witch doesn't interest me when I should know more about the end of season 3 and if the mysteries will be solved. All the villians should get lost from ruining the show and I can't wait to see what else will happen. =O =0


LOL, Sasha! Do you read Price Peterson's picture re-caps?


Has anyOne considered that Meredith might b the one going to jail? She did shoot Alaric...

Jess gannon

Damon in the 1900's *swoon*


Alaric for sure.


Can't wait to see Cassidy Freeman back, I loved her on Smallville.


Alaric will spend time in jail...

L stefan

actual jail?! or just the Salvatore 'jail'/basement?


Wait, Mystic Falls has a jail? Shocking! I feel like they would only use it to store dry goods because the main offenders are vampires/hybrids/werewolves whom the police either don't catch or kill before they get back to the station to book them.


Alaric will be in jail.

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