Castle Review: Tomorrow's Never Promised

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Another week, another solid episode. Following up from last week’s “47 Seconds,” Castle returned with "The Limey." The hour featured great guest stars, forward movement and some hot looking people. Let’s discuss.

International Love. The weekly case focused on the murder of a British model who had been looking for clues to the murder of her doctor boyfriend. The victim found herself in the company of a rapper and British Consulate director who was played by Charles Shaughnessy from The Nanny. The case was pretty standard. Typical twists and turns, but interesting and entertaining nonetheless. 

How hilarious were the two rappers?!? Biggie Slim and Nikki J? Classic Castle humor. The other best thing about this installment? Well, that would be...

Shirtless Holdup

McSteamy McScotland. Hello, Brett Tucker! Where have you been hiding? Apparently on several episodes of Spartacus, which I will now be catching up on. Tucker played Detective Colin Hunt and he played him well. This was a welcome addition to the series and I personally wouldn’t mind having him drop in another time. The accent combined with the towel scene? HOT.

Girl Time. Kate and Lanie shared some long overdue BFF moments, with Lanie pushing Kate to admit her feelings for Castle. Can I just say: it is about time. Even just the fact that Beckett had admitted her feelings is a big step in this situation. 

Points to be acknowledged: Castle is not the same man he was in the earlier seasons, he has grown up and has been patiently waiting for Beckett. Truth time? He is not going to wait forever. Case in point? Castle and his flight attendant spending all types of time together.

Beckett is great - but so is Castle. He is a successful and caring father. Clock is ticking.

So, what is to come of this? Both characters have now put their feelings out there. Will Kate make a move towards Rick or are the writers going to string us a long for a few more episodes?

I have said it before and I will say it again: This series displays some of the best acting on television, and half of it can be told without words. This show is driven by the facial expressions and emotions performed by these great actors. You could watch it on mute and still be able to feel the tension and feelings through the TV. 

  • Beckett looked beautiful in her dress for the party. It’s always nice to see the girl out of her slacks. Even if they are always perfectly tailored. 
  • No Martha or Alexis. Did we miss them? Not really.
  • Some great Castle quotes came out of the hour. Be sure to check them out.
  • Looks like Lanie is a big Caskett fan like the rest of us!
We’re on the countdown now towards the end of the season. What can we expect? Will Kate admit her feelings to Castle? Will Lanie and Espo get back together? Will Gates ever get more screen time? How about Alexis? Is she headed out of the city for college?

Another solid episode from the dependable writers of Castle. Hit the comments and let us know what you thought of “The Limey.” Was it a let down after the previous intense episode? Is it about time that the Caskett starts taking baby steps? Don’t forget to check back for the Castle Roundtable and come up with your season end predictions. No new episode next week, so until next time, TV Fanatics.  


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Another couple-that-worked TV show: Scarecrow & Mrs. King. They started out similar to Caskett, fell in love, and had success after they got together. And I maintain that Remington Steele -- the show that "Castle" most closely resembles in my mind -- would have continued to work had the show gone on. In that one, Steele and Holt acknowledged their attraction well before acting upon it, still had tension, and the cases were very similar to what we see on "Castle." Had Pierce Brosnan not been lured to features (and eventually, the role of 007), who knows where that show would have gone? IT CAN WORK, PEOPLE!

Frank lee meidere

@Everlong: Ross and Rachael worked, to a point, but largely because they were merely one of a number of on-again off-again relationships in a very equal ensemble cast. The show didn't revolve around them. Even so, by the time it was finally over, a large number of fans were sick of it, no longer cared, and even felt cheated at the resolution -- especially since it involved Rachael giving up her career in Paris. But the idea of Kate reading a Nikky Heat novel is brilliant. Have you seen any in the stores? I saw one in Chapters and wanted so badly to buy it, but it was hard cover and way too much money. There's even an author's picture (Nathaniel Fillion, of course) and bio on the jacket.


More onscreen romances that work? Ross and Rachael from Friends, How about the spark that we all could feel with Jack and Kate from Lost?
With all the times Castle saves Beckett, and visa versa... there is a spark. He loves his daughter, and I bet you he'd give his live to save Kates.
I hope they don't muck it up with intro of his CIA father...
I am hoping (next year) for a Nikki Heat episode, narrated by Stana, reading from her bed, relaxing after a stressful day at the precinct.


So cool when Lanie said to Kate, come'on, you guys are in a holding pattern and what happens when the gas runs out while your flying around in circles. So many angles. One interesting point the writers tried to pull off was where Castle noted that he and Beckett weren't synched on theorys for once.. but they they blew it for me when Castle came up with the rappeling down the building.. and in comes Beckett dressed to the nines, what , she changed at work?
If Marlowe is reading this, then good-take note what watchers are saying. I remember Stana Katic interviewed not to long ago saying that things were going to get naughty. Maybe if she wants to unravel Castle, she should put on Fracas Parfum, (episode 4x13- Rick's personal female fragrance... while he's stepping out with his blonde bimbo! At least Castle didn't show up with a girl on each arm at the end.


every show is different maybe it could work you never know

Frank lee meidere

@Joyeful: Missed your comment on Chuck -- but it only serves to prove the point. The characters were kept apart for a limited length of time, and therefore the "will-they-won't-they" element never became an essential part of the show.

Frank lee meidere

@Joyful and others on romantic leads working. Of course they can work -- if they're established at the beginning. Sue has already mentioned a couple of examples (Hart to Hart, The Thin Man), and in each case the crime-fighting couple are together right from the start. The problem comes when you have star-crossed lovers -- a couple that isn't a couple, and whose romantic dance makes up a large part of the show's appeal. If you bring them together, then the audience, which is naturally composed largely of people who thrive on star-crossed lover stories, are no longer interested, and the show is over. If you keep them apart, the reasons for doing so become increasingly unbelievable and annoying. The star-crossed lovers theme works well when done in a short-term story, like a movie or a show with a limited and pre-set number of episodes (something the British have always been more willing to do). They're the basis of Romcoms, and have produced some of the best movies out there -- including Sleepless in Seattle. But trying to make it work for years is difficult to the point of being impossible.


I'm a huge fan of this show, but I miss the old funny, witty Castle. But, as the writers are clearly waiting for the season finale to make a move, I think we will have to wait for next season to have something new or entertaining. My guess : they get finally together in the last half hour of the season, then a big secret (another) comes out, so they can run with for most of the fifth season ...


Marlowe must not read these because all I see is negative thing that fan are writing and a lot more fan don't write so this is a wake up call to marlowe to wake up and get on the ball this thing is going down hill fast I read what he said and he on a different world i think his smoking some funny stuff he talks like all is OK I think his lost it!!!!!!!


I'm bored. These are two sophisticated, mature people who have no business acting like 15 year old kids. They should be either in or out, but it's gone on so long now, I don't know how the writers expect to extricate them without disaster. If they both move on, the show is over. If only one moves on, the show is over, if they get together the show can continue for a little while - but basically, the thing has run it course. Too bad, because it has been one of my favorites for years.

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