Castle Clips: Beckett vs. Slaughter

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Adam Baldwin guest stars on this Monday's new episode of Castle - and while that may be exciting news for fans of Firefly or Chuck, it's less than thrilling for Kate Beckett.

That's because she gets the feeling on "Headhunters" that she's being replaced by Baldwin's Detective Slaughter, a feeling Rick doesn't do a lot to discourage, not when he's still recovering from Beckett's lie over what she heard him say on last season's finale.

Check out two clips from the upcoming episode and then continue to look ahead via these Castle photos, which depict our favorite duo tracking down some seriously unusual (undead?) suspects...

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ilk so that the visitors haven’t got to secarh for the shops immediately. We collect together a lot of brochures, maps etc about local attractions and then just leave a minimal list of instructions about how to turn on the stove timer etc


Castle is my favorite show and absolutely love Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic who have such sexual tension between themselves on the show. Baldwin is always playing rather odd or mean people and in this Castle I wanted to give him a hard one on the mouth. Keep the tension between the two but let them be just more loving with a bit of hugging and a kiss or two now and again to let it be known that they actually do love each other.


Baldwin played evil corporate attorney Marcus in Joss Whedon's Angel. But yeah, he is typecast a lot.


bloody hell beckett, just tell him you love him! ARGH. Lol, adam baldwin always plays exactly the same character, but every time he's awesome.

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