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-Daniel's trial takes place and Victoria urges Charlotte to use any means necessary to get Declan to change his testimony but he still says he saw no on else on the beach. Charlotte continues to take pills and sleeps with her sleazy ex-boyfriend to get them.

-Jack comes back to the Hamptons to urge his brother to tell the truth. Emily breaks into his home and steals the blood stained hoodie.

-With Victoria's prodding, Daniel becomes suspicious of Emily and Jack. He gets drunk and goes to Emily's and is arrested for breaking his house arrest.

-Conrad chases off Victoria's lover by threatening both he and Victoria with fraud charges for selling fake paintings 20 plus years ago.

-Victoria pays off Lee to threaten a juror. Emily finds out and plants the hoodie on Lee. The police find it and arrest him. He calls Victoria and threatens to spill all of their secrets. She tells Conrad.

-Lee is found dead in his cell. He left a supposed suicide note confessing to Tyler's murder.

-Through a listening device Emily planted at the Grayson's, she overhears Conrad contact a man saying he has another David Clarke situation that he needs taken care of with Lee, thus implying that he had Emily's father killed in prison.

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I love Daniel so
Much. Ep 22 broke my heart. Danily all the way. Hate Jack. Hope Daniel and Emily reconnect in season 2, or at the very least become best friends


Is*** Sorry for the bad english..... i'm latinamerican


I'm sorry but I have to say:
Jack it's way better than Daniel. I know he does not deserves that but Jack... it's just you know. Jack.


I believe that Victoria's man from her past might be Daniel's real father. I think once Her soon to be Ex-husband finds out he will backstab her and let her take the fall for all the illegal things they did as a couple. If Victoria had no biological children with her husband he will feel no reason to protect her. He will be livid that niether of their two children are biological children of his.


are you high? of course Declan is not going to say that Jack is the guy on the hoodie, he is his brother! and as far as I am concerned, better, I hate Daniel.


I'll break into the tv just to hit DECLAN if he doesn't say about the guy in the huttie.....!!That could save Daniel...my poor Daniel who is in prission..!! I'm a Danely Fan all the way