Revenge Picture Preview: Where It All Begins...

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Revenge took fans back to the death of David Clark last night and revealed a major nugget surrounding this monumental event.

On May 9, meanwhile, the ABC thriller will head back in time once again, for a much longer stay, as the episode titled "Legacy" will be more than a flashback. As teased by creator Mike Kelley at PaleyFest, the entire hour will take place in 2002.

Before Emily was Amanda. Before she moved to The Hamptons. Before Nolan let his hair grow out.

Click through the following photos from the episode now and, as ABC teases in the official synopsis, get an idea of "where it all begins."

Revenge in 2002
Emily and Roger
Emily and Lydia
A Vengeful Flashback
Flashback to Frank
Victoria and Conrad Circa 2002
Young Nolan
Escorting Emily

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You mean before Amanda became Emily? Right?


@Louis E.
I wouldn't make any assumptions yet until the actual episode airs. It could have been just a brief moment and by the looks of it she seems to say something derogatory to her.. I mean, look at that smirk..
And living in The Hamptons, you probably see 15+ different waiters a week so I think it'll be plausible if see doesn't remember her.


Lydia's spotting the face of Amanda/Emily in the background of a photo is one thing...but in this collection we see them virtually looking each other in the eye inches apart...she really doesn't/didn't remember?


@Kol: I think the photo you're talking about was taken on a different event!
Because, as far as I remeber she had short black hair there and that's something the writers should be able to remeber, so maybe these pics here portray a different event!


Is so creepy seeing that all of this people interacted with Emily before but did't remember her because she was a waitress. That just shows how shallow and egotical they are.


As much as I love this show, Emily wig is the wrong color. Her hair was black in that picture.


All i can say is i love his show

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