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With daycare, organic wipes, dead bodies, extreme couponing and new romances involved, you knew it would be another fun-filled forensic hour on Bones this week with "The Bump in the Road."

I had a feeling the episode was going to be good the minute it started with Booth holding Christine while Brennan packed her baby bag for daycare. If there's one thing I like more than seeing Brennan pregnant with Booth fussing over her, it's seeing these two as parents.

How funny was it to find out what lengths Booth and Brennan had gone to to make sure Christine was in good hands? Booth used the FBI database to request the daycare directors transcripts, while Brennan practically blackmailed her into sending a photo of Christine every half hour!

Booth, Brennan on the Case

Perhaps my favorite scenes were the ones in which some member of the Jeffersonian team commented on how beautiful their daughter was, and Brennan constantly asserted that she was going to be beautiful and smart when she was older, and Booth, ever the proud parent, just kept saying "Look at her!"

Christine has got some high expectations to live up to. But if there's one thing we can know, it's that she will likely meet or exceed the high standards of her parents.

That said, it seems Michelle had a bit of a run-in with Cam's dating standards this week. Did anyone else not expect that Michelle and Finn would hit it off?

It's not that I don't love the idea to death, I just wouldn't have entertained the possibility of it. I really liked Finn as a character when he appeared earlier this season, so I'm more than happy to have him back.

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Brennan texting the daycare director a picture of the dismembered body.
  • Booth and Brennan stopping to pick things up at the store in the middle of arresting a perp.
  • Learning about the dangers of extreme coupon-ing.
  • Learning Agent Shaw is a mom with a three-year-old named Danny.
  • Brennan becoming an emotional mess over missing Christine while she's at work.
  • Brennan vowing to sneak Christine into the lab.

So, are you a fan of the new Finchelle? Do you have a better shipper name? Let us know in the comments along with your thoughts on this episode in general and all things Bones!


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Jay: "Haha still love the hater comments."
Sorry, not a hater, but a person that usually likes the show but sees it heading in a downward direction. Besides, I wasn't aware this was a 'devoted fans-only' site.
I am well aware that there are those who love the direction the show is going, I don't call them names or hold any ill will toward them. We have a difference in opinion, that's all. Diversity, conversation, difference of opinion, accept it. We're talking about an ultimately meaningless TV show, not life/death stuff.


This episode was not one of my faves. As a matter of fact I may have to start a new category besides Good/Bad/Indifferent. Perhaps a category called WTF?. Where was the case? A vic no one liked and not even identified till half way through the episode, flimsy suspects, weak motive and Brennan in the lab for a nano second. The whole episode revolved around BBB/day care angst, Angela sneaking baby Michael into lab, Cam being snarky (and I usually like snarky Cam) about Finn and Michelle and discussions about organic baby wipes. HH and SN are both on record saying that the show will not devolve into all babies all the time, but this episode nixes that premise. Instead of having B&B being an FBI agent and scientist who solve crime and also have a personal relationship and baby together, we seem to have a case of the case (pun is intended)getting in the way of the personal story. As cute as Baby Bones is, that is not the point of the show.Last night they could have just canned the case completely for the amount of time and effort that were devoted to it. How about a 30 seconds more developing info about the vic and 30 seconds less on photo texting to and from day care. Dirty diaper photo? Give me a break. Never thought I'd say (or write) this but I miss the old Clark Edison and his "Let's keep things professional" attitude. That said, it does not mean there should be no mention of BBB and the difficulties of child rearing by working couples, especially when the working couples work together. But let there be some work.


Great show from start to finish lots of good twists good crime stuff suprise who the killer was I think the baby will keep thing interesting a little here a little there our crime fighters are doing their job Oh the one person don't like kids well they were a kid way back when come on.and Cams daughter haven't seen them in a while.all in all a great Show. Great actors and actresses a very solid team producers,directors,set-up crew all Great if we all look we will find some little thing we didn't like some people just like to have something to bitch about.I didn't see booth's funny socks Ha Ha!!!!


Bones was one of my favorite shows until all this baby nonsense. I really hate what they've done to the show. Now it really is too soap opera-ish. Babies don't interest me, so maybe that's a large part of my objection, but I liked it when Bones was an objective scientist, not drooling over a baby! Ditto with Booth. I just really wish they'd used the usual techniques for hiding her pregnancy instead of dropping a baby into the storyline. It was not a good addition, IMO. Send the kid off to daycare and let Bones return to being herself.


Haha still love the hater comments. I'm wondering if all the reviews for each episode willow have y'all coming out and trolling. We get it, you don't like Bones, you don't like where the show ended up, its a soap opera now, its too much baby time, yadda yadda yadda. Don't y'all ever get tired of saying the same thing over and over and over again? Y'all must be die hard fans if y'all keep watching and watching expecting everything to go back to before. Or y'all probably watch the episodes just to pick out things to troll about, but still are die hard fans.. :-D Me? I like the changes where the show ended up. Do I want more affections between B&B? Yeah sure why not, but I also understand that the actors themselves sometimes don't want that yet. So I don't really care much. Now that I've trolled the trollers, back to the episode. It was pretty good. I liked the Booth/Brennan/Christine moments and felt that it was nicely executed. Her reaction at the end was genuine. I kinda like the new Guy cause of his many quotes, but I actually do agree with some comments. Finn and Michelle hit it off very quickly and we're already fighting for the relationship. I would've like to have seen the development. Overall, good episode.


I love this show. I enjoyed this episode. Just want to make sure there's some balance to those who don't like it or watch it but have a lot to say. Sorry -- you haven't convinced me to stop watching yet. Do you work for one of the other shows in the time slot?


And as for Agent Shaw... I really like her, didn't care that she had a baby though, TMI. I can't help but wonder though if she still has an upside down map tattooed on her back....


Kisses on the forehead - PLEASE! Frank - sorry, dude. LOTS of moms get emotional that first day back at work. MOST moms, actually. Brennan did quite well, I felt. She didn't get emotional, really, until the very end - and she didn't sob and wail (as some of us have done once we're behind closed doors after dropping off said progeny) she simply said she didn't want to put her down . . . and she missed her. Take more time off? No - she was reasonable about that as well. Per haps you should loosen your bra straps, Frank, so you don't continue to miss some of the most important nuances! *wink*


Okay, I do watch this show, but admittedly it's not in my top ten. This episode led me to be even less enthusiastic.
How much camera time are we going to devote to the baby? We get it, it's adorable. And as Bones is so willing to point out, it has superior DNA and bone structure, so it will be smarter and more beautiful than the rest of us. Okay already. Of course the baby is adorable, they held auditions to find an adorable baby! Finn would be okay if he wasn't such a thinly/lazily defined stereotype. 'Aw Shucks, I'm a mighty-polite country boy but unlike every other country boy on this planet I got me some of that fancy ed-u-ca-shuns!'
Please, have the producers ever actually met a real-live country/southern person? In all my derned put-togethers I myself don't spit out as many twisted and convoluted 'quaint' analogies as this guy uttered in one hour... what the heck was that about strawberry seeds? Sheesh, an insult to all my kith and kin, yee-haw! Way-too over the top.
Wait, let's not only freeze the camera on the baby again, lets freeze the camera on IPhone photos of the baby....
I'm sorry, but this was all too distracting for me to be amped up about any actual story that may have played out.
I hear in the near horizon the subtle sound of a shark being jumped.


It is nice to have a couple of tender moments between my favorite crime-fighting sleuths. Very good to see them chatting at the beginning of the show - Booth being confident (a little cocky even); Brennan concerned and somewhat humorless until she thinks Christine winked at her, then asserting her prediction that Christine will be extraordinary. Nix Booth pulling Brennan out from under the truck. Big no-no, Booth! Brennan was doing something we'd all expect her to do - no need for him to chastise her or attempt to remove her from her investigative location. The scene between Booth and Agent Shaw was precious. I think this was the first time we've seen genuine surprise and affection in Booth's face since he learned he was going to be a father ... that is ... until we saw him at the end of the episode listening to Brennan talk about missing Christine. That last four minutes made the episode for me. Still very badly looking for some affection between B&B - glances, kisses on the forehead even. Please, people! Michelle - she's cute - but things are waaaaay too serious for one date. That seemed forced. And Camille should have been a little less joyous about giving in. A more begrudging caving would have been more realistic. Looking forward to next week ...

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