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The romantic crime-fighting leads totally can work. Take Chuck, for example. Chuck and Sarah were kept apart for 2.5 seasons - fans had a similar reaction to this Castle one when Brandon Routh was introduced for Sarah...ridiculous. But when they finally put the two together, it was freakin' magic. The story was just as rich with them as a couple as it was with them apart - and half the fun was watching them grow as a couple!

It's doable - you just need writers who trust their fans' feedback and their loyalty.


Well if I told someone that I loved them in a life changing moment, like being shot, then later in the hospital, asked them do you remember anything and they look me square in the eyes and said "No", and later again asked did they remember anything and still get a "No", and months later discovered that they actually remember ALL of. Which happened here.
I'd be pissed but also I'd take the denials as if they don't want to get involved. Would I talk to her about it? No, there's no reason to believe after her denials that I'd be told the truth anyway.
Moving on time.
Yeah he's rubbing her face in it a bit but she deserves it.
85 comments wow :)


@KansasGuest I have never seen Fringe. I severely limit my television time, as I have watched too much already for one lifetime. It sounds as though I missed a good one, there. Too bad.

Someone (not I) in a comment on a previous episode of either Bones or Castle mentioned a few other shows where the primaries have sex, but the shows work anyway. One was Hart to Hart. I have mentioned several times that clever repartee-laden plots can be found in some of the better old movies, such as the Thin Man series, and most of the Tracy-Hepburn movies, and the Hepburn-Cary Grant movies. Good writers can achieve this. Sadly, these shows seem to lack good writers, and good actors seldom overcome bad writing.


@Frank & Sue Ann - Completely agree w/you about THE MENTALIST (which I thoroughly enjoy as a procedural sans romantic complications). BONES & CASTLE seem to be in similar predicaments. They lucked out with supporting casts that are so strong most people enjoy watching them as much as the leads. I will point out one show where the romance has been incorporated so much into the theme of the show that it's crucial - FRINGE. But, FRINGE is different because it has always been about love & family finding each other more than the case of the week.


@ Frank Lee MeiDere Again, I agree. I was so appalled by Bones tonight that I was nearly speechless. It has reached the point where I think I won't be watching it any more. It was dreadful. They should have ended that show at the airport, when he went to war, and she went to excavate the missing link. It has never been good since.


Get them together already! I'm getting frustrated. Castle finds out she lied about remembering what happened after she got shot which she suggested that she lied about not remembering what he said. And now he's mad because she lied and now he thinks that she lied because she doesn't feel the same way. Now that he's messing around with some bimbos, she's thinking maybe he's not the guy. If they would just talk to each other, they can fix it.

I love them together. Get them together and I really hope like hell that he doesn't get married or she doesn't start dating. They're usually in sync with their theories and now it's all messed up.

I do agree. There seems to be a pattern. When he doesn't get who he wants, he goes back to that playboy persona. It's annoying and he should just talk to her.


@Sue Ann: Bruno Heller was extremely smart to keep Patrick and Lisbon's love lives separate. Not only does it avoid the "Moonlighting" problem, it also gives the program more scope.

As for this week's Castle, the only good thing I'll say is that it was still better than this week's Bones -- but then, that's a bar set too low to cast a shadow.


Just thought about something: In Season 2 "A Rose for Everafter" Beckett remarked to Castle in the precinct elevator that she didn't think Rick "went for real" in describing Kyra Blaine (Alyssa Milano). After losing "the one that got away" -- giving her the same space Castle's been giving Beckett -- Rick goes and marries two women he admits he shouldn't have, and starts in on the dilletente playboy lifestyle. I sense a pattern developing here with the flight attendant...


@ Frank Lee MeiDere I so agree with you about The Mentalist. It is a relief to have a really good mystery show with no romantic complications between the leads. In the case of that show, it also helps that the only character I particularly like is Cho. But one never has to dither over the hidden meanings in glances or touches, it's "On with the solving!"

In the case of this week's episode of Castle, I gave it the lowest rating I have ever given a show. Further than that, I will observe the old saying, "If you can't say something good, say nothing at all." So, I will say nothing at all.


The poor writing goes along with some awful acting. Colin Hunt? The comedy name is bad enough. But his accent was more South African than East London. It wasn't even funny. It felt like a spoof comedy episode.

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