Revenge Sneak Peeks: Scheming & Shoving

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Ah, that Grayson temper. So far on Revenge, viewers have watched it come out in Victoria and Conrad, even Charlotte occasionally.

But Daniel? Sweet, innocent, loving Daniel? It's a side we have not yet seen, but one that Emily will unfortunately witness on tomorrow night's "Justice."

In one of the following six - yes, SIX! - sneak peeks from the episode, Emily will arrive home to find her fiance violating the terms of his bail; drunk; and questioning her relationship with Jack. Watch now to see what goes down, and then take in a number of other scenes, including more scheming from Emily and Nolan...

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Funny, I made a comment about the annoying and repetitive Richard Branson commercials and it was deleted. I guess we are not allowed to make any possibly negative comments at all on this site?


I think it's slightly obvious that Daniel gets out of this situation, because it was already revealed that they flash forward to Emily's wedding next season. And even if it isn't Daniel Emily's marrying they would still want to keep viewers guessing with that possibilty.


Wait until Daniel finds out that he got beaten to a plup because of his mother...the ish is going to hit the fan then. Emily is going to end up in a difficult situation.

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