Bones Sneak Peeks: First Day Back ...

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After welcoming baby Christine on last week's Bones spring premiere, Brennan is back at work tonight. How does that fly with Temperance? Turns out she's feeling a little anxious ... and maybe even a little maternal?

In the first of three sneak previews from the episode released by Fox, the new mom prepares for her first day back on the job, but despite her extensive preparation and a world-class day care center at the Jeffersonian (don't ask us where that place gets its funding), she can't help but feel a sense of attachment to her newborn.

To most of us, this seems natural. To Brennan? Emotions are always a bit foreign ...

How cute are they? Check out two more clips from "The Bump in the Road" below, in which Brennan makes a blunder with her phone at the crime scene, and Angela gives Hodgins a hard time in the lab ...

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We have another week to wait for 'Bones' to resume in the UK and even then the first episode back will be 'The Crack In The Code' So so long to wait for these new episodes. I am sure though that they will be well worth the wait. Just love the show and how all the changes seemed to have breathed new life into it.

Bones Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Actually, I just read that they made an 18 megapixel camera that works quite well.


You shouldn't hit people. You should use your words. That's what all the books say.