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Truly love love love Castle but it is getting so frustrating that they have to drag this thing out any longer. I don't want to call this Moonlighting even though it was a great show as well. I think Beckett does remember him telling her he loves her when she was shot but she has really loved anyone like she obviously loves Castle and it scares the #(*@ out of her. She knows his rep and is afraid of getting hurt. It might take a visit from her Father to push her in Castle's direction...what ever it takes, GET ON WITH IT! and no more HOT guys and Bimbos getting in the way please!


Get together. Don't get together. I don't care. (Well, I do, but not as a make-or-break deal.) What I object to is the decline in writing as they fiddle with this trying to draw out the tension, and the lack of integrity to Castle's character.


Got to say, I am disappointed again. The way they are repeating this storyline does not show the writing staff in good color.

Its like WWE. You force people to dislike a heel character by making him do silly things that are not believable. After some time people are so pissed off, they dont care what happens to that character.

I hope this does not happen to Caskett. Beckett asking that British guy for a drink, seriously. What kind of Childish & totally non believable writing is this????


@kenaveco - Beckett's admitted to her psychiatrist - in the season premiere - that she remembered everything.

I'm not saying Castle's secret about her mom's case is BETTER, I'm saying it's DIFFERENT. The two are not comparable...since Castle's reasons are altruistic and Beckett's reasons are self-protective. And Beckett hasn't been angry about Castle working the case since season season 3 she was actually grateful that he was helping. She'll definitely be furious, and with good reason, but for different reasons.

I'm not going to stop watching the show. I love the actors and Nathan Fillion will always have my heart LOL. But the story HAS to improve. It just does.


Just because Beckett told a suspect that she was trying to get to confess that she remembers everything, doesn't mean that she DOES remember everything! I think that when/if Castle confronts her with that she is going to tell him that she lied to get the guy to confess. That said...I agree that they are dragging this out too long. Four years for crying out loud!! I believe that they have at least one or two years worth of stories after the fact...Just sayin'


I don't know where to start this Show was a bomb it when't know where I don't think the Limey was a big deal a crime yes that all find the killer yea. C & B he's got the Blonde cool He is moving on she had her chance and says for the 10th time Ah castle can I talk to you and someone butt in end of story! I don't know who is in control of the Show but I think he is trying to kill it.Where is Molly and Martha their always go for a smile or a laugh they need that! Lanie lays it on the line to Beckett I don't think she got it. I don't think the powers to be know what to do.Look we watch other Show Bones Just had a baby on the Show everyone love it.Gibbs on NCIS always got a lady a round. Its been long enough get C & B in the sack and get it over with they can have a love affair on the Q T hidding it would be interesting come on wake up and smell the roses!!!Lets gets some laughing and smiling and humor along with the Crime it doesn't have to be all serious!


Let me get this straight, so the point of having Alexis in '47 Seconds' served two purposes. First, to show Castle as a father who was doing an exceptional job of listening to his kid as a way of saying "Pay attention. I am a good person" to Kate. The second was to provide Castle for a motivation to stay around the 12th Precinct even after he decides to break up, or move on - or whatever Mattha called it - with Beckett. He decides he's staying on because it's important work.
So this episode is where we see how he'w interprets that. Turns out he IS staying on to help, but clearly he's not really helping (although, as usual, he breaks the case open) but in reality he's angry with her for lying to him about her memory of her shooting. He's like the a varsity high school starting quarterback acting out with the head cheerleader who dumped him by dating the rest of the varsity cheerleading squad all at once. Just so Kate can have some equal footing when the eventual hurt feelings/misunderstandings verbal food fight happens. (Rolls eyes). . .I was such a staunch defender of this show up until now. . .


We've been warned it's "challenging". I hope that means we'll get some satisfaction for staying with the challenge. I'm sad they're not together, but I'm hanging in there for the long haul. Both characters are capable of a mature relationship and I hope to hell the writers will give that a chance. Note on Richard Castle's web site one of the items on his bucket list is "crash a Ferrari". I just hope that destructive streak doesn't extend to his friendships.
I'm REALLY excited to see Alec Baldwin working with Nathan Fillion again, and hope he'll be a recurring character. Very excited about the next episode.


Castles secret is ok because he is trying to protect her? Ummm what about the fact that she has repeatedly asked him to leave her moms case alone and he still is looking into it, behind her back noless. I know his heart us in the right place, I think hers was too with her secret, but it doesn't make it ok. I did like the this episode and as long as it is heading to them confessing by the finale I am cool with it. I agree that it was weird to see castle not taking the case seriously especially because the cases is why he is staying acordding to what he said last episode. My only other problem was with Becketts dress. She looked beautiful but where was the bullet scar no way that dress would hide it.


I'm with all the folks who are tired of waiting for Castle and Beckett to get together already, even if it is just baby steps and a first date...c'mon writers, get going! Fans are losing interest, and my patience is worn thin for them to start a relationship, or not have one at all (which would be tragic and make me want to stop watching the show)
I also agree that it seems really immature and stupid of Castle to flaunt this stewardess relationship in front of Kate, when he knows in his heart he's not anywhere near over her...and she hasn't had a chance to tell him how she feels yet. That's just insane. I miss Martha and Alexis, too.

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