Richard Schiff to Guest Star on NCIS in Multi-Episode Arc

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Former West Wing star Richard Schiff is headed to NCIS.

Over the course of multiple episodes, Schiff will portray Harper Dearing, an eccentric international businessman who's no stranger to hobnobbing with the world's elite, according to TV Guide, which first reported his casting.

However, he is haunted by the loss of his son, who died in a terrorist bombing some years ago. That should give him an interesting perspective to offer the NCIS team, show-runner Gary Glasberg says:


"The mysterious character of Harper Dearing is enormously complex and Richard will bring unexpected nuance to the part. This is a treat that will help propel us into the finale of what's been a tremendous season." 

"I was a huge West Wing fan. Richard Schiff is a brilliantly gifted actor and I'm thrilled he's joining us."

How long will he stick around? In addition to appearing in Season 9's final episodes, Schiff may also play a part in next season's premiere. CBS officially renewed NCIS for Season 10 last month.

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I used Carrie Fisher 's name instead of Jamie Curtis-that shows how upset I was.


I like Richard Schiff very much and am looking forward to seeing him. However I am still trying to get over matching Carrie Fisher with Gibbs. What a terrible idea and I don't believe that people believe there was chemistry when there was none!


I loved Alison Janney and Mark Harmon together on West Wing and was shocked when his character was killed. That whole series was one of the best ever produced on TV. I also liked Richard Schiff on West Wing--and loved his little turn on "Once Upon a Time" recently. It's going to be a great season-ending episode or two. I'd like to see him frequently on NCIS now. I also like to see Fornell on and I think he needs to be on more often.


Have her be a former NCIS agent that need portecting from NCIS


I love the idea of Richard Schiff coming to NCIS. I loved his character on the west wing. Now if they brought Allison Janney into the fold, that woul be so awesome. I loved her and Mark together on the west wing and hated it when Mark's character was shot. They had great chemistry.


Are we now supposed to debate whether or not Gibbs hooks up with Richard Schiff's character? Or do we discuss ad nauseum the (unlikely) idea of Allison Janney (all six feet of her) showing up as a love interest for him?


I agree get Allison Janney I love her on west wing with gibbs in fact no one may know this but when they were looking for someone to play Gibbs they saw West Wing and knew right there they wanted Mark


Toby's great. I like it! However, I'd MUCH rather see them bring in Allison Janney for Gibbs. They had unfinished business on West Wing.

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