Happy Endings Season Finale Review: Mandonna Reunites

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To be honest, I wasn't in love with "Four Weddings and a Funeral (Minus Three Weddings and One Funeral)" for the most part. I had high hopes for another wedding episode of Happy Endings but it was kind of mediocre. I'm not even trying to be critical because you all know how ah-mah-zing I think this show is!

Then something happened at the end that bumped things from mediocre to unreal. Max zipped on some pants - that basically took Penny a coat hanger to get on - and he slapped a Madonna mole on his face. Let's face it, Max + Madonna cover band = pure gold. It also doesn't hurt that "Mandonna" performed one of the most crowd pleasing songs of all time, "Like a Prayer."

All I needed was a Journey cover band performing "Don't Stop Believing" and I would've passed out from joy.

Happy Endings Season Finale Pic

There was also the fact that David Silver (aka Brian Austin Green) was in this episode. Gosh, he is just adorable, why isn't he in more stuff? I hope he gets to appear next season! Not just for my enjoyment but I would like to see Penny date someone for more than five minutes. Is it mean to say I'm not surprised that it didn't work out with the guy who she had all those sleeping picture of? Creepy!

Also is the "Skype Table" something that really goes on now? Note to all of my friensd: please don't seat me there unless you are setting me up with Dylan McKay.

The moment with her and Dave has been building for awhile, but I'm still not really feeling it. I ultimately feel that Alex and Dave will end up together. It wasn't the right time for them but I think in the end they are made for each other. I think they know it, too. Even though the show introduces other love interests for them, they always drift back to each other.

As for the other couples, Jane and Brad always work it out. So what that he got laid off? In this economy I'm surprised it took a whole season for someone on the series to lose his job. There's no chance that Brad and Jane wouldn't survive that. They are both so type A and on top of their stuff they would immediately take care of the issue. 

Just look how quickly Jane took over the wedding when Eric confided in her that there was a problem? Even in a hideous mustard colored tuxedo, Jane still runs things. Or should I refer to her as "the Black Widow?"

How rude to have everyone in the wedding except for her? I would be too insulted to snap right into place. For someone so stubborn and confident, Jane caved really quickly in order to feel included.

She caved faster than Max caved to be part of the Mandonna reunion. And that was fast. Hello, did anyone else notice that he was wearing the mole the whole time? 

Derek and Eric's wedding was fun but not the most ah-mah-zing episode we've ever experienced. What do you guys thing? Were you thrilled or bored? Hit the comments and don't forget to check out our favorite Happy Endings quotes from the finale. 


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Ann and Brent! Amazing, beautiful, bheatrtaking, stunning, sophisticated and fun! These pictures are gorgeous and Annie, so are YOU (as always!). I am so glad I got to see these and so sad I couldn't be there to share in this amazing day. Have a great rest of your honeymoon and let's catch up when you get home. Ruth


Imo~ Happy Endings is most clever and funny original sit-com on TV - including cable! Great writing, awesome cast, laugh-out-loud hilarious from top to bottom... see ya' next season!!


That Mandonna number was out of the ballpark amazing. I do feel that Penny is just being used as an add-on character. She needs something more, whether it's a relationship with a guy, or her own cause to invest in. Something. The whole "can't get a date" thing is old. I just about cheered at the final frames of this episode though. And it's the main reason I'll be watching the next season.


Great finale.


I'm really going to miss the cast, especially brad and jane!!
Man, what am i going to do on wednesdays? One Tree Hill ended forever, Happy Endings is not coming back till later in the year, and Psych is ending its season next week! this is so sad


I think this episode deserved a little more than 4 stars. It had everything that makes for a good happy endings installment. I'm sort of a Penny/Dave shipper, but then again I'll ship for any serious relationship Penny wants to be in. Alex and Dave have a lot of history and I think they will go out again only to end things in a more conclusive way which gives them more closure. On the whole Derrick had some great lines, Jane and Brad had a good angle, but Max really did knock it out of the park. The reason I love sitcomes like HE, Modern Family, and Parks and Rec is that they not only make you laugh and make you invest emotionally in characters but they give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling which lasts.
I will give ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING to have Mandonna perform at my wedding!

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