Army Wives Review: Regrets

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Life is getting back to normal at Fort Marshall, as everyone dealt with issues created created either before they left or while they were away on "After Action Report."

She just crept up on me
If Jackie turned to popping pills when Kevin said no to a weekend in Savannah, how many do you think she took when he was away in Africa? I'm surprised she didn't overdose. It was nice to learn she might just be a normal Army wife under that tough exterior after all.

Don't be shocked, but I find I actually feel for Jackie. Yes, wanting to strangle her earlier in the season to caring about her well-being is a pretty big step. I can't even figure out how it happened, she just slowly crept up on me and I don't dislike her any longer. What are you guys feeling about her now? That's some darn good writing, in my opinion. The way Kevin used her as a personal assistant and barely recognized her otherwise definitely helped the cause.

One thing is certain, the Clarks are an enigma. They definitely keep me guessing from one moment to the next.

Roland & Joan At Dinner

Don't ask don't tell
It was an interesting route to take for the show to examine the rescinding of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" from the part of females versus males. I've never heard of any issues with gay females in the military, but the show is about Army wives so I can live with that decision.

All of that said, with as cautious as Nicole was about her situation in the military, to see her and Charlie walking out of the Burtons holding hands and kissing in the street seemed very quick. While she just had a near death experience and they did quickly kiss hello when the troops got home, it was hard to believe she would just completely throw caution to the wind like that.

Were you as surprised as I was at General Clark's reaction to the "news" that she was gay? Like I said, an enigma. He didn't react as I expected, and that kept me guessing. I'm definitely enjoying that aspect of the Clarks' intersection with the lives of soldiers on Fort Marshall.

Why does it have to start so hostile?
We all knew Tanya was going to get her groove on with Hanson, but why did he have to be such an ass to start? Sometimes the typical romantic novel beginning to a romance is more annoying than it is appealing, and Hanson treating Tanya like crap didn't exactly make me want to root for their future together. Do you still like the idea of them together?

Frank was having a really hard time letting go of the fact he had to leave a female civilian and a building full of orphans behind during their mission to Africa. Who could blame him? With his own wife and daughter at home, the fate of those they abandoned were staring at him from every angle. He asked Nicole to keep him updated if she heard any news, but that's not how he discovered what became of them.

I had to wonder if the 32nd Airborne would have heard before the news organizations, but in this world of immediate coverage it's entirely possible they wouldn't have. Kevin was getting accolades for his triumphant mission. Will they continue now that Rachel, the woman from the orphanage, and some of the children escaped and told the tale of the brigade leaving them to fend for themselves? I mentioned in my Army Wives review last week that following those orders and calling it successful would be difficult to do.

Imagine what it would sound like to us, regular civilians, to hear that's what the military calls a success. Frankly, we wouldn't be on the same page as the military. Not to say their decision was wrong, but we don't understand what it's like to play the role of the world's police. That's why it's such an impossible one to win. Career wise, it would seem General Clark will pay dearly, and emotionally Frank may need some help reconciling what he did. I've always wondered about situations such as those, so I'm looking forward to seeing it play out.

Did this episode feel more like the old Army Wives to you? It did to me, and it was a welcome relief. There still isn't a lot of focus on our core friendships, but at least the heart of the stories are there and true to what we have come to expect. Don't forget to check out the Army Wives quotes and post your own opinions on this week's episode in the comments!


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I just saw this. I was in basic training in the army for a year due to an injury and med boarded out. I wanted to comment on your fact about gays males vs females. This was before don't ask was abolished. THere were a lot of females who were caught and kicked out of training, and no males that I remember. Also, there were two girls, who was caught, and spent 6 months in the leave barracks fighting the case. They ended up being allowed to finish training and continue on since the policy was supposed to be abolished back then.


Big Big mistake taking Kim Delaney off the show.And Pamela & Roxy.Why not have them in guest appearances,and still bring in your new crew.Why do all these shows kill off the people that made the show, what is was? I faithfully watched this show & have never missed one episode.The writers,producers & editors of these shows are all the same, so predicable.I don't think Am gonna watch it anymore, you all made a wrong decision.Stay focused on what made the show.Bring Kim D back!!!!!! Thank You.


Bad enough you got rid of Sally Pressman, but now Kim Delaney? Have lost interest and will not continue sad!


Loved Kim Delaney in Army Wives. Big mistake killing her off of the show, she was the show. I probably wont watch the show anymore!


Kim Delaney was great in the show. Its not going to be the same with out her. I probably wont watch it anymore!!! She was the show!!


Tee, so the gays make you so uncomfortable. TOO fricking bad.... Im so sick of people like you judging everyone and thinking you're better than others. Im sick too death of judgemental so called Christians trying to act like they are God. God loves everyone, he made all of us. If you are uncomfortable with that perhaps you should re-examine your idea of Christianity.


I'm about to bail on this show, which used to be my favorite. First of all, the concept of a General's wife and the wife of a private or sergeant being BFF's is a bit over the top, but ok...I went along with it. Pamela and Roxie were my favorite characters, and now it looks like they'll both be gone. We lost Pam last season and now Roxie and her family to WA. Claudia Joy touring with the First Lady is ridiculous! How long is that dam tour??? In real life, I think Kim Delaney must be in some sort of extended rehab, so, essentially, we've lost her. Unlike many of you, I'm not too crazy about Gloria from New Yawk, and the gay couple drive me nuts...not cuz they're gay, but I'm just tired of all the new characters being introduced, with all their problems. And then there's David's bio dad...this has just turned into a huge soap opera! I liked the original concept and sadly, it has strayed from that...BIG TIME! I will watch tonight's final episode to see what happens and what kind of cliff hanger they'll give us, but don't know if I'll continue to waste my time next season. Wish they'd do a spin off of Pamela and Roxie, but SF and WA are too far apart geographically to make that happen.


Kim Delaney is not in rehab. She is doing great! I hope Lifetime requests another season of the show so we can continue enjoying the cast and crew in Charleston, SC. Take care everyone!


I love army wives. Are you bringing Kim Delaney back on the show?? I miss her.


By he way. Why is'nt Roland dressed in a white tux in the beginning of the show with the women in white instead of Joan. He was part of their circle not her.

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Army Wives Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Denise: How do you want your eggs Colonel?
Frank: Lookin' at me mam.

Joan: I do know a lot of officers who think gays undermine the war effort. I work for one.
Roland: What?
Joan: Oh yeah. A couple years ago, General Clark spoke out about lifting the ban.