Castle Review: Well Done, Sherlock

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In the words of Ethan Slaughter: “Outstanding!”

The latest episode of Castle, Headhunters,” chased down a murder between gangs, as well as pairing Castle up with a new partner. A Firefly reunion took place and oh was it fun. Let’s discuss.

Mal & Cobb. Adam Baldwin guest starred as Detective Ethan Slaughter, a no-nonsense tough guy cop who Castle decides to shadow. Nathan Fillion and Baldwin worked together on Firefly and you could absolutely tell. The chemistry between the two friends paid off with a fun hour before we face the end of the season.

Detective Ethan Slaughter

Slaughter is not a detective that I would want to watch every week, but I wouldn’t hate if he popped up here and there to shake things up a bit. He brought some life to the show and placed Castle in a different situation. Not only did Baldwin rock this role, he also delivered some hysterical one liners that you can check out in the Castle quotes page. 

Fillion is nothing but loyal to his long time fans, putting in an Easter egg of his own to go along with the one written into the hour. We got to see the two trade off Mal’s brown jacket and if you looked closely enough, there was a catalyzer placed on Castle’s shelf. Loved it.

Leaving The Nest. Castle decided to branch out and hang with a different detective, stirring some feelings with his usual partners. Even with the bit of jealousy, Ryan and Espo still saved Castle from a bad situation. Beckett seemed to be pretty bothered by the situation, even speaking with her therapist about Rick.

Castle and Detective Slaughter

“You weren’t waiting, you were healing.” Beckett’s therapist returned again to talk some sense into our beloved Beckett. She recognizes that Castle is pulling away from her and that maybe she waited too long. Well, duh! You said it yourself. It’s been seven months. It’s time to make a move before he seriously does move on.

What do we think about this? There are plenty of mixed feelings on the Caskett front. Some fans don’t want to deal with the relationship drama, others are dying for it. I’m on the fence.

On one hand, the writers have done an excellent job of building the friendship between the two lead characters, making the chemistry feel real and understanding the feelings between the two. On the other hand, it’s been dragging on for what seems like forever. Castle has put himself out there and so has Beckett. If it doesn’t happen soon, I won’t expect it to happen till series end. TV Fanatics, what’s your opinion on the Caskett situation?

Caskett at Work

Side Notes. 

  • Alexis got into some really great schools. Didn’t know I could be jealous of a teenage TV character about college acceptance...
  • Javi needs his own arc and quick. We haven’t been getting enough Espo time in the last few episodes.
  • No Lanie tonight. Kinda sad, considering she played a rather big role in the last episode.
  • Did anyone really care about the weekly case or were you more interested in Slaughter himself? But, how entertaining was the garbage truck scene? I had to look away!
  • Who knew Castle packed such a punch?
Overall, a fun hour that held two reunions - Fillion and Baldwin, and even better, Castle and Beckett. Rick is back working with his real partner just the way we like it. Sad news Castle fans: Only two episodes remain in the season. So hit the comments and predict what is going to happen in the penultimate episode.
Don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table later in the week. No episode next Monday, so make sure you take the time to discuss “Headhunters” and the zombies to come to pass the time. 


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Quit the show somewhere in the first half of this season, but came back to watch for Firefly shoutouts. I agree with somebody who said that NF and AB had more chemistry than so called Caskett. Writers killed it with their crap, and I'm saying it as not even a shipper. It just drags the whole show down - no humor, no honesty between characters, Castle's quirks got squashed in all the angst.. At least in this episode we got to watch Fillion doing his thing for a bit, those eps when I quit watching - I thought he's a supporting character now.


PLEASE cancell Castle and give Baldwin his own show as this guy. At least might be more believable than cops letting a writer go with them.


@ fortyseven " I've quit the series but had to watch for Baldwin. Slaughter was fun." Agreed !!
I find Richard Castle really hard to watch; with the exception being season 1.


It is time to get Castle and Beckett together ... at least a beer and a kiss ... more good stories could come out of it!!!


Hated the episode. All I could do to keep watching it.


Hated this episode. The Slaughter character was a caricature and not too good at that. As for the Kate and Rick - as they say, "poop or get off the pot." This is getting tedious and will soon have me turning to Smash in that time slot. Or I can walk my dog instead of waiting until 11.


I like tough cops in books, but Detective Slaughter here wasn't anything like them. For instance, John Sandford's Lucas Davenport was fired for beating up a pimp who used a "churchkey" (old fashioned can and bottle opener) to cut up a prostitute who was one of Davenport's snitches. So, you could like Davenport for that. I've never seen a protagonist who would pick out someone he didn't like and frame him for a crime he had nothing to do with. I've seen bad guys do that -- but not "good guys."


I enjoyed last nights ep, even though Adam Baldwin was my least favorite character on Firefly. I found his scenes with Castle funny until Castle realized he was probably going to get shot and looked genuinely scared going with Slaughter out to meet the gang members. I loved it that Espo and Ryan had his back, but I was miffed that Beckett didn't come out to save him that time and that therapist Worf decided to give her an out on her being so weak and wimpy about telling Castle that she heard him and that she loves him, too. I mean please, "you were healing"? Really? Castle and Beckett need to get together before the fans get so frustrated they refuse to watch the show. I think the writers can handle making them start a relationship and still keep the show fun and interesting. Seriously, Bones really screwed up on this by making fans wait so long that Booth and Brennan no longer had chemistry

Josie leeds

(yaaaawn) I long ago gave up on any rational writing about Caskett--what a bilious term! The writers goal is to drag it on as long as the ratings stay up. There is no other logic employed. This episode was boring and, to a degree, disturbing, as it appeared that a weak kneed Castle was condoning the brutal tactics employed by Baldwins' character--Slaughter was every bit as much a thug as those he was chasing. Kate has really turned me off with her dithering.Put your big girl panties on and DEAL with it! Both this show and BONES could benefit greatly if (a) there were better writers and (b) they could acknowledge that a married/commited team could be just as interesting as 2 singles...ohh! that's would take really good writers to pull that off!(Does ANYONE remember Nick & Nora Charles, or Moonlighting before the writers lost their IQ?)


I would like to see Castle and Beckett open up and tell each other how they feel....don't want it to go back to square one with Beckett not trusting him as someone said; that would be just too much. Would instead like to see them bond over coming together and FINALLY solving the mother angle and have it be the catylist that pulls them into each other's arms. I don't think them getting together would hurt the show, I think it could make for some interesting twists down the line.

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