Army Wives Review: Regrets

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Life is getting back to normal at Fort Marshall, as everyone dealt with issues created created either before they left or while they were away on "After Action Report."

She just crept up on me
If Jackie turned to popping pills when Kevin said no to a weekend in Savannah, how many do you think she took when he was away in Africa? I'm surprised she didn't overdose. It was nice to learn she might just be a normal Army wife under that tough exterior after all.

Don't be shocked, but I find I actually feel for Jackie. Yes, wanting to strangle her earlier in the season to caring about her well-being is a pretty big step. I can't even figure out how it happened, she just slowly crept up on me and I don't dislike her any longer. What are you guys feeling about her now? That's some darn good writing, in my opinion. The way Kevin used her as a personal assistant and barely recognized her otherwise definitely helped the cause.

One thing is certain, the Clarks are an enigma. They definitely keep me guessing from one moment to the next.

Roland & Joan At Dinner

Don't ask don't tell
It was an interesting route to take for the show to examine the rescinding of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" from the part of females versus males. I've never heard of any issues with gay females in the military, but the show is about Army wives so I can live with that decision.

All of that said, with as cautious as Nicole was about her situation in the military, to see her and Charlie walking out of the Burtons holding hands and kissing in the street seemed very quick. While she just had a near death experience and they did quickly kiss hello when the troops got home, it was hard to believe she would just completely throw caution to the wind like that.

Were you as surprised as I was at General Clark's reaction to the "news" that she was gay? Like I said, an enigma. He didn't react as I expected, and that kept me guessing. I'm definitely enjoying that aspect of the Clarks' intersection with the lives of soldiers on Fort Marshall.

Why does it have to start so hostile?
We all knew Tanya was going to get her groove on with Hanson, but why did he have to be such an ass to start? Sometimes the typical romantic novel beginning to a romance is more annoying than it is appealing, and Hanson treating Tanya like crap didn't exactly make me want to root for their future together. Do you still like the idea of them together?

Frank was having a really hard time letting go of the fact he had to leave a female civilian and a building full of orphans behind during their mission to Africa. Who could blame him? With his own wife and daughter at home, the fate of those they abandoned were staring at him from every angle. He asked Nicole to keep him updated if she heard any news, but that's not how he discovered what became of them.

I had to wonder if the 32nd Airborne would have heard before the news organizations, but in this world of immediate coverage it's entirely possible they wouldn't have. Kevin was getting accolades for his triumphant mission. Will they continue now that Rachel, the woman from the orphanage, and some of the children escaped and told the tale of the brigade leaving them to fend for themselves? I mentioned in my Army Wives review last week that following those orders and calling it successful would be difficult to do.

Imagine what it would sound like to us, regular civilians, to hear that's what the military calls a success. Frankly, we wouldn't be on the same page as the military. Not to say their decision was wrong, but we don't understand what it's like to play the role of the world's police. That's why it's such an impossible one to win. Career wise, it would seem General Clark will pay dearly, and emotionally Frank may need some help reconciling what he did. I've always wondered about situations such as those, so I'm looking forward to seeing it play out.

Did this episode feel more like the old Army Wives to you? It did to me, and it was a welcome relief. There still isn't a lot of focus on our core friendships, but at least the heart of the stories are there and true to what we have come to expect. Don't forget to check out the Army Wives quotes and post your own opinions on this week's episode in the comments!


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I just started watching Army Wives and have watched all the past seasons on Netflix. I have a whole new respect for the women and families left behind when their loved ones are deployed. The show has opened my eyes to military life. I also like the way the soldires are portrayed as family men and women with compassion for their spouses and children and not just stoic military. That also is a misconception. The loyalty to gays in the militay is another plus for the show. Backs were'nt turned on Kelly Martin's character after her bravery because she is gay. I don't know why the show was'nt more recgonized for the writing and acting. My hat goes off to the writers.


I think that Kim Delaney is probably in rehab. I really think they need to play this into the role if that is what is going on. It does not make her a bad person but it would help her followers understand that this is a normal part of life of an actor/person. We love Kim and want her back on. I love love love Gloria BRING HER BACK.........I am getting nervous about the sighting of Michael at the restaurant with the other woman. I hope this never goes off the air.


I love Army Wives, but I agree that it is beginning to look like a totally different show. I loved Gloria in the show, I thought that was a good addition after Pamela left. And now SHE is gone? Is everybody gonna go? Is the show over? If Kim (Claudia Joy) has left the show why didn't they phase her our while they had her? On the other hand, maybe she is on maternity leave or something? I don't know, the whole thing is being kept very hush hush. My take on it is that now that Jackie's husband, General Clark is paralyzed, he is going to commit suicide or die in an accident trying to get his legs to work and in the season finale we will be told that Claudia Joy is dead. Eventually, Jackie and Michael will get together. I couldn't stand her either when she first came on the show, but I do like her now. She is like a regular woman, not a model or a cover girl. No offense, she is a very pretty woman, but I don't think the soldiers would put pix of her up on their walls!


It's too bad that folks can't get past the gay couple on A/W. It's a part of life, people...get over it. I have gay friends who have been in relatisonships for 30 years or more, far longer than I and many of my friends who were in heterosexual marriages. As far as Kim Delaney, I don't understand what happened to her. No explanation seems forthcoming on any of the associated informational sites for A/W. This business of her allegedy traveling w/ the First Lady is a little lame. I love Roland! He is just the kind of man I would want to be married to.


I agree that Army Wives in nothing like it was when it first began airing. Claudia Joy going to stay with her parents was nonsense. We all know Michael would insist she be there with him so he can keep an eye on her. I am also tired of homosexual relationships on every TV show you watch these days. Makes me very uncomfortable to watch. My interest in the show is waning.


I have watched Army Wives faithfully because of the characters and their families - it has totally changed course and is barely recognizeable. I miss the show. It all started going downhill when Pamela left. It was my favorite show on TV. Couldn't wait for Sunday night to watch and now I'm not even looking forward to it. I may or may not watch tonight.


It did feel like the old Army Wives, but I miss Pamela so much! The show is not the same without her.


I am far from politically correct, but can we please not bring bigotry to the table in the comments here? If you don't like a character's motivations, fine, but let's try to stick to story, writing and acting, please. Thank you!


Good episode. As for including a lesbian relationship in the series, that doesn't bother me in the slightest. I hope that one day, depicting gays and lesbians in loving relationships on TV is looked at no differently than seeing characters play a heterosexual couple. I had a feeling leaving those kids behind at the orphanage was going to weigh heavy on some of the soldiers involved. Being good soldiers does not mean you aren't human. And judging from the previews, it sounds like the reporters, politicians, etc. are not going to be too understanding about the military's actions (or non-action). We all know the public outcry that has often ocurred when the explanation of "We were just following orders" has been given for why a disasterous event occurred. Is Kim Delaney leaving Army Wives? That whole sub-plot about her going off to stay with her parents for awhile seemed a little contrived. I can't help but wonder if it has anything to do with the incoherent speech she gave last September at the Libery Award ceremony. I hope not.


I loved this episode. Gloria is a great addition to the cast, and we know that her husband is not going to like her going to work, especially for Roxy. But it will be so good for Gloria. I love Kelly Williams, she is perfect in that part. General Clark seemed hold her responsible for his career track, but she was not in Africa when he left all those kids behind. Is ClaudiaJoy coming home, or has she left the show. She has to get back and save the day for Mrs. Clark. As for our Lesbian couple, I can see that the trauma of Africa could help to move things along. I love Kellie Martin. I still like the show. If this is the last year, I will be so sad to see it go.

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Army Wives Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Denise: How do you want your eggs Colonel?
Frank: Lookin' at me mam.

Joan: I do know a lot of officers who think gays undermine the war effort. I work for one.
Roland: What?
Joan: Oh yeah. A couple years ago, General Clark spoke out about lifting the ban.