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With daycare, organic wipes, dead bodies, extreme couponing and new romances involved, you knew it would be another fun-filled forensic hour on Bones this week with "The Bump in the Road."

I had a feeling the episode was going to be good the minute it started with Booth holding Christine while Brennan packed her baby bag for daycare. If there's one thing I like more than seeing Brennan pregnant with Booth fussing over her, it's seeing these two as parents.

How funny was it to find out what lengths Booth and Brennan had gone to to make sure Christine was in good hands? Booth used the FBI database to request the daycare directors transcripts, while Brennan practically blackmailed her into sending a photo of Christine every half hour!

Booth, Brennan on the Case

Perhaps my favorite scenes were the ones in which some member of the Jeffersonian team commented on how beautiful their daughter was, and Brennan constantly asserted that she was going to be beautiful and smart when she was older, and Booth, ever the proud parent, just kept saying "Look at her!"

Christine has got some high expectations to live up to. But if there's one thing we can know, it's that she will likely meet or exceed the high standards of her parents.

That said, it seems Michelle had a bit of a run-in with Cam's dating standards this week. Did anyone else not expect that Michelle and Finn would hit it off?

It's not that I don't love the idea to death, I just wouldn't have entertained the possibility of it. I really liked Finn as a character when he appeared earlier this season, so I'm more than happy to have him back.

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Brennan texting the daycare director a picture of the dismembered body.
  • Booth and Brennan stopping to pick things up at the store in the middle of arresting a perp.
  • Learning about the dangers of extreme coupon-ing.
  • Learning Agent Shaw is a mom with a three-year-old named Danny.
  • Brennan becoming an emotional mess over missing Christine while she's at work.
  • Brennan vowing to sneak Christine into the lab.

So, are you a fan of the new Finchelle? Do you have a better shipper name? Let us know in the comments along with your thoughts on this episode in general and all things Bones!


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Uh, didn't Booth have a son? WTF?


I love watching Bones. My question is what happened to Parker, Booth's son. I think he should be part of the Booth's new family. The producer can't just dumped the boy because there is a new baby aboard.


Okay, what happened to the Bones and Booth lusty vibes? Enough about the baby and lets get on with the show. And please, I can't stand Finn and his lousy southern droll!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I just can't stand him. Frankly, he gives me the creeps!! What happened to Wendell? Bring the old charm back to bones before you screw it all up.


Disappointed. I actually liked the baby and new mom storyline. But that's the problem, it was so focused on the baby storyline that the crime and the investigation was pure... crap. Seriously extreme couponers? There have been quite a few episodes that are like that (crime/investigation is whatever) but, I am so disappointed in this ep because I was just bored watching it. As an aside, I did not care about Michelle/the Southern intern new relationship. Now, I'm off to watch better Bones eps.


Love Bones....Ok folks, I have waited 6 years for these two to get together, and now that they are I can find anything to complain about. Yes I would love to see more romantic moments between B&B, but let’s get real she just had a baby for peace sakes, anyone that has a baby know that there is no romance the first couple of month. Please give them some time. I am sure as the season progress we will see those “look� again.


I'm slowly (too slowly) coming to the realization that a lot of the folks on here are young. I'm old. So I don't see the relationship between B&B boring. It's evolving into a mature relationship, with a good slant on the working mom/parents. I'm certain there will be a nice hot relationship spot coming up for those who think it's all about that, but in the meantime, it's nice to know it's not. The only thing I don't appreciate about Bones is the fact that it seems I'm always just fixing myself a nice snack just in time to see them make corpse heads sneeze.

Sue ann

@ MoxieGirl44 I really do not want to wander all over the internet reading about why the chemistry which once existed between Booth and Brennan, or between Boreanaz and Deschanel, is no longer there, but I am supposed to assume it is hidden or may return. Nor do I want to wander around reading what the meaning is of various scenes or scenarios. I would like to watch the program and see a good murder mystery solved by good forensics and good police work. Preferably with as little time wasted on babies as possible. Fortunately, I have the DVD's for seasons 1-4, because that stuff sure is no longer here, and I am not interested in interpretations.


Folks - I know you R missing "The Chemistry in the Romance." We all know everything TV is deliberate. Real couples don’t go flat once together. In the coma dream epi, B&B had GREAT chemistry as a married couple ~ even outside the boudoir! Why not now? In the meantime, people are writing our own PG-13 versions of the B&B romance - because it doesn't feel like B&B w/o it! One reviewer wrote of this one: "The When and the How: A Bone to Pick' is the secret that every Bones lover deserves to be let in on. It's the unfolding story that will make you laugh and cry and everything in between, especially think and feel."
~ caracoleta07 Here's one that explains how they roslved their issues B4 getting together: The When and the How: A Bone to Pick And this puts the chemistry back int each S7 Epi: The Meaning in the Episode


I think we have found out what happened to the robot from Middleman once the show went off the air - She/It got a job as a Shopping Mart Checkout Out clerk .


I agree that there needs to be more romance, more physical affection and more chemistry between Booth and Brennan, because right now, they have all the chemistry of a brother and sister who don't see each other too often. I've been watching this show from the start, and I noticed at first that B&B really had actual chemistry and a spark between them, but now they act like they're phoning it in. I also thought the Southern boy intern was too much of a stereotype with all those ridiculous sayings...I married a Southern boy, and he NEVER talks that way. I'm glad he stood up to Cam, who came off as a B*tch, and is going to continue to date Michelle. It was also great to see Angela and Hodgins and Michael, because Ang and Hodgins have chemistry galore!

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