Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview Clips: And Then What?

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Cristina interrogates Owen about his transgressions, the ladies plan a girl's night for Teddy, Meredith learns the "Torres Method" and Mark asserts himself as acting chief in Grey's Anatomy's next episode, "Support System."

In the first of four sneak preview clips released by ABC, Owen recounts the start of his affair to Cristina, with viewers watching it play out right along with her as we see Owen in Joe's Bar in flashback form. 

He doesn't see the point of rehashing it, but she isn't concerned with his feelings:

Intense stuff, and we're guessing there's plenty more where that came from.

In the other sneak peeks (below), we see Meredith pass Callie's pre-boards test, Mark hilariously assert his authority as acting chief, and the ladies indulge Teddy's desire for a romantic evening out.

"Two Lesbian Moms and a Widow" would make a great band name ...

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I don't like the Owen cheated story.. It takes the focus away from their other issues. Cristina doesn't want a child and Owen does etc.


I think i may actually start watching Grey's again after this...


Methinks Sloan looks mighty fine in those pics.


Dr. Sloan needs to put some weight on - he's not as hunky as he used to be!


can't wait to watch this episode.

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 19 Quotes

I have a right as your wife to know what you did.


Every little kid knows the words to the song. The foot bones connected to the leg bone. The leg bones connected to the knee bone. In med school, you learn it's a little more complicated than that. The songs not wrong. Everything is connected.