The Vampire Diaries Cast Interviews: Red Carpet Scoop!

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Prior to an engaging, entertaining, revealing Vampire Diaries panel at PaleyFest, TV Fanatic was on the red carpet of this annual event, chatting up various members of the show's cast.

What did we gather from Matt Davis, Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Candice Accola, Ian Somerhalder and Executive Producer Julie Plec? Watch the following video interviews to learn...

... what title Davis would green light for an Alaric/Damon spinoff, as well as what kind of consequences the former may suffer as the result of his ring:

... why Dobrev considers Stefan's hair to be a negative attribute, and why - thanks to the aid of a TV Fanatic pros/cons list - she understands Elena's difficulty in choosing between brothers:

... whether Accola will sing again on the and whether Tyler will return to make everything right in the world of Forwood:

... what this Thursday's new episode will reveal about Stefan and how Wesley views his character's dark side:

... who the heck this Sage person is and why she's so integral to Damon:

... why Plec and fellow producers chose to expand the Original family (hint: you can thank Daniel Gillies) and whether any more villains are on the way this season:

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i am a guy and i love this showwhen i first saw this im like wow prob some stpuid twilight thing and once during the airing of the the second episode of the season i was channel surfing and decided to give this show a chance and i loved iteach episode is like a season finale and it kept me wanting to watch more of iti went on my computer and i watched the rest of season two and the whole season 1i got my friends hooked to and they cant stop watching it too


Details on The Vampire Dairies Panel Big news for any VD fans! Blast Magazine recently leraned that the Vampirec2a0Dairiesc2a0panel at this year's con will have many of the major stars. Cast members in attendance will be: Nina Dobrev Ian Somerhalder Paul Wesley Michael Trevino Matt Davis Julie Plec Kevin Williamson This might not be every star, but having the three main cast members is enough to please most of the fans.c2a0Though the location and time are still unknown, the panel is confirmed for Saturday and Ballroom 20 is the likely spot. (Source: Blast)

David and sabrina 2014

Besides learning about the casts' inside scoop,I want to know if things will be fixed right for the end of season 3. I can't to find out more. =O =0

Matt richenthal

@JDW and @person who somehow claims I'm racist: We tried to get Kat, and she really did want to give us a moment -- but her publicist rushed her off to the panel. Next time!


Please post the Kat Graham interview.


seriously? no interview with kat? just because she is a coloured woman? stupid white folks


did Nina just drop the list on the floor?!




Where's interview of Kat????


Candice and Paul are awesome!

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