Adam Baldwin on Castle: First Look!

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He's gonna be playing Detective Slaughter, and his name pretty much wraps it all up.

So Nathan Fillion told me at PaleyFest a few weeks ago, previewing the April 16 episode of Castle in which former Firefly pal Adam Baldwin stops by as someone who "can't be charmed" by our favorite author.

But you can bet Castle is sure gonna try, as he attempts to distance himself from Beckett and tags along with this new detective on a case involving local gangs on the upcoming "Headhunters." Check out the official ABC promo now and then click through a series of photos from it below:

Adam Baldwin as Detective Slaughter
Adam Baldwin on Castle
Tension Between Partners
Ready to Brawl
Headhunters Scene
Caskett at Work
Detective Ethan Slaughter
Castle and Detective Slaughter

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I'm a huge Adam Baldwin fan... hope he shows up again next season! And YES, I've always appreciated that Marlowe is open to the occasional Firefly reference.


I love the t.v. show Castle , I watch it every Monday night !!! I love watching Castle and Beckett together , its like fire and Ice !!!!! They should stop their petty arguments , and Castle and BECKETT should admit their feelings to each other !!!! Castle and Beckett please hookup finally !!!!!!!


you wonder if there will be any references?! i will be sorely disappointed if there aren't.


Off topoic a little bit. If anyone watched Missing this week, did you notice the book review was by Richard Castle. I wonder if there will be any Firefly references between Nathan and Adam, can't wait to find out.


LOL...Chuck is one of my favourite shows ever...but Firefly ruled. "The hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne..."


ummmmm dare i mention the best show ever aka CHUCK?!?!?!? so excited for this episode


Come on people! Have more faith in Marlowe. He has given us a beautiful love story and has said that they will be together. Imagine what it will be like when they both think they have lost what they cherish the most only to find out they haven't. I believe that Marlowe will not disappoint.


ugh!! What are you doing? Without the Beckett/Castle interactions you should get Kate and Colin together on their own show and leave Richard Castle to the men dominated crap that's already too frequent on TV. Beckett and Castle's connection was loving and respectful before. Now all I see is another ego centered man unable to humble himself in the presence of a great woman. He's revealed to be an immature jerk not worthy of Beckett anymore. Too bad it's not titled "Beckett".


i think this is the episode where castle and beckett get together

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