Grey's Anatomy Episode Promo: Who Failed?

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Someone is about to receive some very bad news on Grey's Anatomy.

Following an episode that sent many of our favorite doctors to San Francisco - and sent Avery and Jackson into bed together! - the ABC hit is set to deliver some bad news in the aptly-titled "Let the Bad Times Roll."

Look for the residents to agonize over their tests and to relive each answer, awaiting what all presume will be devastating career news. Elsewhere: a friend of Arizona's will arrive in need of medical attention; Julia will ask Mark to start a family with her; and Catherine will deliver the troubling news to Richard:

Yes, someone has failed.

Who do you think it will be?

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I hate to be a geek, but I am so here goes. Watch the episode back and look at the proctor for Alex's exam now watch the preview and pause it at exactly 10 seconds in. Tada!! We have Alex and the exact same women, and yes that is alex I don't think that can be denied. Other then that I have no idea who fails.


Hey, a thought just occurred to me. What if Mer isn't actually sick from Zola, but she is actually pregnant with her own baby? Interesting twist? I think so.


I think it's Cristina who fails, she is always way to arrogant and a know it all, that she ribs her fellow residents all the time for their lack of ambition (last week and all the interviews and such). This will leave Cristina totally devastated, to say the least.


Someone didn't proof read this:- Following an episode that sent many of our favorite doctors to San Francisco - and sent Avery and Jackson into bed together! - the ABC hit is set to deliver some bad news in the aptly-titled "Let the Bad Times Roll." Please explain how Avery and Jackson managed to get into bed together, I would truly love to see that.


It's really manipulative if it's alex. He seems to be the character that the writers use as a punching bag. nothing good ever happens to him, and if it does, it never lasts. I seriously don't understand why meredith couldn't have retaken the test. surely there is something you can do- what if your plane is grounded, or your mother dies etc?


i think its april. it could possibly be alex. well, there's a chance its christina. then again, meredith is looking possible. we can't count avery out of that mix, though. ;oD


I think its April or Yang or Alex.


I bet it is Kepner. If Cristina, Alex or Meredith fail, it's another year as a resident and they're all surgical junkies who would stay back. Also, if they leave the show, they need to pass so that they can leave the show and jetset off to their destinations and never return. With Kepner pulling the whole "Jesus hates me" thing and losing her virginity, she's probably all distracted and failed it.


I don't think it's Jackson because Catherine wouldn't deliver that kind of news to Richard that way if it were him. It'll be a little too obvious if it were Alex for me and I'm pretty sure he'll pass because they really like showing him as the underdog who makes it through. So that leaves Meredith, Cristina, and April. I think Shonda's made Cristina go through enough this season so I really don't want it to be her that fails. I think it'll break the core of this character more than she's already been hit too much so she deserves a break. That leaves Meredith and April and I personally hope it's April. After all, she's the one that's been pretty uptight about it and stressing so much over it - put that together with the fact she lost her virginity the night before and it's likely it's her.


wow. how glad am i that shonda rhimes thinks differently...

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