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  • A man is killed in a parking garage before work. He has ripped skin and bite marks, as well as a co-worker who swears they were attacked by zombies. 
  • The victim had been having an affair with an engaged woman. 
  • An underground group goes on “zombie walks” as part of a game. The fiance of the engaged woman sells a drug known as the zombie drug to those involved to give a more realistic experience. The drug causes the person to forget what they did and do as they are told. The fiance convinced one of the zombies to kill the victim to get him out of the way for his marriage.
  • Castle and Alexis carry on their laser tag game. Alexis chooses to go to Columbia for college.
  • Castle wants to make this his last case until she tells him she has been going to therapy and working to break down that wall.
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I remember an anmteiad (or maybe stop-motion) movie from the last 70s/early 80s called The Last Unicorn (and what a little Google action can do). It was kind of bizarre from what I remember, but maybe you should check it out. I mean Ari. Unless you were the one watching all the unicorn videos.


On the Richard Castle website, there's a new article on plot arcs where he addresses Tom's point. Castle refers to it as a storytelling "ponzi scheme", where you constantly play a plot arc and resolve it in a way that asks more questions than it answers. Upping the ante raises reader interest but eventually reader expectations go way past what the writer actually can pull off. When the reveal happens-- and he can't hold it back forever-- the reader is disappointed and it ruins the journey for them. This is almost certainly Andrew Marlowe talking to us fans about the two main story arcs in the series: Caskett and Beckett's Mom. Neither can be farmed forever. They're both starting to drag, and eventually people will be bored. "Beckett's Mom" is already almost stupidly epic, to the point where it's not clear how Marlowe can avoid a disappointing reveal when they solve it. Marlowe at Paley said that the Moonlighting curse is overblown, that they were already going downhill when Maddie and David got together. So I think one or both of these will be closed. The safest bet is to resolve one of those two arcs immediately, and plant the seeds of a new arc now so it has time to ramp up and THEN resolve the other one. All the leaks point to Caskett first, but the finale will deal with both plots so who knows?


Four Years??? Chaseing the same person??? These writers and producers need a life.
This isn't a soap opera. Send them to the showers.