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Really 3 Stars? Sure this was mostly a showcase for Felicia Day, but it was well done. The whole point of the storyline is that Dean and Sam are out of familiar water and have to rely on different techniques. I enjoyed and had to think of Leverage, too. Charlie was like Parker and Hardison fused in one. However, I have to agree that Dick is still not that scary. He is not as manipulative as the demons and not as visually cruel as other villains. He also seems to be so human. Yes, he's a calculating, dumb-human-breeding (duman?) ass but his presentation as power-addicted one-percenter just doesn't cut it for me.

Btw. did GOD make Adam out of clay?


Are you joking? 3/5? Felicia Day in this episode was awesome. This was a top 3 episode of this season for me:)

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