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  • Cristina and Owen call out of work to discuss Owen’s affair. He admits to sleeping with a woman he met in the hospital one time. By the end of the episode, Owen leaves the apartment.
  • Callie brands Meredith ready for boards. She is helping the other residents get ready, including Cristina, who is worried she might fail.
  • Sloan is chief for the day and butts heads with Webber and Derek.
  • Bailey, Arizona, Callie, and Teddy have a ladies night at the apartment.
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i still just know mer is pregnant she never feel sick only when she was pregnant when the shooter came, and now with the fingers. when are they going to talk about htat? plus i think karev realy need a relationship a healthy one not with morgan christina was right she is anotaher smashedface waiting to happend, they should bring back the boyfriend and have her move to anywhere and teddy should get some, like yesterday. MAYBE WITH JACKSON????!!! that could be fun for a couple epidsodes


Well we now know it was a total random who Owen slept with, even after him saying he is married he still went in for the kill, sorry it's never just sex you cheated now pay the consequence's.
Now i think the CTV promo gave a little more away, Callie has given the you are ready speech so she goes celebrate's with a little on call room sex woooooo is it hot in here, take off all your clothes cos i'm calling that this little romp is the issue that bring's in Meredith's medical-ish problem during her boards - I call morning sickness run out. Something Derek is going to have to support her through most definately and McFamily completion.
Mark and his authority will be the most humerous of the whole episode as no one will take him serious.

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 19 Quotes

I have a right as your wife to know what you did.


Every little kid knows the words to the song. The foot bones connected to the leg bone. The leg bones connected to the knee bone. In med school, you learn it's a little more complicated than that. The songs not wrong. Everything is connected.