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The Vampire Diaries Spoiler Pics: Red Alert!

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The CW has issued a red alert and, possibly, a death alert.

In just-released photos from "Break on Through," the March 22 episode of The Vampire Diaries, we see Sage in present day. What is the redhead doing in Mystic Falls? Aside from seeming to seduce Damon?

According to the network's official synopsis, she will help her former flame learn more about Rebekah and her plans. Via a few bottles of wine, apparently.

What else is revealed in the following photos? Only the possible death of a recurring character. Click around below to see what we mean and react now to the scenes ahead...

Sage in Modern Times
  • Rebekah and Sage
  • Staring at Sage
  • Hands to Face
  • A Sage Stare
  • A Returning Sage
  • Break on Through Scene
  • Comforted by Damon
  • A Doctor's Death?
  • Elena and Stefan Photograph

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Finally, a lover of Damon who was not a lover of Stefan.


Wait a second, so Elena is asking Stefan to help out with a friend, right? But since when is Elena friend's with Meredith? Did I miss something? And that whole scene with Damon dancing and spinning Sage around...please she looks like Rose! But please can Meredith die already, I can not stand THAT portraying a great book character...


I think Stefan turns Dr.Fell!


So looking forward to the March 15!!
From the photos it looks like Meredith is the next victim of the Mystic Falls murderer. However the photo can be deceiving, I still think she is bad news


Also of course ELena cares for random psycho melissa. Elena cares about everyone obviously, she is such a caring thing that converses with animals and wishes for a world peace with her entire mary sue heart. meh *vomit*


Well of course freaking melissa won't die its TVD no one die (GTFO OUT OF THIS SHOW MELISSA, YOU ARE NOT MEREDITH). Otherwise nothing too interesting in screencaps. I guess its time to hype up the next "omg awesome villain" since they already ran any villain potential Klaus had into the ground. Its that time of the season anyway, where a flashback introduces a next villain (S1 Katherine got introduced that way and appeared, S2 Klaus, now age). Predictable TVD is predictable.


though Damon is probably only using Rebekah to find out where the new tree :((( poor Rebekah!!!


In the description of the episode it says that Elena asks Stefan to save a friend which from the photos I assume is to save Meredith, so I dont think she dies...does that imply that she is not the murderer in Mystic Falls? Love the Damon & Rebekah interaction!!