How I Met Your Mother Review: All Hail Beercules!

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The men of How I Met Your Mother deserved matching straight jackets after their behavior tonight.

On "Good Crazy" Ted could not stop envisioning Robin, no matter who he spoke to, Barney all of a sudden took issue with Quinn's profession and Marshall wrote some new chapters to What To Expect When You Are Expecting.

I'll admit I was a little surprised to still see Ted struggling with his Robin issues. While that scenario seemed a bit drawn out, I've been waiting for the stripper pole to come between Barney and Quinn at some point, so I guess the timing of the two here canceled each other out. Along with Marshall driving Lily crazy by playing daddy to a watermelon, tonight's storylines did well to take some steps toward the revelation of the mother while paying homage to some classic throw backs.

The attempts to cleanse Ted's palate of Robin did provide the setting for the amazing line of thought that took Ted from his date's ex, Wayne with no manners, to The Boy Wonder, namely Robin. That was a special. I don't think it was news to anyone to learn Ted and Robin still love each other, they just aren't in love with each other and that is fine. 

HIMYM Road Trip

While I don't profess to be the biggest expert when it comes to following the yellow umbrella, one line tonight did set off a bell in my head.

It was when Barney was trying to sell Ted on the merits of online dating. Barney tried to dash any fantasy Ted might have had of meeting some cute travel agent while reading a newspaper at a book store by telling him that kind of thing doesn't happen. This image just seemed too specific of a scenario not to mean something, so I noted it in my best How I Met Your Mother quotes of the episode.  

Perhaps he meets the mother on the day of Barney's wedding while doing the New York Times crossword? I will defer to you Mother Experts here. Am I making too much of this one line or was there something there? 

One thing was certain, Barney's new love just hit the tip of the relationship woe iceberg. Recall that Quinn had mentioned off hand once that she would consider retiring from stripping if she was to say, get married? Barney loves her, but in a panic to regain her love, I fear he is going to propose to Quinn without fully addressing their issues.

It has been said that Ted would never have met the mother if it wasn't for Barney's wedding, but it has also been widely agreed upon that said wedding does not end well. Tonight's drama seemed to start the ball rolling in that direction didn't you think? 

With all the hints as to what the future might hold for the MacLaren's mates, there were several throw back references that resurfaced in amazing fashion. First and foremost had to be the reappearance of the Ducky Tie. Mistakenly assumed lost forever, Barney showed the power the quacker clad accessory wielded when a promise to wear it again got Marshall to turn off his phone and get drunk.

No, he didn't just get drunk, we saw what was likely Marshall's last cigarette along with the return of BEERCULES! Marshall screaming all hail his alter ego's name while tossing chips in the air was hard to beat, but his line about Barney being the owner of the Paramus Waldorf and the two of them hooking the dealer up was tops for me. 

Other moments I loved were:

  • Barney nose to nose with grandma Lois. 
  • Lily swaddled in bed like a burrito. 
  • Barney asking Ted if he was 39'ing with a very short woman.
  • Condolence High Fives.
  • Barney's bearded sailor disguise.

Despite all these great moments and others alike, and having enjoyed previous entertaining filler episodes, I felt like the writers may be feeling pressed for time as they still need to deliver on storyline advances they have promised.

Having waited so long for some clarity with regard to the mother, I just hope things are revealed in a way so that meets our ever-growing expectations.


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Episode was mainly a bore until the final scene of Lily goin'in for labor. Guess watching the show with very few hints about the mother is not entertaining. Specially the Ted-Robin bore fest..Enough already.
Barney is the most consistent characterof the lot for me and hope his stripper gf gets the boot coz she adds no value to the story.
Need HIMYM to step up a bit..lately its not been up to its usual standards for me.


how i met your mother CAPTION CONTESTS!!!


i love this show but what i hate about the show is they talk bad things about Canada and try to shrug this country off.


Once again: Does anyone know if Robin met ths guy again? I mean the guy she was flirting with, while Ted tried on those red boots. They met again. When this episode was finished Ted said they will meet again. This episode was ok. I just think Ted is over reacting about Robin. This story was soo good, but now its getting too much. Also Barney and Quinn: Either he wants to marry her cause thats the only reason she will give up her job and they will be happy forever or there will be problems and they break up - both ways seem so forced. That just goes on too fast


The T.V show How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) has been my favorite sitcom for many years, I have watched every episode of the seven seasons that have come out so far. With each episode that I watch of this series it causes me to love this show that much more. The corky situations that the five main characters find themselves in always gives me a laugh or two. This good feeling sitcom could not deserve more praise.
The amazing writing and plot of this series allowed me to feel connected to the ups and downs that each of the characters experiences. The dialogue and situations are hilarious, there are countless moments that I can recall that will be engrained into my memory for the laughter it caused me.
I feel that the cast of HIMYM mesh together incredibly well and it shows in every single episode, the writers of the show have developed the characters so well throughout the series. The hilarious nature of Neil Patrick Harris’ (Barney) and Alyson Hannigan (Lily) is off put by the seriousness that Josh Radnor (Ted) and Jason Segal (Marshall), while the sexual tension that Cobie Smulders (Robin) brings to the show. This cast creates a dynamic T.V show that can have serious or completely outrageous episodes that I haven’t experienced since the series of Friends and Seinfeld. I definitely recommend this show to anyone that enjoys any type of sitcom.


Loved the episode, it was very hilarious. I was reading wikipedia theories for the mother (I have to give credit to these people that are so invested in these theories!). They're floating the possibility that Ted marries Carly (Barney's half sister), making him uncle Barney, and then if Barney married Robin, that'd make her Aunt Robin. I just can't remember if Ted refers Marshall and Lily to his kids as Uncle Marshall and Aunt Lily though... if so it still makes the theory pretty valid :P

C f ohara

@kaytea it is clear you read the review, I forgot to ask if you had any thoughts on the episode? @childish gambino thx as always for the comments, but can meeting a woman while playing W.O.W. really be considered "online dating"? If so Leroy Jenkins must be a full blown P.I.M.P.

C f ohara

@Kaytea HAHAHAHA I am such a dope. TY for pointing out my mistake in calling the Ducky Tie "amphibian clad." There is no moron check sadly. Good lord it was a long day and a longer night. Like the Pixies song, I had to ask myself "Where Is My Mind?" I have since fixed it but have to tip my cap to you as I try to hide my blushing face at such a silly mistake. And to think my AP Bio teacher in H.S. was a herpetologist. He'll never forgive me.

Childish gambino

Yea if you didnt/havent paused and read the dating profile go back and do far the funniest part of the episode
all-in-all i thought it was a fairly lack-luster epi that tried to save itself with the surprise labor. And im with @kevin, I'm tired of them dragging out the Ted/robin thing.
And kind of surprised no one mentioned that even though Ted says "He will never try online dating" he already has (at least two times that I can remember) In season 1 with that dating service and when he met that girl playing World of Warcraft


@Paula & @Chris: I paused to read the dating profile too - it was hilarious. Everytime it would mention something about how attractive she was or her prowess in the bedroom, then it would say the word "Ted"....he TOTALLY missed that. Sooo funny.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 22 Quotes

It's 2012! What do you expect, to meet some cute travel agent while you're reading a newspaper at a book store?


Barney: How's the single life?
Ted: I wouldn't know. After this whole Robin thing, I'm laying low.
Barney: Laying low as in sleeping with a really short chick? You guys doing thirty nine?