The Vampire Diaries Spoiler Pics: Red Alert!

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The CW has issued a red alert and, possibly, a death alert.

In just-released photos from "Break on Through," the March 22 episode of The Vampire Diaries, we see Sage in present day. What is the redhead doing in Mystic Falls? Aside from seeming to seduce Damon?

According to the network's official synopsis, she will help her former flame learn more about Rebekah and her plans. Via a few bottles of wine, apparently.

What else is revealed in the following photos? Only the possible death of a recurring character. Click around below to see what we mean and react now to the scenes ahead...

Sage in Modern Times
Rebekah and Sage
Staring at Sage
Hands to Face
A Sage Stare
A Returning Sage
Break on Through Scene
Comforted by Damon
A Doctor's Death?
Elena and Stefan Photograph

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David and sabrina 2014

Things are about to become big for the next episode now that they revealed the murder being Samantha Gilbert. With those mysterious rings they wear,it's gotten Alaric out of control as much as Samantha is a crazy one too. Who knows if those rings and themselves can be stopped but we'll have to find out in next week's episode. =O ;0


i agree with amie,since when is elena friend's with Dr.fell?


It looks good.

Jess gannon

Meredith is not dead yet, the actress unfortunately said she was still filming!
I'm calling sage out as the mystic falls murderer, at the very least she knows who it is!!!!


Well, this episode will be the first episode Paul and his wife will have screen time together.


I already like this Sage person :) My guess is Damon sees Sage as a friend, and maybe is playing along to figure out what she wants/whys she's there. I bet it involves the new tree that can kill the originals, and he's attempting to seduce Rebekah to find out where it is?
When he finds out he'll tell Stefan about it, like it says in the synospis, the 'friend in need' thing is painfully obvious. I don't think Elena thinks of Meredith as a friend though. I just think that she doesn't want Alaric to lose another girlfriend :/


I hope that the next to die is Meredith sorry but do not like her at all and I hope Sage does help Damon find out what Rebecca is up too?


These are just my opinions:
1) I don't trust Sage even that she has come out with a plan to help Damon figure out Rebekah's plan.
2) Knowing that Damon is the best at being devious I'm pretty much sure that he's trying to put his plan on action to find out what Rebekah is up to and not into having a romantic relation with her.
3) I hope that Stefan get over his struggles and get his humanity back.
PS: It's sarcastic to see Damon surrounded by women that he doesn't love while the woman that he loves is far away from him. :(


@Kol, hopefully!


why do I think Sage compelled Mer to kill all this guys! ??

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