Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 309

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Welcome to the 309th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest here at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the ABC drama! Ready to see who won this time around?

Your Caption Contest winner, using a photo from "Support System," is Amberlynn.

The winning entry now appears below. Honorable mentions go out to Nicole, tvshowknowitall and MIki T. Robbinson. Thanks to everyone again for playing - for 309 weeks and counting!


Teddy: Bailey holds red wine, signifying she is deep, dry-humored, and often resolute. Callie holds white wine, signifying she is complex and mysterious; neither dry nor sweet. She has many sides to her. Last but not least, Arizona is holding the dark red wine, as she is sweet, sensible, and oftentimes underrated.
Callie: You learned all that from those Grief Counseling documentaries? You seriously want us to watch those with you tonight?!
Bailey: I don't care where she gets this crap from, just give me a bottle opener, lackeys!
Arizona: Wait... I thought I was the mysterious one! Callie, trade me!

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Teddy: "I brought two CD´s: "Under the Tuscan Sun" and The Complete Fourth Season of "The L Word". Cristina told me that are very revealing..."
Callie: "I just want more sexy time with my wife, no movies, wine...yes"
Arizona: Ha! Ha! Ohhhh noooooo, no that season no, Callie goint to kill me"
Bailey: Ohh, Ohh, this is not good, not good...


Teddy: I brought movies!
Bailey *Thinking*: Oh great...4 hours with 3 of my least favorite people, just keep smiling and drinking


Cheers to the freaking weekend!!


Teddy:I brought New Years Eve and Valentines Day the movie for girls night!
While watching New Years Eve
Callie: Wow that girl looks alot like Izzie
Bailey: Wow we should call Alex over
While watching Valentines Day
Teddy: Is that just me or do those to hot guys look like Mark and Derek
Arizona: Oh my god you are so right are they all like actors seacretly


Teddy: im pregnant
Everybody else: who isnt


Teddy: Dirty Dancing right?
arizona: we could do the lift!
Callie: Yea


Callie: She seems too happy.
Bailey: Oh god, we created a monster.
Arizona: We where better off trying to turn her into a lesbian.


Teddy: Who wants to see how Cristina killed my husband?! Apparently they have it on tape.
Bailey (whispers to Arizona): I hope you have a lot more bottles of wine than just those


the actress who plays Arizona expecting her third child in real life and in this photo you can see her baby bump :-)


Teddy: 100 bucks that Owen is dead by midnight!
Callie: Nothing like watching Dirty Dancing while an Ex is axed.
Arizona: Told ya you could use an alibi for tonight.
Bailey: Holy cow, I need to get drunk asap...

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