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Cheers! CSI is about to host a quasi reunion for Ted Danson and Peri Gilpin.

The actress - who appeared opposite Danson on an episode of Cheers and then later on another episode of Frasier - will come on board the CBS drama later this season as Alison, D.B. Russell's wife.

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The character will debut on the May 9 CSI season finale and then return next season for multiple episodes. She's described in network casting notes as the "intellectual equal of her brilliant husband, the one woman who doesn’t just rule his heart, but rules his life.”

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From what I have seen, Peri was a bad choice. Stiff and boring. What were they thinking? Whoever casts the female roles on CSI, generally hates women. They are either extremely homely, irritating, nymphomaniacs, bitches, or just generally screwed up in some way. The casting director has to be a misogynist. Shue is 17 months shy of 50, yet they have her boobs bouncing in and out of her tee shirt and lusting after her co-workers, Helgenberger was 53, but looked 63, Fox is just plain homely, and Elisabeth Harnois wears so much makeup, she looks like a prostitute, not a professional working for the CSI. They already are portraying Peri as the whiny, complaining, passive-aggressive, long-suffering wife. You can't possibly admire or enjoy any female character they have had on this show.


FABULOUS ADDITION to a great cast. I always felt that she was never given enough praise for the great job she did as Roz. Everybody knows someone as insecure as her character was played. She seemed destined to make bad relationship choices like many do in real life. The ongoing mutual bashing of each other between Roz and Niles was so funny. I am looking forward to seeing her in her new role.


Peri Gilpin. Oddly, I never liked her as 'Roz'. I hope she does a better job on CSI, although I prefer the invisible wife, like Mrs. Columbo was for so many years.

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