Castle Review: Well Done, Sherlock

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In the words of Ethan Slaughter: “Outstanding!”

The latest episode of Castle, Headhunters,” chased down a murder between gangs, as well as pairing Castle up with a new partner. A Firefly reunion took place and oh was it fun. Let’s discuss.

Mal & Cobb. Adam Baldwin guest starred as Detective Ethan Slaughter, a no-nonsense tough guy cop who Castle decides to shadow. Nathan Fillion and Baldwin worked together on Firefly and you could absolutely tell. The chemistry between the two friends paid off with a fun hour before we face the end of the season.

Detective Ethan Slaughter

Slaughter is not a detective that I would want to watch every week, but I wouldn’t hate if he popped up here and there to shake things up a bit. He brought some life to the show and placed Castle in a different situation. Not only did Baldwin rock this role, he also delivered some hysterical one liners that you can check out in the Castle quotes page. 

Fillion is nothing but loyal to his long time fans, putting in an Easter egg of his own to go along with the one written into the hour. We got to see the two trade off Mal’s brown jacket and if you looked closely enough, there was a catalyzer placed on Castle’s shelf. Loved it.

Leaving The Nest. Castle decided to branch out and hang with a different detective, stirring some feelings with his usual partners. Even with the bit of jealousy, Ryan and Espo still saved Castle from a bad situation. Beckett seemed to be pretty bothered by the situation, even speaking with her therapist about Rick.

Castle and Detective Slaughter

“You weren’t waiting, you were healing.” Beckett’s therapist returned again to talk some sense into our beloved Beckett. She recognizes that Castle is pulling away from her and that maybe she waited too long. Well, duh! You said it yourself. It’s been seven months. It’s time to make a move before he seriously does move on.

What do we think about this? There are plenty of mixed feelings on the Caskett front. Some fans don’t want to deal with the relationship drama, others are dying for it. I’m on the fence.

On one hand, the writers have done an excellent job of building the friendship between the two lead characters, making the chemistry feel real and understanding the feelings between the two. On the other hand, it’s been dragging on for what seems like forever. Castle has put himself out there and so has Beckett. If it doesn’t happen soon, I won’t expect it to happen till series end. TV Fanatics, what’s your opinion on the Caskett situation?

Caskett at Work

Side Notes. 

  • Alexis got into some really great schools. Didn’t know I could be jealous of a teenage TV character about college acceptance...
  • Javi needs his own arc and quick. We haven’t been getting enough Espo time in the last few episodes.
  • No Lanie tonight. Kinda sad, considering she played a rather big role in the last episode.
  • Did anyone really care about the weekly case or were you more interested in Slaughter himself? But, how entertaining was the garbage truck scene? I had to look away!
  • Who knew Castle packed such a punch?
Overall, a fun hour that held two reunions - Fillion and Baldwin, and even better, Castle and Beckett. Rick is back working with his real partner just the way we like it. Sad news Castle fans: Only two episodes remain in the season. So hit the comments and predict what is going to happen in the penultimate episode.
Don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table later in the week. No episode next Monday, so make sure you take the time to discuss “Headhunters” and the zombies to come to pass the time. 


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I think with this episode they were throwing a nod to the film THE HARD WAY with James Woods and Michael J. Fox in which Woods plays a hard ass cop and Fox plays an actor who decides to shadow Woods' character for a role he will be doing. Much like THE HARD WAY, Castle learns of Slaughter through seeing him on tv, just like when Nick Lang (Fox) observed NYPD cop John Moss (Woods) being surly towards the media. Like that movie, Castle is thrown into some very dangerous situations. While he has had dangerous cases working with Beckett, Slaughter is more of a street cop who is involved in danger on a day to day basis, as he has to interact with the various gangs such as the Westies. While his character is a tad of a cariacature, it is meant to draw out a very different kind of cop who wears jeans and a jacket and has to assert a certain posture when dealing with the folks he does whereas Beckett and her team deal with the issues after the fact and are not as involved in the daily dirt as someone like Slaughter is. Plus, I think it allowed Castle to observe another side of police work that may not be as formulaic and process oriented as his work with Beckett is; more gritty, results oriented in which command of street knowledge is essential. And, he was able to have a bit more of an assertive posture himself, finding his own inner rogue while on the trail with Slaughter. Now, the Slaughter character was a prick; willing to frame an innocent person to get Vales off the street and his sucker punching Castle at the end was a bitch move. But, he brought a certain edge or intensity that was needed and that edge also inspired Beckett to finally begin confronting some of the issues she had been feeling and ask hard questions about herself. All in all, a good episode.


I can appreciate the ending more as I think about it.. Castle really got a learning put to him from Slaughter, about who's got his back, and when it counts. Let's hope it sinks in..I would have thought he got that when he went out with Beckett when she tracked her dead ex-partners killer in LA.... anyways, point is: don't pass up on a great thing.
--Slaughters' charactor reminded me of the Hunter series, with Rick Hunter and Dee Dee McCall. They never got together, but once the show mentioned sleeping together,(implied), and NBC producers never made them more than work partners, and by 6th season, she married and left for a cornball singing carreer. (Ha...and we think that they are dragging the Caskett get-together too long?)
I certainly hope that next season they continue the vibe that the first 2 years made them cool to watch solving cases and the added "wink-wink", go out for a dinner or fly out to vegas for a book signing weekend with Castle. And I hope they don't copy the Bones timeline!


To David's comment ("Well I got shot thru the leg and I was up and walking within a week"), I don't mean any offense to your shooting ordeal, but do you really think that's comparable to getting shot in the heart, experiencing cardiac arrest on the operating table, and knowing your would-be assassin is still roaming the streets free? The healing that Worf was referencing was to her emotional healing -- which, by her continued therapy sessions, is still ongoing. Do I think Beckett sinned by silence, and is not handling her situation maturely? YES. Do I understand how someone who's emotionally closed most of the time having difficulty expressing herself? Absolutely.


Well I got shot thru the leg and I was up and walking within a week but a quick Google shows that open heart surgery usually takes about 2 months to heal depending on the person, certainly after 4 months you should be back to normal leaving 3 months unaccounted and backing up Joys, hiding comment. Of which I completely agree. Unless one has actually been shot it's impossible to relate.
The other way to have written it for more angst was for Kate to say in the hospital "I heard what you said Rick but I need time to heal and we'll deal with it later, now get out", ramp up the Caskett angst while waiting for Kate to heal then the inevitable confrontation about what was said.


I watch this Show 3 times now To see what I missed and right at the end Slaughter says A man get a women like that or dies trying and Castle is bent over from getting punch in the gut by Slaughter and he says to Beckett thank you he realizes who has his back and who his friends are and Beckett says that is what partners are for Beckett is now in charge and nows know what she wants to do!!!


This has to be the worst episode ever. Nothing at all related to prior shows and absolutely no connection to the Caskett relationship. In order to have a plausible ending Beckett has to know why Castle is acting the way he is doing. Without this knowledge there is no reconciliation story.
Without enough time between this revelation and Beckett's attempt to come into the mainstream with her views, the show is dead. In my opinion, the writers stepped into a big pile with this story.


Stana Katic is not only a beautiful person (and appears grounded), but I think her acting -- and, to a lesser extent, those of her co-stars -- has been seriously underappreciated. Her reaction to the revelation that Castle might be acting "like a jerk" because he's distancing himself emotionally or moved on was on point for that particular scenario. We may not like the fact that it's come to this, but to imply that it's not plausible is nonsense. Of course it is. Egos are fragile things; we all have done -- and will do -- stupid things to serve them...


I have so much to say. First off, very entertaining episode. Do I think "Firefly" was a superior showcase for Fillion and Balwin? Absolutely. But the humor is what made that show...and this ep. I have a serious bone to pick with those who 1) trash the writing (this ain't supposed to be Shakespeare!) and 2) criticize Beckett for "healing" for six months. Let's see how you #@(*&! deal with getting shot and damned near dying! Thought that was as plausible an explanation for Beckett's foot-dragging. I'm tired of waiting for the inevitable pairing too, but I can live with it...if they resolve this thing by the season finale. Stana Katic is not only a beautiful person (and appears grounded), but I think her acting -- and, to a lesser extent, those of her co-stars -- has been seriously underappreciated. Her reaction to the revelation that Castle might be acting "like a jerk" because he's distancing himself emotionally or moved on was on point for that particular scenario. We may not like that it's happening (and I'm in that camp), but to say it's implausible is just nonsense. Of course it is; egos are fragile things...


The Slaughter character is a little too much over the top to fit well with the existing characters' tone and personalities. Too much bravado, where even a little more would do when cast next to Castle. Castle getting in a brawl and punching Slaughter were both humorous and out of character and seemed forced. Stick with the story line and character relationships. Glad to see Castle and Beckett getting along again. To long apart in my opinion.


I was not crazy about this episode but I still love the show. Want to see Castle & Kate get together already

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