Desperate Housewives Review: Making Plans

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Tonight’s Desperate Housewives was all about making plans. With only two remaining episodes prior to the series finale, I didn’t expect the sort of LOL-worthy moments delivered here. But, hey, I'm not complaining!

"With So Little to Be Sure Of" also reminded me how my Sundays would soon start feeling a bit empty without the Wisteria women and their sometimes outrageous shenanigans. It really just isn’t going to be the same without them. Nonetheless, let’s discuss what went down on tonight’s unforgettable episode.

Scott Bakula on Desperate Housewives

When Bree was arrested and still worrying about her mini quiches in the over, I couldn’t help but to think: that’s so Bree! Then, we found out that the police actually found her fingerprints on Alejandro because she “tidied up the dead guy." It’s kind of nice knowing that the real Bree is back like never before.

By the way, wouldn’t the police want to talk to Ben again, as well, after his mysterious conversation with Bree just last week? Sure, that one detective is unbelievably relentless and obsessed with pinning the murder on Bree, but I’m getting sick of Ben constantly playing the disappearing act when it’s perfectly convenient for him. 

Do you think that Bree stands a chance with her new high-powered lawyer?

Elsewhere: I loved almost everything about Gaby’s storyline as a personal shopper. Like always, she had several witty and amusing remarks that are mentioned in our Desperate Housewives quotes section. It’s just a shame that she didn’t find her calling years ago. The one thing I didn’t care much for was Carlos’ issue with having her in the driver’s seat now. I get partially why he was upset about her losing the ring and using her “girls” to bring in the clients, but he was also the one who wanted to take a back seat in supporting their family. 

Meanwhile, Lee made a very rare appearance while helping Susan sort through Mike’s things. They found a mysterious box and assumed that Mike had a child out there and never told Susan. Julie and Susan discovered that Mike actually had a sister who was autistic and was helping to support her. All in all, Mike was keeping a secret for his mother when she asked him to not tell his family.

Susan wanted to keep writing the checks because she knew that would have been what Mike would have wanted. Moreover, Mike’s mother’s letter brought Julie to tears and made her realize that she wanted to keep her daughter after all. While I am glad that she came to this conclusion, I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to Porter. Also, where was Mrs. McCluskey?!?

As for Tom and Lynette, things didn’t get any smoother when Jane delivered signed divorce papers to Lynette. Jane and Lynette’s catty showdown was fun to watch, but the icing on the cake was when Lynette threw green cake batter on Jane and her fancy white suit... twice. I was honestly surprised she didn’t try to dump all of the batter on her.

Where do you stand with Lynette and Jane? I, for one, didn’t mind Jane in the beginning, but it’s hard not to root for Tom and Lynette after all of these years. Tom shouldn’t have asked Jane to move in when he was still married. Lynette should have also just been honest instead of trying to scheme to win back Tom. I was just glad that Tom was furious with what Jane did with the divorce papers. The best slap of reality for Jane was when she told him that he needed to choose between her and Lynette, and he said that he would always care for Lynette because she is the mother of his children.

It's time for Jane to go away.

So, what did you think TV Fanatics? What was your favorite moment of “With So Little to Be Sure Of"? Share your predictions for the remainder of the series now!


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My prediction is that Bree will not be found guilty. Gabby will be the one arrested for killing her stepfather. Renee or either Ben will be killed before the wedding.. Mike really isnt dead maybe he did that to protect Susan. Lynette and Tom will be together again. Im gonna really miss this show.


This long pause of weeks between episodes iis so frustrating. Be a series or don't. Plot holes everywhere. Even when mike was killed I almost didn't care. Where was the reaction ? Disconnected this season. That's what they get for firing Edie! Attention is on their lawsuit instead of the story. Finale fizzle.


@Dianne - DH returns on April 29th.


when will the last episodes be on tv. I check every Sunday night.


How great was Scott Bakula!

Beverly brooks

Personally I will be glad when the series is over. The writers lost me last year concerning the death of Gaby's stepfather. I have not watch a episode this whole year.


Seems like they are trying to wrap up this series way too fast by skipping over all sorts of things. Like someone else said, where's McClusky? Porter? Mike's secret was really disappointing. The whole Carlos and Gaby thing makes no sense: he wants to work for a non-profit, but doesn't want his wife to provide? Someone has to make money in order to stay in that nice house in the 'burbs and pay for their cars, etc. I can't stand Jane. As much as the dynamic between Tom and Lynette annoys me, I think they belong together. Jane wasn't trying to help anyone but herself by delivering those divorce papers.


They have no health insurance now and we are supposed to be on his side in any way? I don't think so. The way that Carlos handled his desire for a better, more socially responsible occupation has been completely irresponsible towards his family. The writers are idiots.


OK, I do agree that Tom is maybe being not nice to Jane right now, but can we all remember that Jane moved in on him awfully fast? What did she expect was going to happen? I think that she has as much culpability as Tom in her being in an awkward situation, and I am no Tom fan. I actually hate him the most out of all of the husbands because he is weak, whiny, and manipulative. And really, how long have he and Lynnette been separated? He is already moved in with another woman? Huh? And didn't he start dating her before they even discussed seeing other people, in effect giving up on the counseling and the relationship and everything? I cannot stand him! And yeah - what happened to the sexy hairdresser? There is a lot of bad writing in this season, I think. More plot holes than usual. The Mike secret was disappointing and Carlos is being an ass. If he didn't want to be dependent on Gaby he never should have QUIT HIS JOB WITHOUT AN ACTUAL PLAN IN PLACE. I mean, come on! They don't even have health insurance right now and we're supposed to be on his side in any way? I don't think so. The writers are idiots

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