The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Break on Through"

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What did you think of Sage's return? Abby's exit? Meredith's taste in condiments?

In the latest edition of Vampire Diaries Round Table, staff members Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger take a long, hard look at these key elements and more from "Break on Through." Gather around and join us now!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Call me cheesy, and call me mistaken, Delena lovers... but I enjoyed Elena and Stefan teaming up to save Meredith, with the latter coming-oh-so-close to going full Ripper, until looking at his one true love and taking on the hero route instead.

Steve: Gotta call it a tie between Elena's phone call to Jeremy and Alaric's attempt to kill Meredith. Not because I wish the pretty doctor to be Felled (booo!) anytime soon but because Matt Davis unleashing his dark side is awesome, and that scene was both unexpected and legitimately frightening.

Eric: Agreed with Steve on his second choice. Absolutely seeing the dark side of 'Ric. I didn't think Matt Davis, who's been playing the nice guy so well, would pull it off. But the second he went through that MRI and was looking at a different man in the reflection? I was sold.

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

Should Bonnie have forgiven Elena so easily?
Matt: No. The Bonner let Elena off the hook way too quickly here. Even if her intentions are typically pure, Elena is responsible for some seriously messed up stuff in Mystic Falls and her only consequences seem to be having to choose between two gorgeous vampires. Bonnie could have at least made Elena do her laundry for a month or something. 

Steve: Sure, fine. But when are she and Jamie going to get together, that's what I want to know.

Eric: It's Bon Bon. The girl forgave her mother for abandoning her.

Least believable: That Rebekah would jump back into bed with Damon, that Caroline would let a new vampire just get up and leave, that Meredith dislikes mustard or that anyone would love Finn?
Matt: Caroline was so wrapped up in the emotion of her exchange with Abby that she failed to think practically. Who cares that Bonnie's mom wanted to leave again? She's a new, untrained vampire! She won't be able to help wreaking some major havoc. Everyone's favorite cheerleader should have been A LOT more forceful.

Steve: Hmmm. Just because Finn is the least interesting and most morose of the Originals doesn't mean a woman couldn't find him attractive in the early 12th Century. Beks getting back in the sack with Damon makes sense to any female who has seen Damon. Mer's dislike of mustard is odd, to be sure, but you can't consider a food preference a plot hole. That leaves Caroline, by process of elimination. Did seem out of character.

Eric: I don't want to imagine a world without mustard. That's scarier than one with vampire, werewolves, ghosts, witches and serial killing Alarics.

Make like Len Goodman. Critique Damon as a dancer.
Matt: He was a little pitchy... wait, wrong show. The guy clearly has some rhythm, but he wasn't really in sync with Sage. You and your partner need to be like one. Can't go higher than a 7 here.

Steve: AMAZING! EPIC! MAH-VELOUS! Sorry, I chose to make like Bruno Tonioli instead.

Eric: How about I critique him for his gratuitous towel scenes this week? This is me making like Len Goodman and holding up a "10" sign. That's what he does, right?

Most likely fate for Alaric: Death, jail or freedom from his curse?
Matt: I hate to say it, but I'm already preparing the eulogy. On the plus side, Alaric will still be able to return for one totally pointless episode down the line.

Steve: Option A. I hope I'm wrong for the sake of my favorite character, but I have a hunch Ric's going down in spectacular fashion.

Eric: Wait, do people actually go to jail in Mystic falls? I don't think they're going to kill Ric. After all, you can't write the amazing Matt Davis out of your show for good. Who knows how Cult will do?

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but why is sage so funny looking?


1) I loved the scenes mentioned by Steve, Matt and Eric but my favorite scene are Damon's scenes.
2) I think it's ok after all her mother is still alive.
3) I agree with Matt and Steve.
4) I've enjoyed that scene.
5) I would love the 3rd option.

Strawberry fields

Favourite scene - a toss-up between Alaric going crazy and Damon showing Stefan the Wickery Bridge sign. Hell yes! Let's kill some Originals! Except… It would be great if Klaus wasn't killed off. So... no, let's not kill them. It’s not just Bonnie, everyone forgives Elena way too easily. I know it's not exactly her fault that she's on top of everyone's hit list, but still. Every mess always starts with her. Least believable - I'm sorry Caroline. Getting in bed with Damon always makes sense, just look at the guy. Personally I couldn't live without mustard, but I always knew Meredith was crazy. All of the Originals are charming, I'm sure Finn is too. Even if he has a death wish. Caroline on the other hand… well, that wasn't her best moment. I mean, the speach was beautiful and all, but letting the new vampire just walk out? Not a good idea. Alaric's fate - please please please, do not let him die! He's the coolest parent we have. And he's Damon's best friend. He can't die. Ever.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I am sorry but Bonnie forgiving ELena out of nowhere is this season's "Moon stone in the soap dish" moment. Utterly unbelievable, utterly forced and utterly bad writing that should have remained in fanfics.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

That Rebekah would jump back into bed with Damon, that Caroline would let a new vampire just get up and leave, that Meredith dislikes mustard or that anyone would love Finn?
FranklY all of them were just hilariously bad writing, and this show is anything but certainly IS NOT believable now. However all of those are topped bY Bonnie just outright forgiving Elena. Most likely fate for Alaric: Death, jail or freedom from his curse?
Don't care. Sad, since he IS one of more likeable characters who only gets to be a moron for a few seconds per season, unlike everyone else who have made "being a clueless moron" into their full 24 hour jobs. The show just lost itself in dozens of pointless characters that it drowned out any interest in the main cast already.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Alaric's psycho moment. As much as I despise this trainwreck of storyline and as much as I dislike the actor for his utterly hurtful comments towards bonnie's fanbase, he was great there. Its sad he did not get to actually BE Klaus all the time after S2 and instead we got the current...."homebuilder puppylover" klaus. Should Bonnie have forgiven Elena so easily?
Without a doubt NO NO NO AND NO. The show just made ELena even bigger Mary Sue. Elena now is official Bella Swan of this show. This had so much potential of exploring Elena's fault and how she HURTS people close to her, but of course according to show Elena is perfect....vomit.


1. The scene at the end when Damon shows Stefan the wickery bridge sign. I love it when a twist comes together. 2. As much as I disliked Elena this season, they need to be friends. But I also feel Bonnie won't be so quick to choose Elena's life over someone else. I hope that the writers give her this ability to save the right person and not just Elena time after time. And from the promo it seems that she will be helping Klaus with his problem. 3. None of those stupid plot devices are really believable. Maybe that Rebekah is so pathetic she would sleep with Damon just so she doesn't have to be alone. 4. 3 outta 10. Sloppy, bad timing and too many lifts. LOL. I forwarded through that. 5. I think either he dies or is put away. Matt has already been cast in another show, doesn't mean that the show will get picked up but the writers would have told him that he could be around for season 4. I think that the herbs won't stop him completely and he will kill Meredith by the seasons end and then he will either die by someone else's hand or be put in an insane asylum by Elena.


Nikita is the best Show on the Cw for me.Sad because VD was always first place in my mind before hand


Loved Elena and Jeremy, miss him. Don't like Sage, she and originals can all go away. Aleric...stay and get another nice girlfriend and go back to your friendship/hate relationship with Damon. Bring back Katherine to shape things up. Love the hate between Katherine and Elena...makes the the show more interesting; never know what will happen. Love when they all get together. She's so snarky lol. Watched it twice last night, didn't notice the "mustard" thing....but I could live without it forever, myself. Could not live without the Vamps, well I suppose I could, but don't want to lol. Keep up the good work all!!!!!!


Caroline was as verbally forceful as possible. Was she supposed to knock out Abby to keep her from leaving? That would be ridiculous!

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