Desperate Housewives Review: Making Plans

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Tonight’s Desperate Housewives was all about making plans. With only two remaining episodes prior to the series finale, I didn’t expect the sort of LOL-worthy moments delivered here. But, hey, I'm not complaining!

"With So Little to Be Sure Of" also reminded me how my Sundays would soon start feeling a bit empty without the Wisteria women and their sometimes outrageous shenanigans. It really just isn’t going to be the same without them. Nonetheless, let’s discuss what went down on tonight’s unforgettable episode.

Scott Bakula on Desperate Housewives

When Bree was arrested and still worrying about her mini quiches in the over, I couldn’t help but to think: that’s so Bree! Then, we found out that the police actually found her fingerprints on Alejandro because she “tidied up the dead guy." It’s kind of nice knowing that the real Bree is back like never before.

By the way, wouldn’t the police want to talk to Ben again, as well, after his mysterious conversation with Bree just last week? Sure, that one detective is unbelievably relentless and obsessed with pinning the murder on Bree, but I’m getting sick of Ben constantly playing the disappearing act when it’s perfectly convenient for him. 

Do you think that Bree stands a chance with her new high-powered lawyer?

Elsewhere: I loved almost everything about Gaby’s storyline as a personal shopper. Like always, she had several witty and amusing remarks that are mentioned in our Desperate Housewives quotes section. It’s just a shame that she didn’t find her calling years ago. The one thing I didn’t care much for was Carlos’ issue with having her in the driver’s seat now. I get partially why he was upset about her losing the ring and using her “girls” to bring in the clients, but he was also the one who wanted to take a back seat in supporting their family. 

Meanwhile, Lee made a very rare appearance while helping Susan sort through Mike’s things. They found a mysterious box and assumed that Mike had a child out there and never told Susan. Julie and Susan discovered that Mike actually had a sister who was autistic and was helping to support her. All in all, Mike was keeping a secret for his mother when she asked him to not tell his family.

Susan wanted to keep writing the checks because she knew that would have been what Mike would have wanted. Moreover, Mike’s mother’s letter brought Julie to tears and made her realize that she wanted to keep her daughter after all. While I am glad that she came to this conclusion, I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to Porter. Also, where was Mrs. McCluskey?!?

As for Tom and Lynette, things didn’t get any smoother when Jane delivered signed divorce papers to Lynette. Jane and Lynette’s catty showdown was fun to watch, but the icing on the cake was when Lynette threw green cake batter on Jane and her fancy white suit... twice. I was honestly surprised she didn’t try to dump all of the batter on her.

Where do you stand with Lynette and Jane? I, for one, didn’t mind Jane in the beginning, but it’s hard not to root for Tom and Lynette after all of these years. Tom shouldn’t have asked Jane to move in when he was still married. Lynette should have also just been honest instead of trying to scheme to win back Tom. I was just glad that Tom was furious with what Jane did with the divorce papers. The best slap of reality for Jane was when she told him that he needed to choose between her and Lynette, and he said that he would always care for Lynette because she is the mother of his children.

It's time for Jane to go away.

So, what did you think TV Fanatics? What was your favorite moment of “With So Little to Be Sure Of"? Share your predictions for the remainder of the series now!


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I DON'T UNDERSTAND. WHY DO WE HAVE TO WAIT?!! I thought this was the finale.


I enjoyed the episode


I cant believe that Carlos is doing that now, man can handle it cause his wifes earns more? come on.. thats sooo old yeah i want lynette and tom back together and yeah it was wrong of jane to bring her the papers, but i do understand jane.. How can Tom move together with her, make her love him and then say: Oh btw i still love lynette and i will go back to her(and we all know that this is going to happen) unfair and i feel sorry for Jane. Tom and Lynette.. they should have known before.. and btw what happened to the hairdresser? lynette had sex with him and what happened then? did i miss something? What i really hate is this story telling: What happened to Donny? So he kills Mike and then one police guy says ahh yeah btw he is arrested..thats all??? seriously? and ben - doesnt he care? i mean its pretty much his fault that mike is dead..and there is no story.. I just think they do a horrible job here. The only reason they killed mike was cause the attention the show would get.


(I want to see Jane gone. Can't stand her. Hope tom & Lynette work it out before the series end.


I don't mind that Julie decided to keep her baby. I just wish she'd kept it out of love and not shame. I guess, I was hoping that a show would have to guts to go the adoption route but I guess DH isn't that show.


The fact that we all have to wait until April 29th for the new D.H. episode says (to me, anyway) that the end of D.H. is SADLY right around the corner. Anyway, on last night's episode, Tom (in my opinion) acted like such a jerky HEEL!!!!! I mean...the way he ripped into Jane like that because of those divorce papers...OMG!!!!! Actually, I LOVED how Jane stood her ground with Tom and put her feelings out there to Tom. Furthermore, Tom should have waited until after he and Lynette's divorce became final and then (from there) asked Jane to move in with him. And, the fact that Gaby told that hunky guy in that restaurant that Carlos was her...BROTHER!!!!! What the hell????? As far as I'm concerned...same old Gaby!!!!! All in all, it was an OK episode. PEACE!!!!!!


Can not believe we have to wait until April 29th for the next episode! Tom and Lynette have to get back together.


Susan is such a dork that anyone who would ever think about telling her anything would need their head looked.


April 29th? Are you kiding me ..?!


OK episode, but nothing special. Quite funny though.

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Lynette: You tidied up the dead guy?
Bree: I felt it was respectful at the time.

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