Gossip Girl Round Table: "It Girl, Interrupted"

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Welcome to our weekly Gossip Girl Round Table discussion! Below, our panelists are here to break down Monday's episode (see our official Gossip Girl review from last night) in even greater detail.

In a Q&A session below, TVF CEO Eric Hochberger (Gossip Guy) editor Steve Marsi (Mister Meester) and staff writers Courtney Morrison, Christina Tran and Leigh Raines to discuss "It Girl, Interrupted."

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Courtney: Blair: "Cubic Zirconia does not touch this body." No longer a princess but still Queen B.

Leigh: Favorite scene was Chuck in that red tracksuit talking to Nate. Because it's nice to know that some things still hold true from season one. Although nothing can live up to the tracksuit he wore to the lost weekend.

Christina: Lily: “We do not negotiate with terrorists! Especially not ones from Florida.” These words flowed from her mouth ever so flawlessly.

Steve: Rufus learning that Lily screwed over Ivy. Even for a guy who's always been the show's moral compass, his reaction was that of utter shock - a genuinely surprising and emotional moment.

Eric: Dorota seems to always steal the scenes and quotes these days: First, trying to claim the divorce papers were lyrics for practicing karaoke, then making the right choice with B's best interests in mind.

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2. What, in general, do you like most about the show these days?

Courtney: I'm loving that Blair is front and center these days. Although I am a huge fan of S, no one compares to Blair Waldorf.

Leigh: The mysteries. First it was the identity of the real Charlie Rhodes. Now it's who gave Chuck the blood?

Christina: I’m digging the twists. For example, Serena thinking that she was using Lola all along, but then ended up getting used by Lola herself.

Steve: Wondering just how much trouble Serena is going to cause since she's obviously getting in over her head, who saved Chuck, whether Ivy will get her comeuppance, and how long Dair will last.

Eric: Dair. These two characters are pretty much the last bastion of entertainment for me the days. Together, or apart. Insert a little Dorota and there's a reason it was my favorite scene.

3. What do you like the least about it?

Courtney: The show has always had some plot holes which can be frustrating, but I have to agree with the change up of GG. The only one I want is the original.

Leigh: That Blair isn't even a likeable character anymore. Chair Dair Nair aside she's not funny, driven, ambitious, bossy or the best friend we once met. The only good part of her in this episode was that gorgeous pink Oscar de la Renta she was sporting on the Met steps.

Christina: The absurdity in situations like how Nate could only find a single investor or even how Lily is so powerful that she has the ability to freeze or unfreeze anything. Let’s not also forget the fiasco of the dowry.

Steve: Sometimes inconsistent character behavior and a lack of unifying theme to the season. Before, we've had insiders vs. outsiders, the gang graduating high school, the gang starting college, the gang taking down Juliet, Chair attempting to rule Manhattan, the adventures of the NJBC in general ... now it just feels all over the place.

Eric: This weirdness with passing off the Gossip Girl baton. Especially once Serena confusingly hopped into the relay race. That pretty blonde reveals every week she has no clue what she's doing as she runs around like a gorgeous chicken with her head cut off.

Blair at the Party

4. Will Lily and Rufus make it through this latest rift?

Courtney: Agreeing with the girls. I don't really care that much either. I'm sure they will, because really, what will Rufus have to do if he is not with Lily?

Leigh: The more important question is "do we care?" Glad Rufus wants more than to be a house husband, but Lily's family is her business.

Christina: Probably. I’m with Leigh, though, and can’t say that I really care all too much.

Steve: I'm not writing them off yet, but if the fat lady were there - and she's not, because there are no even mildly overweight women on Gossip Girl - she would be warming up, if not singing already.

Eric: Pretty sure we've seen this exact storyline before. And correct me if I'm wrong, they're still together. Yawn.

5. More believable: Serena as Gossip Girl, or Lola as "It Girl."

Courtney: Serena as GG. She's been the focus of it for several years, of course she knows the style and the way to work it. I like Zola, but there is no way she gets lingerie named after her after one picture. People didn't even know she was the real Charlie Rhodes until recently.

Leigh: Serena is doing a decent job since she's so familiar with Gossip Girl's style, but she'll always be better as the subject of gossip.

Christina: Serena as Gossip Girl. She apparently dropped out of school, couldn’t make it in the real world (twice), and is now more narcissistic than ever. Her life as a blogger as we know it… until the real GG takes her down!

Steve: Sorry everyone, I'm going with Lola. Serena's just trying too hard, both running the blog and clamoring for attention. There's an innocence about L that makes her ascension all the more intriguing.

Eric: I'm actually switching it up to more unbelievable and adding a third option: Chuck wearing a one-sie workout outfit. WTF was that?

6. Should Nate hit it with Diana again?

Courtney: Someone as hot as Nate should hook up with someone equally hot. So yes, Nate needs to go back down the road, even if for just one little tryst.

Leigh: No! She's hot but probably Chuck's aunt or something. I have a new theory though, maybe Bart Bass was a teen dad and Diana is actually Chuck's sister?

Christina: No. He already hit it and quit it. Plus, I like Nola.

Steve: Nate should hit "it" as in the It Girl. I mean the original It Girl ... Serena van der Woodsen! Anyone else feeling a Serenate front coming through? Possibly wishful thinking. In any case, I do like him with Lola and am sorta over Diana. Hopefully he'll at least keep it in the family with one of William's daughters.

Eric: Sorry Lola, you are so not the "It Girl." Have you seen Diana? Nate should just move to Cougar Town already ...

Diana Payne is Back

7. How does Georgina fit into all this, if at all?

Courtney: Hopefully she doesn't and won't be back for a while. Her character was a waste the last time around. Georgina Sparks can do better than that.

Leigh: Agree with Eric that Georgie is in black ops mode. She'll pop back up when needed.

Christina: Hopefully, not at all. Her random appearances are worse than Katherine’s on The Vampire Diaries.

Steve: So much for my theory that Louis fathered Milo. If Chuck simply paid the dowry, what block ops is Georgina actually partaking in? And what is Phillip doing in the meantime?

Eric: Listen, she's on black ops mode. Until she comes whirling back in for no reason to advance some random plot, none of us will ever know.

8. Should Dan get a haircut?

Courtney: Absolutely.

Leigh: For the love of all things Upper East Side, YES. It is a greasy mop. I also can't imagine what it looks like after sex.

Christina: Is this a rhetorical question?!

Steve: No way. I say fight the power and rock on with your hipster self. Who knew Penn Badgley unknowingly entered a bet with Eric and myself last November to see how long we could hold out.

Eric: You know, maybe we really figured out why B was so hesitant to be seen in public with him. Marriage contract my arse. Kidding, I'm actually loving the 'do these days. Humphrey owns it.

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Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


agreed- Dan needs to cut his hair...
i also wanna knw what the Dowry cost


Loved the one-sie. Only Chuck Bass could pull that off! His next work out outfit should have a butt flap secured with bow ties! If Dan is going to date the queen of the UES, then his hair shouldn't look like he used it to mop the floor before she walked on it. BRING ON SERENATE!!!!!!!! I loved them so much, we need them back!


Whether she used Cece or not she was the only one there for her, so she deserves her inheritance.
As for Georgina I kind I want her to go back, but I would really want Lil J back, GG really did change once she left the show.


I'm really loving GG so far, especially Dair. The writers are really doing a good job with them, so thank you guys:) im hoping they will be an endgame, before I really didn't mind if they didn't end up together but watching last nights episode made me see Dan can really make Blair happy, something Chuck didn't do. Anyways when is penn done filming his movie? because he really does need a haircut.
For Chuck, I hope Eva comes back; she really brought a good side to him, the writers should bring a story line where she had a little Bass that Chuck didn't know about, and somehow he saw happiness with them and got the family he never really had. Chuck just needs happiness because he's kind of depressing, and Eva was the one who pretty much really made him happy.
I'm hoping Lola will beat Serena as the IT girl, she really had it in her to use Serena. As for Lily and Rufus who cares I don't think they're that important, as for Ivy I kind of want her to destroy the Vanderwoodsen's. Whether she used Cece or not she was the only one there for her, so she deserves her inheritance.
As for Georgina I kind I want her to go back, but I would really want Lil J back, GG really did change once she left the show.


Of course penn need to cut his hair to make dair more adorable cuz now they really are^^ It's funny i'v been waiting for months to the met scene,Leighton looks stunning in Oscar de la Renta...but Ed in those teletubby suit did steal the scene afterall!!!


Ok, is it just me or was there something wrong with Nate's lip. He looked like he had a fat lip or a cold sore on one side. Did no one else notice this??


If I can't have Chair I don't Dair I rather have NAIR! Even Blair n Carter. Serena and Dan Or Nate. So far I like Lola. But I did like Ivy w. Nate. I also would like Jenny to come back. I think it would of been so much more interesting if it was Nate Blair married instead of The Prince. A war between Dan, Chuck & Nate all fighting over Blair? I really miss the old gossip girl season 1-3 when it was interesting fresh just enjoyable great music & fashion parties everyone together good plots and good writing. The last two seasons have been so bad and boring poor writing are these the same writers from season 1 & 2 even 3. Im ok if it ends which is sad because it used to be my favorite show but now I'm ready for it to be done with. I wish the writers don't leave cliff hangers and finish what they started because I think we deserve a good ending and not to be left guessing and shocked or anything like that. I want Chair back and hope Dair ends soon but remain friends.


GG sucks when Chair is apart like this.


@Elizabeth thank you for bringing up the baby. Sadly I have forgotten about the baby storyline until you reminded me. And that fact just goes to show you what bad writing has been going on in this show. Blair was more upset when everyone found out about her and chuck when she was still with nate in high school. She mourned her baby for like 2 min and it was never mentioned after that episode. A loss of a baby is not a filler story line or something that should be dropped. It could have been a great storyline for B but instead they went with the god one. Blair has been ruined for me and it breaks my heart. I want the other members of the NJBC to get better storylines preferebly together. I miss their scheming. And could they please remember they are young 20 somethings. Do they ever have fun? They aren't adults. Fix the show writers please!!!!! Tree hill did it in their final season. Can you?


Dan needs to cut his hair. HE.NEEDS.TO.CUT.HIS.HAIR. I cannot emphasize enough that he needs to cut his hair. And seriously, what show is some people watching? More than 50% of the comments in the review were from outraged viewers. This show will probably make history as a show in which people wanted it cancelled.

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